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Monday, October 29, 2007

   SCHOOL IS LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the doctor and school. It started on monday i was really sick and went to the first docter and he said no medicine just stay out form school and drew some of my blood to take a maono test or something like that. So i stayed out two days then went back. I saw a differrent doctor and she said that my tonsoles where so bad i couldn't eat anything that was solid and she gave me two medications. I don't know if she chewed the other guy's but out or not but she was mad. so now i have a but load of homework to finish and i can't stand for it. *Takes a seat* It is so not fair that the next time i see him i'm kicking him in the shin. what now. booyah. I had to do 55 questions for science and a 2 page report for reading. that made me mad. really mad. my friends made fun of me yet they haven't even finished and i have it's typed to. Muahaha. My cousin is also getting evil attacking nutcracker men after him and if u get on my bad side i'll send them after you to. One of them is out of comision right now because of a serious eye and stomach wound from a sword!
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