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Friday, August 26, 2005

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"Bingo Bingo you win the prize!" -Botan

Jet: I have just a little time to post. My friend is still over and we had a wild night. We baked these yummy chocolate cookies, which made my friend very hyper. We had to go to bed at 1 though because we were loud I guess, and woke up my mom.

Hiei#10: Bakas.

Jet: We are going to a mall today, and it is not the same one that we usually go to. It's bigger and better, just a little farther away.

Hiei#10: No way am I going.

Jet: I'll fight with him later. Oh, and before I forget Katsuyo KO made me a card. It is in my profile. Thanks Katsuyo!! ^_^ Ok, like I said I don't have much time so Hiei your turn.

Hiei#10: Who thinks that I could have beat Toguro?

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

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Thursday, 8:40 AM
"Every rose has its thorns" ĖKurama

Jet: Donít worry guys, I know that is not how the quote goes. Neko-San and metal-inuyasha were correct. You guys are true Yu Yu Hakusho fans. I wondered if anyone would pick that up. I was short on quotes at the moment so I thought I would put that one up.

Hiei#10: You guys are obsessive.

Jet: Hey, we canít help it if we really like YYH, Is that a problem?

Hiei#10: Hmph.

Jet: I have 100 guestbook signings!! Took me long enough, 4 months. Iím not really looking for popularity, or a lot of signings because then I will have so many sites to go to. It takes me long enough already to get to eveyoneís site now.

Hiei#10: Yeah, you should get a life.

Jet: Iím probably going to have my friend over tonight for a sleepover, so I will try to get to all of your sites in the morning. Iím so sorry that I didnít get to all of your sites yesterday. I spent the day with my family basically. My mom wanted to go to an antique place, and after that we went out to lunch. Later on my dad wanted to walk around the mall. I found he funniest shirt at one store. It had a coke symbol but instead it said Choke, and at the bottom it said the official drink if the New York Yankees. As you know I am a Red Sox freak.

Hiei#10: Baka. I had to be home with those noisy dogs of yours, is there an off button on them?

Jet: I wanted you to come, I was begging you, but you chose not to.

Hiei#10: Hmph.

Jet: Is to all you say? I need to teach you a better vocabulary.

Hiei#10: Good luck.

Jet: I think this is a long enough post, ok Hiei.

Hiei#10: Iíll give you guys a cool YYH site to go to.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Wednesday, 8:58 AM
"Hey, guys I'm goin' help Yukina find her brother."-Kuwabara

Yusuke snickers "Yeah,I'll help out too."-Yusuke

"I'll help out as well. Hiei, don't you want to help Yukina find her brother."-Kurama

"Shut your mouth Kurama, if you don't want that precoius voicebox of your ripped out."-Hiei

Jet: Just hung out yesterday, as usual.

I'm probably have some friends over during the week, so that should be fun.

Hiei#10: Should be entertaining watching your hyper friend.

Jet: I'll just make sure I keep the sugar to a minimum.

My dad installed Microsoft Word on the computer yesterday. Now, I can get the document with my profile on it to this computer.

I'll probably draw a pic of Hiei today. I'll have to get my dad to install the new printer with the scanner.

Hiei#10: No way I'm posing.

Jet: Don't worry Hiei I wouldn't make you.

Hiei#10: You never know.

Jet: I promise.

Hiei#10: Hmph.

Jet: Your turn to end it.

Hiei#10: Ok, I'll give you guys some advice. You should all go join the Hiei Club made by the intelligent Neko-San.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

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Tuesday, 9:40 am
"From what I heard in social studies its called democracy and it's all the rage back home. Except we'll cast our votes with fists"--Yusuke Urameshi

Jet: Only 15 comments.

Hiei#10: Oh great, more complaining.

Jet: I did go to 47 people's sites yesterday, lol. I was curious so I counted.

Hiei#10: That's sad.

Jet: I understand that they have school though, and don't have time to comment.

Hiei#10: No, it's sad that you actually took to time to go to 47 sites.

Jet: I was bored.
When school starts I have to make a schedule, but I'll probably only comment on people who comment on my site. That's all I'll have time for. I might not even have time.

Yesterday I went to Bjs with my family to buy a bunch of school snack and stuff.

Hiei#10: You have snack time in high school?

Jet: Well, I know that inbetween two certain periods you have 7 minutes, so that might give me time to eat a granola bar or something.

I also got some folders(5 cents each) and filler paper(19 cents each) for school at Staples.

Hiei#10: I think that they have heard enough about your 'eventful' day.

Jet: You guys said that you wanted to see my banner, so here it is:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

If you want your Yusuke banner changed to the one made by my awesome friend Neko-San, just PM me.

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If you want to join the Kurama Fan Club PM Xx beth xX.

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Jet: Thanks guys for praying for Yamisgirl. I checked YamiYug1990's post last night and she is ok. Her mouth is sore though.

Ok, I'd thought that I would end it today with something Hiei would never say.
Hiei: Kuwabara, you're my hero!

Hiei#10: Grrr, I definitly wouldn't say that.

Jet: I know, but it's funny.

Hiei#10: *gets really mad*

Jet: Aw, poor Hiei *hugs*

Hiei#10: AHHHHH!!!! Let go!! Let go!!

Jet: *lets go*

Hiei#10: *Runs up into a tree.*

Jet: Oh well he shouldn't be mad at me that long.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

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Monday, 9:14 am
We donít also attack because we think we can win. ~ Yusuke

Jet: Yay! 24 comments, 2 more than yesterday. Thanks guys.

Hiei#10: I thank you as well. She was always complaining that she only got around 15 comments and went to over 30 people's sites.

Jet: I wasn't complaining that much.

Hiei#10: I'm just glad that you'll stop.

Jet: Yesterday I went to my grandparents house. It wasn't that boring. I played some cards, read Bleach Vol. 8, and watched TV. I did talk with my grandma, I taught her about manga, showing her my Bleach one, lol. Hiei couldn't come because we would never hear the end of it.

Hiei#10: Fool, I didn't even want to go in the first place.

Jet: I also made a Hiei banner for yellowsword's contest. I really don't think it is that good, but I might post it tomorrow if you guys want.

Hiei#10: Hmph, of course it is good then. At least you didn't make a baner of that foolish Kuwabarra.

Jet: Speaking of banners Neko-San made me a new Yusuke Urameshi Club banner!! It looks awesome!! If you want to put this one on your site instead just PM me and I'll give you the URL.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jet: I joined another club yesterday. The Kurama Fan Club. PM my sisXx beth xX to join.

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Hiei#10: Jeez, can you make this post any longer?

Jet: Yeah sorry guys. Thanks to all who visited and read this wole post.

Now for Hiei to end it.

Hiei#10: Number 1 was about 16, most of you got that right, Neko-San hit it right on the mark, Yusuke only saw eight.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hiei#10: Most of you didn't want Yusuke dead.

Jet: Yay!!

Hiei#10: I guess I made the right choice then.

EDIT: Stupid me, I forgot the most important part of my post!! Please pray for Yamisgirl. She is having surgery today. We all know that you can get through it!! ^_^

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Sunday, 9:40 AM
So even someone as calm as you occasionally gets angryÖ hn, thatís good to know. ~ Hiei

Jet: 22 comments yesterday yay!! Thanks guys!!

The voting went as follows:

Confrontaion: 1
Daydream Generation: 5
In the Darkness: 2
The Homework Doesn't End: 4
Smile Bomb: 4

Ok, I'm going to change my theme in about twelve days, so 6 days will have Daydream Generation and 6 The Homewrok Doesn't End.

Hiei#10: Fool, like they reall care what your music is.

Jet: Well, their opinion is important to me.

Nothing much happened yesterday, just hung out with Hiei#10.

Well, Hiei said that he was going to end my post today.

Hiei#10: I'll give you guys some trivia, see how much you know about me.

1. When I fought against the ice saint beast, about how many slashes with my sword did I do on him?

2. Who thinks I should have killed Yusuke while I had the chance?

Jet: Hehe I know the answers, and number 2 is definitly no way.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

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Saturday, 9:04 AM
Quite a lot of bloodlust in the air, eh? ~ Kurama

Jet: Yay, I finally got some sleep!!

Anyways, I was able to get to everyone's site yesterday, and I was basically on the compter all afternoon. Before I went to bed I watched Lord of the Rings. It wasn't scary, but some of the monsters were creepy looking.

Hiei#10: *sarcastically* Sounds real exciting.

Jet: *sarcastically also* Yup, my life is so eventful.

I was thinking of changing the music to my site. I was wondering which one you guys like best.

Daydream Generation


In the Darkness

The Homework Doesn't End

Or just keep smile bomb. Please say in your comment which one you like best.

Jet: Have a great weekend everyone!!

Hiei#10: Do you always have to say that everytime you end your post?

Jet: Well, I hope that everyone does, so why not write it.

Hiei#10: Well, I think everyone gets it by now.

Jet: Fine, then why don't you end our posts everyday.

Hiei#10: Hmph, fine.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

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Friday, 3:42 AM
Iíll be twonked! ~ Kuwabara

Jet: Hey guys, how's everyone doing?

Hiei#10: ....

Jet: Poor Hiei was alone for a little over a day.

Hiei#10: Fool, it was nice without you.

Jet: Sure Hiei.

Sorry for the late post, I just got back from my friend's house a half an hour ago.
It's a long story, but let's just say my friend was wild!! She was hyper all night. We didn't go to bed until a little past 2, she wouldn't let us.

Hiei#10: Thanks for sparing us the novel.

Jet: Once again I'm really sorry that I couldn't end up getting to everyone's sites. I was only able to get to a few.

Well I better start getting to everyone's sites.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

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Thursday, 7:05 AM
I will not be afraid of something that I cannot see!~ Kurama

Jet: Yesterday my family and I went to Jamestown. It's in Rhode Island and it is the island to the right of Newport. I dragged Hiei along to. It was a wide open space, so I think he liked it. He got to practice with his sword and stuff. It was fun, we walked along the shoeline on all the rocks, and sat and looked at the view.

Hiei#10: Hmph.

Jet: Well today I have to babysit from 8 to 12, then at 1:30 I'm going over a friends house for a sleepover. I'm really really sorry that I can't get to your sites.

I have to get ready, so hope you all have a great day!! ^_^

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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Wednesday, 9:00 AM
Do I have to kill you to keep you from being foolish? ~ Hiei

Jet: Yesterday I went blueberry picking with my family, and I dragged Hiei along too. It was fun.

Hiei#10: You call picking berries off trees in the hot sun fun?

Jet: Well, when you put it that way it doesn't sound fun.

Hiei#10: Hmph

Jet: Anyways, I made a new poll, so please vote.

The Red Sox pulled out a big win in extra innings last night, yay!!

Sorry, I can' think of anything to say.

Hiei#10: When can you?

Jet: I'll just leave you guys with this cool YYH
website I found, and a pic.


Yusuke pic(Yusuke sticking up his middle finger)

Jet: I know this is inappropriate, but I thought it was funny.

Hiei#10: How can you think of that as funny?

Jet: Good question.

PM me if you want to join.
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Have an awesome day!!

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