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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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Tuesday, 8:53 AM
"Alright, I’m going to start charging you money for being vague" ~ Yusuke

Jet: The eye doctor appointment went ok, and I am getting contacts in a week. After that, I got to see the graves of my great uncle (who I was named after), great grandparents, third cousin and great great aunt. We were in the area, so my mom thought we should stop; I'm glad that she did.

Hiei#10: Hmph

Jet: What's wrong Hiei, you don't seem yourself lately. Recently your haven't been sarcastic and haven't made a death threat to anyone.

Hiei#10: .....

Jet: I think I know. I bet that you are lonely.

Hiei#10: *crosses arms* Fool, it's been peaceful without you.

Jet: I can tel by the look on your face.

Hiei#10: *avoids eye contact*

Jet: Poor Hiei, I'll find somethng fun that we can do today.

Thanks for everone who joined my club. If anyone else wants to join, just PM me anytime.

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Have a great day guys!!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

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8:38 Am
"They’re to show us the way out, like phosphorescent breadcrumbs" ~ Kurama

Jet: The new compter is so awesome. It took very little time to install, so luckily I was able to get to all of your sites.

Hiei#10: Are you ever going to get of of the compter now?

Jet: Yeah, it was just fun to fool around with it, and that is all I did yesterday, lol.

Today I have a eye doctors apointment. T_T
Well, at least it gets me one step closer to contacts.

Hiei#10: You better start hurrying up, and getting ready. You have to leave at 9:40.

Jet: I stil have a good amount of time.

I made a new club, like a week ago, but I forgot to put it up.

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If you want to join just PM me.

Hiei#10: There was already a Hiei club, founded by Neko-San. There's an intelligent person.

Jet: I don't really have anything else to say, so have a great day everyone!!

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Sunday, 8:22 AM

Hiei:What is that ridiculus appendix growing out of your head?

Kuwabara:Who the Hell is this?Isn't he being awfully rude for someone so short?

Jet: I live in Massachusetts, and we always have to pay a 5% tax on things we buy. Today and yesterday are no tax days.

Hiei#10: And your point is?

Jet: So, we got the new computer!!
We got mac mini. If you want to see a picture of it click here

Hiei#10: Finally we won't have a slow computer infected with virusus.

Jet: We also got this copier, printer, scanner, because it was $129.99 with a hundred dollar mail in rebate. Now I can scan some of my artwork for you guys to see.

The old computer goes into my sister's room, so now I get way more computer time.

Hiei#10: You always write long posts, people probably hate coming to your site and having to read them.

Jet: Yeah, sorry guys, I'll try to write shorter posts. I'll wrap this up. I'm really sorry if I don't get to anyone's sites today, my dad is intalling the new computer.

I got the website off of Ayame Clyne's site. If you want to know the meaning of your name, click here

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

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Saturday, 8:53 AM
"What's it like, living in a constant haze of stupidity?" -Hiei

Jet: First, I would like to thank my sister Xx beth xX for updating for me while I was gone. Second, thanks to all of you guys who still came to my site.

Babysitting wasn't that bad, it was sorta boring. Most of the time he played THUG2 and I helped him with it because he wanted me to.

Hiei#10: Luckily I didn't have to come.

Jet: I found a link on one of my friend's sites where you can learn the meaning of your name.

The supplanter : French

You are responsible, determined and tenacious with sound judgement and the ability to inspire others making you ideal for positions of leadership. Having broad vision you are happy to accept the challenge of handling large projects which others may find too demanding. With your keen intuition and inventive mind you are always seeking answers. Fair and just you have a warm and compassionate nature which attracts many friends.

It's cool too because it is actually right, my mom said it was.

Hiei#10: Fool, what a waste of time.

Jet: I didn't forget you Hiei.


Energetic and courageous you stand up for your beliefs and for what you desire. You are independent, strong willed and fiercely competitive when needed although your ambition is tempered with patience. You maintain a positive attitude and with a more organised or practical approach to life material success is very likely. Your immensely loving and generous nature brings joy into peoples lives and ensures your happiness.

Jet: Sounds just like him.

Hiei#10: Hmph.

Jet: I don't want to bore you, so I'll end it here, and leave you with a few pics.

Hiei#10: I think that they are already sleeping.

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Hiei is actually smiling.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Last time peoples!!

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Hey peoples!! This is Xx beth xX and Rei. I know, I know. You're thinking, again?! Yes again. My sis is babysitting again today but I think today's her last day so that's good. She will be home tonight so that I don't have to be alone with my parents anymore.

Rei: Yepp. Then everyone will be happy.

Me: Yepp. ^_^ Ok, yesterday she watched the Yu Yu Hakusho DVD which I will be watching today, and she went in the pool with the kid she's babysitting and I got her to play badminton with me for a little bit.

Rei: Interesting day, huh?

Me: Indeed. Please continue to comment. My sister really appreciates it. She will be able to get to sites tonight because I'm not allowed to be on the computer for very long for reasons.

Rei: *chimes in quickly* Well, we better end this post now before we start to bore you. Tomorrow she will be officially back and you won't have to deal with us anymore.

This is Xx beth xX and Rei signing out.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's me again

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Hello again. Xx beth xX and Rei here. My sis is babysitting again. Yesterday was her only day off this week.

Rei: That is why we will post for her once again.

Me: She had a TON of fun with our friend, and that's kinda all that happened to tell you the truth.

Rei: Yeah, you're right. I mean your post was long and you could have written more, but her post is short.

Me: Hm....what shall I say? She is probably having fun babysitting because they play video games, look at baseball, pokemon, and yugioh cards, etc. So, she shouldn't be having a lousy time which is good. Anyways, that's all I can think of to say so she'll be on later tonight to get to your sites and stuff.

This is Xx beth xX and Rei signing off!! ^_^

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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9:28 AM

"Something you just said is a lie....I just dont know what." ~Mukoro
"Your insicurity is annoying me" ~Hiei

Hiei#10: Foolish game. What a waste of time.

JeT: I think you are just bad at it.

Hiei#10: Hiei#8 was right, it is nothing like the real thing. I like the way he thinks.

JeT: Whatever you say.

Hiei#10: There is not even blood, and it takes no skill to play.

JeT: Anyways, I would like to thank my awesome sister for posting for me yesterday. I'm babysitting Thursday and Friday, so she might be posting for me then too.

Hiei#10: Lazy, get up earlier.

JeT: Maybe I'll get up at 6:30 instead then. I don't want to make this a long post, so I would rant about the story why I couldn't post.

Hiei#10: Thanks for sparing us.

JeT: It was sorta boring. At least he was well behaved. We watched a few movies, played videogames, nothing exciting.

Hiei#10: It was so peaceful here.

JeT: I'll just get to the questions.

destinyssweetman: What do you like most about MyO?

JeT: Meeting awesome people, and making new friends. Also, designing your own site and looking at other peoples.

Goinky: Hiei, wuz up? done any killing lately? if so can i join you next time?

Hiei#10: No, Jet won't let me kill anyone.
Why can't you be more like her, she's cool.

JeT: Yeah, she is an awesome friend.

yellowsword: If you were in a book, which book would it be?

JeT: Chronicles of Narnia

silvertoya: if Hiei could push any chracter from the DarkTournament off a cliff who would it be?

Hiei#10: Out of the ones that are still alive? Chuu

sad-reflectionz: If you could enter the Yu Yu Hakusho world, where would you want to be?

JeT: With Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Kurama.

Hiei#10: What about me?

JeT: I've already been around you.

teas mini twin: do u like the results that I gav u about the year of the tiger from my post yesterday?

JeT: Yes, very much.
Ok, that's all of them.

Hiei#10: Finally.

Have a great day guys!!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

   Guess Who!!

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Hey people!! My sister is next door babysitting our next door neighbor. I think that he's a brat but she doesn't think so, so I guess she'll be ok. So I, Xx beth xX, her loyal sister will be updating for her because she called me and asked me to.

Rei: Don't you think that's a little much?

Me: No I don't actually. I think it's perfect. She really tried hard to update but she didn't have time in the morning.

Rei: O-k....

Me: Yeah, well I don't know what to say in the update, only that my sis and I went in the pool for a long time and then we got these smores at the Christmas Tree Shop and we made them. Hers were all melted and she needed a fork, but I made sure that mine didn't melt that much and I ate them neatly. hehe It was funny.

Rei: Eating smores is funny how?

Me: You had to be there.

Rei: Ok. Is that all we have to say?

Me: I think so. Nothing really happened yesterday, except we watched the Yu Yu Hakusho Movie and we all hated it because the voices were weird and I recognized some of them to be voices from Pokemon.

Rei: Yeah, you should have seen their faces. It was quite a sight.

Me: Yepp. Well that's all that really happened yesterday. This is Xx beth xX signing out.

Rei: And Rei!!

Me: This is Xx beth xX and Rei signing out!! Maybe I'll talk to you guys later!!

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Monday, August 8, 2005

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Monday, 7:59 AM

"I say, we let them stay in there an hide to make them look like a bunch of sissies." ~Kuwabara
"Your sense of stadegy is amazing." ~Hiei

Jet: Hiei found a new toy, Super Smah Brothers Melee. We all know that Hiei knows as much about videogames as he does hugs and cuddily stuffed animals, but when he saw the game he became interested. Of course he liked it because of the killing. I can't get him to get off of it. Oh well, he'll have to get off sometime to eat. I guess it satisfies his desire to kill. It's as close as he can get in this world.

Hiei: *enthralled by the TV*

Jet: No use, he doesn't cooperate yet. He looks like me when I'm playing a good videogame.
Yesterday I went in the pool, and it was a little chilly. It says that it is 81 degrees but it doesn't feel like it. Didn't do much else, that left me time to work on Hiei's vocabulary. He doesn't think solely on death threats now that he has the videogame, but of course when he says something it is not nice or polite.
Now for your questions.
Hiei!! You need to answer some questions.

Hiei: .....

Jet *drags Hiei over to computer*

Hiei: I didn't agree to this.

Jet: You'll live.

beyblader: What is yor fave season of the year?

Jet: Summer. No school and baseball season!!

YamiYasha4ever: Why does Hiei Clone #10 only say death threats?

Jet: Well, that's just his personality. I think that is all he knew to saw.

destinyssweetman: Who is your favorite music artist?

JeT: Green Day

Steptoussai: Are you really *gay* with Kurama?

Hiei: Fool, of course not. We're just friends.

Jet: That make me sick just thinking about it.

teas mini twin: What weird food combos do u love/like?

JeT: Banana and peanut butter sandwich.

Neko-San: How long do you think it will take Hiei to calm down, and stop makeing death threats to everyone.

JeT: It shouldn't take that long with all the time I have on my hands. Deep down I know that Hiei is a nice person.

Do you think you would get along with my Hiei Clone?

Hiei: Yes, he sounds very sensible and smart.

Katsume18:Whats your favorite food?

JeT: Pizza

Hiei: Pizza

JeT: I've taught Hiei to like it too.

Blaized: If u could change the world wat would u do?

JeT: I would decrease that amount of poor people, and get rid of SUVs. We would then not have to import all this oil and it would help the atmosphere.

Hiei: Making killing not against the law.

Yamisgirl: Do you like Joey because he's a funny character?

JeT: Yes, and also I like the cards he uses.

Seeyu: What was the first anime show you ever watched?

JeT: Sailor Moon I think, but I don't like it now.

Hope you all has a great weekend!!

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

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Sunday, 8:54 AM

"I really think I am going to win!" ~Kuwabara
"And I really think you're going to die" ~Hiei

JeT: Hey guys, how was everyone's Saturday? Good I hope.

Hiei: Hmph

JeT: Even though it may not seem it Hiei clone #10 is happy to meet all of your Hiei clones.

Hiei: kill

JeT: I wasn't very successful at making Hiei stop with the death threats yesterday. Watching Sensui kill Yusuke didn't help.

Hiei: Feel my blade!

JeT: This is going to be harder than I thought. It might take several days for him just to cooperate, but I have the time.

Hiei: Fools! I'll kill you all!

JeT: Don't worry, you're safe. I'll hold him back, he won't kill me.

Hiei: grrrrr

JeT: Yesterday, you guessed it, same, old, average day. I won't bore you so I'll start on the questions.

Do you think Hiei would be a good ruler of the world?
Well, he's not foolish like Kuwabara. Then again he didn't care about Sensui opening the portal thing.

Hiei: Kill the world!

JeT: That answers it too.

Do you play sports?
No, I don't. A while back I tried soccer, but it wasn't my thing. All the kids at school say I should play softball and my friend wants me to do lacrosse with her.

teas mini twin:
What is your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh character?
I'd have to say Joey.

JeT: Feel free to ask me or Hiei questions anytime.

Hiei: Fools!

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