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HI people's thanx for coming and here are the rules.

1)If you like Sasuke I highly suggest leaving and never returning. You Will get your feelings hurt badly.
2)sign my GB and add me as a friend.
3)comment on at least 1 thing.please!
4)Sign my Guest Book, and no one gets hurt.
5)If you are preverted or lecturous. GO AWAY your not wlcomed here!
6)If you belive in Kiba and Hinata together go away also, your never welcomed.
8)You may think some negativedly on my story when it is posted, may help me write better.
9)Cussing and other things like sexual behaivior will Not, repeat Will not be tolerated. I will report you for sexual behaivior.
10)Gaara, Temari, Tsunade and Kiba lovers are welcomed any time.

I like Kiba and my O.C character is Brandi Arthtic. They get married in my story. ^.^

I have a pet dog named Ginger and a pet cubby frog named Choji off of Naruto.

I'm a brown headed anime crazied person. I hate preverts and people who give lectures. Doesn't every one hate lectures. Of coarse if you read the rules I hate KibaXHina. If you comment it will be deleted. Now if you are my friend already and like that couple I suggest a change in heart. That mostly all you need to know.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

   My precious hair
Today I burned my hair when i went to put water in ramen noodle cup. My hair fell into the candle i just lite. Next thing i knew the tips off my hair fell into the candle. I's so tragic for me. That's the eight clumsy thing I did today. 0.o
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Monday, October 29, 2007

   SCHOOL IS LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the doctor and school. It started on monday i was really sick and went to the first docter and he said no medicine just stay out form school and drew some of my blood to take a maono test or something like that. So i stayed out two days then went back. I saw a differrent doctor and she said that my tonsoles where so bad i couldn't eat anything that was solid and she gave me two medications. I don't know if she chewed the other guy's but out or not but she was mad. so now i have a but load of homework to finish and i can't stand for it. *Takes a seat* It is so not fair that the next time i see him i'm kicking him in the shin. what now. booyah. I had to do 55 questions for science and a 2 page report for reading. that made me mad. really mad. my friends made fun of me yet they haven't even finished and i have it's typed to. Muahaha. My cousin is also getting evil attacking nutcracker men after him and if u get on my bad side i'll send them after you to. One of them is out of comision right now because of a serious eye and stomach wound from a sword!
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Monday, October 8, 2007

   Cool test

Naruto Character Thoughts & Your Stats (For girls only..) by UnwantedHope
Anime Name
NarutoShe's pretty awesome and all....but she steals my ramen so I don't like her .
SakuraShe keeps on beating up Sasuke! THAT B*T*H! I'LL KILL HER!!
SasukeShe's a good friend.
KibaShe's so sexy and awesome! I love her!
HinataShe's a gr-great friend.
ShinoShe's annoying...
ShikamaruShe cloud watches with me, and doesn't fall asleep like most people.
Choji.....NO COMMENT.......
InoShe's forehead's friend, not mine, go ask her!
TenTenShe has a better chance with Neji. I find her as a threat!
NejiShe's beautiful in every way. I love her with all of my heart, even if she may not feel the same.
Rock LeeHer Taijutsu needs work, but she is very attractive.
GaaraShe's annoying.
KankuroShe's a brat.
TemariShe looks up to me. WHAT A DOLL!
AsumaShe's a smart girl, really, but at times she reminds me of Naruto.
KakashiShe's a great kid.
KurenaiAn excellent girl.
OrochimaruA little brat like her has no business being a ninja.
KabutoShe's a great medical nin...
JaraiyaMan, that's one hot chick!
TsunadeI should keep an eye on this one.
ShizuneI agree with Lady Tsunade
The AkatsukiShe isn't worth our time.
Taijutsu Level
Ninjutsu Level
Genjutsu Level
Power Level

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Friday, October 5, 2007

   I Love This Game

It May Not Make Very Much Sense But You'll See How Bored I Get

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Monday, October 1, 2007


Torture Sasuke by *gejimayo on deviantART

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Bored Again O.o
hello people!
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