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Monday, October 8, 2007

   Cool test
Naruto Character Thoughts & Your Stats (For girls only..) by UnwantedHope
Anime Name
NarutoShe's pretty awesome and all....but she steals my ramen so I don't like her .
SakuraShe keeps on beating up Sasuke! THAT B*T*H! I'LL KILL HER!!
SasukeShe's a good friend.
KibaShe's so sexy and awesome! I love her!
HinataShe's a gr-great friend.
ShinoShe's annoying...
ShikamaruShe cloud watches with me, and doesn't fall asleep like most people.
Choji.....NO COMMENT.......
InoShe's forehead's friend, not mine, go ask her!
TenTenShe has a better chance with Neji. I find her as a threat!
NejiShe's beautiful in every way. I love her with all of my heart, even if she may not feel the same.
Rock LeeHer Taijutsu needs work, but she is very attractive.
GaaraShe's annoying.
KankuroShe's a brat.
TemariShe looks up to me. WHAT A DOLL!
AsumaShe's a smart girl, really, but at times she reminds me of Naruto.
KakashiShe's a great kid.
KurenaiAn excellent girl.
OrochimaruA little brat like her has no business being a ninja.
KabutoShe's a great medical nin...
JaraiyaMan, that's one hot chick!
TsunadeI should keep an eye on this one.
ShizuneI agree with Lady Tsunade
The AkatsukiShe isn't worth our time.
Taijutsu Level
Ninjutsu Level
Genjutsu Level
Power Level

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