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Sunday, January 8, 2006

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9:33 AM
"Damn Hiei, is this how you say hello to people now?"-Yusuke
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Jet: Thanks for all of your comments guys!! I'm sorry that I only got to a few of your sites yesterday, I will definitely get to all of them today.

Yesterday I worked on my Yusuke Club Website. Instead of using the easy site builder on freewebs, I made my own site using nothing but html and css codes. The layout doesn't look that good , and it also looks basic, but it takes a while to do.

Hiei #10: You would think that it would look better for spending hours on it.

Jet: It wasn't that hard once you understand how to do it, but it just takes forever. I feel proud for teaching myself how to do that. lol. Even though it is nothing compared to a lot of people's site, but I'm working on it. ^_^

Hiei #10: Get a life.

Jet: I am going to the movies with my friends today to see family stone. I don't know anything about it, but my friend said it was supposed to be good.

Hiei #10: Hn. At least you won't be sitting at the computer and playing videogames 24/7.

Jet: Hehe, true. We have a new member in the Yusuke Club, Forgotten-Heart! And she made a new banner for the club.

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Ok, and lastly I added a scroll bar of buttons to the sidebar. What do you guys think of it?

Hiei #10: I think you've hogged up enough of their time.

Jet: Right, thanks to whoever read this far. Have an awesome week!! ^_^

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

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12:45 PM
"Yap yap yap, like some crappy pro wrester, and then what? You have to eat up all your words, it's pretty dumb."-Yusuke

Jet: Hey, how was everyone's week? Mine was the usual, nothing that exciting. I did end up having a snow day on Tuesday, so I only had a three day week! I got a lot of tests back, and received all As on them except on one of my english tests I got an 88. So, I'm pretty happy about that. I have mid terms coming up in like two weeks. I'm pretty nervous especially because I'm a freshman so I've never had them before. If I don't update next weekend it's probably because I'm studying.

Oh, and I was bored last night so I made a new banner for my Yusuke Urameshi Club.

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Hope your guys like it. Have great day! ^_^

Hiei #10: Who do you think would win if we had a battle, me or Kurama?

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Monday, January 2, 2006

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10:13 AM
“Kill us if you’re going to. Just spare us the sound of your voice.”-Hiei

Jet: Well, today is my last day of vacation. Then again it's suppose to snow tomorrow where I live, so maybe a snow day?

Hiei #10: Spare me. I just want you out.

Jet: Hehe, getting tired of me Hiei?

Hiei #10: Hn.

Jet: Anyways, I posted today to give everyone to link to a website I made for all members of my Yusuke Urameshi club. Even if you're not a member you should still check it out.

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

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12:32 AM
Hiei: Harness your own power if you hope to beat him. If you take anything from our scrimmage take that. So go. Save the human world. Or don't. I don't really care. Either way I'm fine with the outcome.
[yusuke starts laughing]
Hiei: What's so funny?
Yusuke Urameshi: Your so full of crap! 'I don't care' You've been rooting for me. You did this to help me survive. I told everyone that you'd come back to resucue us when we needed you must you big softie, or should I say little softie.
Hiei: I should have slit his throat when I had the chance.

Jet: Hey guys. Thought that I would post one of my favorute Hiei and Yusuke dialogues to start the new year.

I don't really have anything to say, just posting to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

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Neko-san made this awesome sign. ^_^

-Oh by the way, how do you guys like my new theme? I decided to do something besides Yu Yu Hakusho for a change. I got this videogame for Christmas, and it's awesome!!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

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4:40 PM, Friday
"(laughing) (to Hiei) You're so full of crap (imitates Hiei) 'I don't care'"

Jet: Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

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Thursday, 3:32 PM
"Stop getting so excited, it's embarrassing."-Yusuke

Jet: Hey guys how's everybody? I thought that I would post today instead of this weekend during the holidays.

Basically, I'm in this contest being held by Blaized. I was wondering if you guys could please vote for me. I would really appreciate it. If the poll isn't working on her site just pm her saying that you want to vote for me. I'm really behind, so I need all of the votes that I can get.
Click here.

Hiei #10: Yeah, like that is going to happen.

Jet: Why not?

Hiei #10: They are busy going to everyone's sites they probably don't feel like it.

Jet: It only takes a few minutes. I'm sure they would vote. They're all good people.

Hiei #10: Hn. Fine.

Jet: Thanks so much guys!! ^_^

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

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"What irony. Such beauty, sprung from such an ugly soil"-Kurama

Jet: Hey guys! How was everyone's week? Mine was pretty same old same old. We played volleyball in gym and a girl got hit in the head. Ok, so the ball went out of bounds and a guy tried to save it, he hit it up and when it was coming down he punched it hitting the girl's head. Luckily she was ok. After we knew that she was ok everyone even her started cracking up, it was hillarious.

Hiei #10: Hn. What kind of pointless activity is that to make you have to do in gym.

Jet: It's actually pretty fun, I'm not that bad at it.

We are reading Romeo and Juliet in English. It's good, at least the teacher explains what is going on since it is hard to understand. I have to do a project on Lady Montague, who only has like two lines in the play. I wonder how I'm going to get this project done. lol.

Hiei #10: At least they had some kind of fighting in it, but still from what you explained to me it's idiotic. Who needs love?

Jet: Sure Hiei. I'll think of it as an improvement for you saying more than a few words.

I'll leave you guys with two things:

Does anyone know who Nomar Garciaparra is? I don't want to bore you talking about sports if none of you know anything about it.

And can you guys vote for me in Blaized contest? Today she put up the top 9 for everyone to vote for. Thanks guys!! I appreciate the votes. ^_^

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

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Sunday, 9:33 AM
(Kuwabara is talking to himself)
Kurama: What are you mumbling?
Hiei: He's trying to talk in his sleep when he's awake.

Jet: Hey everybody!! It's been 2 months since I've posted so I thought I would post today to let you know that I'm still alive and haven't forgotten you.

Hiei #10: If they noticed that you were gone.

Jet: So how do you guys like the new theme? I thought I would do something Christmasy and then do a Hiei theme after that. And as you've probably noticed, yes Hiei is smiling in my post picture.

Hiei #10: Hn.

Jet: It's a rare event so treasure it. lol.

Lets see while I wasn't posting, I reached 1000 hits and over 200 guestbook signings.

Hiei #10: Pathetic.

Jet: Yeah, compared to a lot of my friends that isn't a lot. I'm working on it though.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'll probably will be posting on the weekends now, but I will visit a few people's sites during the week to see how you all have been doing. I'll try to get to everyone's site today, I'm not sure though.

I'll end my post with some Christmas presents from some of my friends. Thanks guys. ^_^

From frogger91:
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From Windsar00:
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Tuesday, 2:47 PM
Yukina: Who are you?
Hiei: Just a member... Of the team.

Jet: Hey guys, how's everyone? Sorry that I haven't been updating. I try to update when I know that I will be able to get to everyone's sites.
I've been working on my theme over the weekend, I'm not sure when it will be done though.

Hiei #10: It's been taking a while.

Jet: True, I don't really know why. I guess that I haven't been working on it a lot.

Hiei #10: In other words it's going to be a while.

Jet: I will have time to work on it this week. Yom Kippur(a Jewish holiday) is Thursday. I new rule is that we can't have homework, tests, or quizzes on certain days. I think it is kind of funny. I'm not Jewish, and a lot of people who live where I do are not. I mean like Christmas almost everyone where I live celebrates it, but over the vacation we are always piled on with projects and stuff.

Hiei #10: Sounds stupid.

Jet: Maybe it's just me. Anyways I shouldn't complain, no work is a good thing.

I'll end this post with some good news. Yankees are out of the playoffs!!

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Friday, October 7, 2005

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Friday, 3:03 PM
"It's over, you ugly old fool!" -Hiei

Jet: Hey guys, how has your week been? Mine has been pretty good.

I went to the eyedoctors on Tuesday and my eyes were blurry because my prescription changed. I had just went to the eyedoctors mid-August, so it was a rapid change. One out of every one hundred people this happens to have diabetes. Then I had to get my blood drawn, to check. I should find out in less than a week if I do. It's not big deal, I'm sure that it's nothing.

Hiei #10: Jeez, what a hassle.

Jet: I should get my contacts soon so that I will be able to see. Oh, and I do have glasses, and got contacts about a month ago. In the comments some people didnt know that I had them.

Hiei #10: That would be helpful.

Jet: We got progress reports in school today, and I got all As. We also have a three day weekend, and I don't have like any homework. So, I'm happy.

Hiei #10: When are you not?

Jet: I'll get to all of your sites tonight.
Go Red Sox!!!!!!

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