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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Oh my gosh, bigosh

Emma and I were talking about creepy people and fanfiction, and this site came up. It was fun looking through everyone's posts. I hope every one is doing good. I hope everyone is happy.

I'm in my third year of college pursuing my pharmacy degree. I'm halfway done with getting my doctorate! I have a boyfriend who's this loser named Jason, and we're doing ok. I've gained some friends, I lost some friends, life is alright.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

   3 day weekend
It's a 3-day weekend so I can finally relax :)

on Saturday my town had a fair so I went with a friend, and ate immense amounts of free food hehehehehe. Then we went on those rides that spin alot(kinda like a centrifuge to see who would throw up first(neither of of us did)

Later, we crammed 13 people in a 5 seater-car so I ended up sitting on 2 people hehe. I think we shoved 5 people in the trunk, lol. I should have filmed us getting out of the car XD we went to a friend's house where we ate smores, drank soda until we were drunk, and ran around laughing maniacally >:O

good times.

PS. does anyone play any of the professor Layton games on the DS?(just wondering...)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

once again my famous procrastinating skills become the reason why i'm deprived of sleep D:

I have to write an essay now about patronage and the spoils system in America but i'm so TIRED because I just came back from marching band practice(which is suprisingly exteremly tiring and actually makes you out of breath really easily) They changed practice times to 6:30-9 pm, so i usually can't get around to actually do my hw until 10:30ish. Teachnically, I shouldn't have this problem if I had just written this essay a week beforehand.

Then again, my procrastination skills are pretty powerful. O_O

ok, back to typing about US government instead about my life hehehehehehhehehe.

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