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Monday, September 28, 2009

   3 day weekend
It's a 3-day weekend so I can finally relax :)

on Saturday my town had a fair so I went with a friend, and ate immense amounts of free food hehehehehe. Then we went on those rides that spin alot(kinda like a centrifuge to see who would throw up first(neither of of us did)

Later, we crammed 13 people in a 5 seater-car so I ended up sitting on 2 people hehe. I think we shoved 5 people in the trunk, lol. I should have filmed us getting out of the car XD we went to a friend's house where we ate smores, drank soda until we were drunk, and ran around laughing maniacally >:O

good times.

PS. does anyone play any of the professor Layton games on the DS?(just wondering...)

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