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Monday, August 8, 2005

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ok just finished for my mom downstairs. it wasnt that much this time since we ran out of bags. LOL. yea...talk about luck....also reading a REALLY good naruto fanfic right now. its SOO awesome. its called 'a girl named yama'...too bad its rated M on ff.net. haha. im a bad girl. >.< haha.

ok voting for hte contests oficiall starts today. here the list of contestants. vote for you fav of them. you can only vote once per day so be wise. xp
The contestants for the theme contest are listed below:

- chubbi_chibies
- MarikMine
- elvesatemyramen
- EdwardElricFan
- Mrs.inuyasha
- BlackMagicianGrl
- Inuyasha96743
- cuddy
- cutechibi
- apoloblue
- angelwolfire
- RinoaSquall4ever

k today woke up to go to balleys for this hi/low impact class and OMG. i was SOOO confused. i was like tripping over myself the whole time. lol. my sister was all yelling at me cuz she almost tripped over me a bajillion times. LOl. then this later behind us kept on cheering.....=_=x....it was So weird. LOL. then later went out driving a little with my sister. then at 12 we went to yoga class. my aunt and cousin was there too since they were getting theyre memeberships. my stupid cousin was all laughing when it started. lol. i swear i was gonna slap her cuz it was so quiet in the room and she was laughing..=_=x its ALOT harder than it looks. haha. it was almost painful to stretch like that. phew...but at the end it was so relaxing. haha. i almost fell asleep on the mats. haha. then around 2 i went to the most boring party that ever existed in the universe....=_=x. i swear i was literally sitting there for three hours listening to my ipod staring at trees. everytime i sat somewhere, the people around me would automatically get up and move to the opposite side of the park. i think they hate me TT_TT.

then went home to swim. after dinner helped my mom out with the swimsuits and yea...ntohing else. ^_^

hopefully i did good in sesslover18's contest. *crosses fingers* wish me good luck. xp.


haha. how random.......

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