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Saturday, August 15, 2009

   Is anyone home?
Even though this site is practically dead, I like coming back here once in awhile, it brings back alot of memories. I've made so many friends here, and it was helpful to have people patient enough to read my rants, hehe.

Even though I haven't updated in awhile, I think I'll try to visit more often *PINKY PROMISE OF HONOR!*

So school's starting in about 2-3 weeks, and I'm starting to panic due to my famous procrastinating habits TT_TT I should really get rid of that habit. I have about 500 pages to read, and take notes for, and a 100 question test to go over, and also half a US history textbook to review. *shakes fists at AP classes* orz....

In other news, I have band camp in a week or so. It should be fun...I guess.

In case you haven't heard, there was a serious typhoon in Taiwan recently. D: Alot of my relatives live there, so my family is pretty worried. Most of the villages there have to survive without clean water for 5 days. And the worst part is, the president is refusing help from America D:

anyhowsen, I best be going now. I hope someone will read this and comment so I know you're alive?

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Well........here I am
as some of you guys have predicted, i'm back(lol) well, summer's finally here, and I'm bored out of my mind. I'm currently working at a learning center for those with autism, and its pretty fun T_T On my first day they placed me in a closet(literally!) that had a tv, a computer, and a laser printer. The Tv could only play movies like flubber tho, lol. so anyways, i basically fill out paperwork for 8 hours....which sucks a bit. The good part is that I have access to unlimited hot chocolate. Drinking hot chocolate in the summer sounds weird--but it feels normal when you're in an air-conditioned closet. :D

Oh yeah, recently, I've discovered that I've been mispronouncing the name Charlotte wrong my entire life. D; Apparently the 'Ch' is pronounced 'Sh'...........how come no one's ever corrected me!??!??!

Tomorrow i'm going to Europe for a program with 39 other people...it should be fun. The bad part is that we're not allowed to have access to internet or tv or any known electric device used for entertainment(that's a tough loophole to beat)

So recently I've been watching 3 animes: Soul Eater, which I recommend entirely :D, vampire Knoght, and SA. Does anyone know about any of these??

O_O this is a pretty long post.....I think i'll stop typing now.

see ya!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

ummmmm, i guess this is it
i've been thinking for awhile, and i guess i'm leaving myo. maybe i'll be back, maybe i won't, i dunno. it's just that there's no one really on anymore, and i have things to concentrate on. well, till then, i guess this is goodbye D:

thanks to everyone who's been to my site, i really appreciated it.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

spring break!!!!!ahahahhahAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!image from www.kaiyosei.net


so today was probally the best day of the week for me(hihi4, you should have been there)

in japanese class my friend told me that she started reading a new manga.

kakashi484:so what is it?
friend:.....you probally don't know it
kakshi484:=3= try me
kakashi484:OMG!!!!!!!!YOU TOO!?!?!?
*friend and kakashi484 jumping up and down on the top of their lungs*
teacher:URUSAI!(basically, 'shutup' in japanese)


and in english, it was poetry day so all the other english classes combined together. we made poems and read them outloud and stuff like that :D so me and my friends wrote a poems about how cats are cool.(it was genious) when we showed it to our teacher, she replied that she didn't like cats =3= in response, i started writing a poem about poodles, cuz we all knew that she had a poodle as a pet. so when I started writing the first line, "we are the poodles" Andy comes and reads over my shoulder. He then starts making up lines that go with the poem. they were good, so I wrote them down. image from www.kaiyosei.net

here's the poem


we are the poodles
and we like to doodle
Others tend to oodle
while the rest of us eat our noodles
we go on the net and search on google
And there oodle for other poodles who like to eat noodles
We meet the poodles who like to eat noodles
for we all are poodles
And to this we say toodles
(my mom says that I should give him credit cuz it 10 years from now I become famous for this awesome poem, i could get a lawsuit. so here.)
image from www.kaiyosei.net

image from www.kaiyosei.net

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i feel lovely as a duckling
ugh, i just had the hardest track pratice ever. T_T anyways, spring break's next week, so i can't wait.

apparently, me and 2 of my buddies are doing a dance for a japanese idol thing. I'll videotape it and post it here one day. we look like idiots, but that where all the fun is :D

So anyway today, this guy i really like(really. really like) comes up to me and reminds me of a club meeting. I felt all bubbly(as in bubbles...) inside. yea. but i didn't go to the meeting, so i bet i pretty much pissed him off :D

btw, has anyone seen the new anime Soul Eater? it's really good, I really recommend it. and Special A.(S.A) it reminds me of HOST for a reason(my god I loved HOST witha passion) ....and I guess there's also Vampire Knight. It seems interesting, tho i only seen 1 episode of it. Are there any other animes that i missed?

sigh, well i supposed I have nothing left to post.........................................

oh yeah. I got my report card back today. I had all A's but my mom was pissed(cuz there waz no A+'s T_T) ugh. what's wrong with my mom!?!?!?!? I was happy with my grades.........

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Friday, April 11, 2008

IT's really been awhile

so things's been happening lately--but i don't wanna post it cuz i'm lazy and that i shouldn't bother you ppl with stupid things that are happenin gin my life T_T if you still want to know, you can PM me...i guess

well, this week's finally over TT_TT it's been too long. I have track practice tom. again. *sigh* on MOnday, we went to compete with another school and lost by 40 points(40 POINTS!!!) :D

umm........ok, i supposed that's all.

I can't get the imae of dancing potatoes(potatos?) out of my head

that is all

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Friday, April 4, 2008

first post of the month

i was going to post with a bunch of stuff but I kinda forgot what I was supposed to post :p


well, 49 days left in school :D and yes, I keep track so ha!

let's see....................(WHY CAN"T I THINK OF ANYTHING!?!?!?!?!) i went to my first track meet yesterday. we won :)

Question: Is fish vegetarian? O_O i really don't know...

Quote of the day: "Bread is fatal. It can KILL YOU ALL!!!"

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Monday, March 31, 2008

...........it rained
omg, it rained today--yet we still ran outside for track TT_TT my hair's really wet now, yet i'm too lazy to dry it.

so a bunch of my friends always make fun of me(as usual :p) and they decided to make a joke with this guy being my 'boyfriend'(T_T) So whenever he passes by, someone would say'hey, there's ur boyfriend', and I would tell them to shutup T_T. So we've been doing this for awhile when someone said it alittle too loud, and I think he heard O_O crap o_x


My school has this stupid program online where the parents can check your grades D: and my mom saw that i had an A- average in BIO and English and she started freaking out and saying that my life is screwed T_T A- isn't even bad. I was happy T_T" I hate this program. Does anyone else's school have this torture-program?

btw, I added a music playlist at the top of my site.....does anyone see it? Can you tell me if it works or not? thanks

ok, that's all for now, g2g

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

that was weird
my uncle's going away to kentucky for a month ): oh well

i'm randomly eating a milk-orange popsicle stck. it tastes pretty good i guess.....

anyway, thanks for the comments yesterday. it cheered me up :)

i had a happy dream last night. but i woke up and cried. (yes hihi4, i cried) it was weird. probally because i realized that i had dschool tom T_T lol, jk

well anyway, i'm supposed to study for my SAT's so i might as well do it. tata i guess...

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back and confused
ok, sorry for being vacant for a couple of days O_O

yeah, so a bunch of stuff's been happening in my life..Yesterday I went on a field to learn about japan...when this happened.

Person:yeah! I went to your church!
Me:........no you didn't
Person:.....yes I did.....
Me:.no....T_T you don't......
Me(Panicking): STAY BACK!!!!!

apparently he did 5 years ago. I sorta remember playing yu-gi-oh cards with him(come on ppl, you kno you liked them too)

waaaaait--how does he still know my name!?!?!? STALKer!!!!

.............and I got a soot ball!!!!

wittle bugsSpirited Away =D yup. and it had a pin attached to it so I wore it ok....then my english teacher saw it

English teacher:what's that black thing?
Me:A fuzz ball.............:D
ENglish: I didn't know you collected fuzz
Me:............isn't there something wrong with it??


well, I'm on the track team so we took pictures......then I attended a martial arts meeting(I found it weird that the president of the club isn't the most talented......and HE'S THE ONE TEACHING US!!!) Then I went to the art room to work on my project....and I burned mysef with the hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot caliente glue gun. it hurt, lol. I have a blister from it D:

hot glue guns are evil. evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvil

OK, that summarizes my week so far basically.....



I DIDN"T DO IT(whatever that is) YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY!!! *points at hihi4* there! that's the one you want! get her!

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