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Monday, September 5, 2005

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Monday, 8:45 A.M.
"It looks like they've stolen my idea. They're going to have to pay very dearly for that." -Hiei

Jet: I'm so so so so so

Hiei #8: Ok, I think you said that enough.

Jet: sorry that I didn't get to everyone's sites. I got to as many as I could. I was at my grandmothers most of the day.

Hiei #10: They'll get over it.

Jet: I feel really bad though.

Hiei #8: You have a life besides MyO.

Hiei #10: It may not be exciting, but you still have one.

Jet: I guess that's true. I'll try to get to everyones today.
Now with school coming I will maybe post everyday after school. I'm only going to comment on people who comment on my site or usually do.

Hiei #8: Do you have to be so organized all the time and always have a schedule or something?

Jet: Lol, I'm just that kind of person.
How do you guys like my new theme? When I mentioned that I needed a new bg, Fire Apparition voluteered to draw one for me.
Also, in my profile I have a pic of my Hiei clone.

Hiei #10: Hn.

Jet: Hiei #8 will probably be getting one when Neko-San comes back.

Hiei #8: Hn, great.

Jet: Well I think I said all that I wanted to, so have a great week at school everybody!!

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

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Sunday, 8:56 AM
"Here`s my impression of Yusuke. Look at me, I`m burning." -Botan

Jet: I only have two days left of summer. I can't beleive it is almost over.

Hiei #10: At least I only have two more days to put up with it.

Hiei #8: Hmph, I got rid of Neko-San like last week.

Jet: #8, I know that you missed Neko-San very much.

Hiei #8: Hmph.

Jet: As usual I went on a bike ride yesterday, but I know it was much longer than the usual 6 miles. Let's just say my dad decided to take a different route.

Hiei #10: I was surprised that you weren't tired after that.

Jet: Yeah, me too. I watched Napolean Dynamite, I've seen parts of it but never the whole thing. It was pretty good, very funny.

Hiei #10: Boring is the word.

Hiei #8: I fell asleep after like 15 minutes.

Jet: Just because something isn't full of action and fighting, doesn't mean it's not good.

Hiei #10: Sure.

Jet: Well, I think I'll end this with a wavy picture. It's actually simple to do, a friend told me how.

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

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Saturday, 8:18 AM
"'Helping' is not the key word. The right word is 'baby-sitting'." -Hiei

Jet: What's new guys? Nothing's really new here.
Watching the new episode og Yu-Gi-Oh right now. Come on Joey!! lol.

Hiei #10: What kind of fighting is that?

Hiei #8: How can that be entertaining?

Jet: It's not the same kind of fighting in YYH. It is entertaining though. Tons of people on MyO love it.

Hiei #10: Hmph.

Jet: I got my haircut yesterday. Well, actually I only got it trimmed. My sister got layers done or something, she looks really pretty.
There is nothing else to say, so I'll ask you guys some Yu-Gi-Oh questions.

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. What is your favorite duel?

3. What is your favorite season?

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Friday, September 2, 2005

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Friday, 8:34 am
"Don't worry. I have no intention of fighting you, nor do I intend to flee. In fact, I'd come to ask you a favor." -Kurama

Jet: I've had this layout for a while now, I was thinking of changing it around. It's still going to be Yu Yu Hakusho, but like a new bg, or post style pic. So if my site looks messed up, it is because I am changing it.

Hiei #10: Great, that's what you will be doing all day.

Hiei #8: Is your life ever exciting?

Jet: This summer has been pretty boring, it's been hard though because my mom has been really sick. I don't mind it, with school it should get more exciting. By the way I start on the 6th. Yay, one day later than I thouhgt. lol.

Hiei #10: Good, it will be peaceful here.

Jet: Anyways, nothing really worth saying happening here. I'll try to get my dad to install the scanner this weekend, and I might even draw another pic before school starts.

Hiei #10: I'll leave you guys with a few pictures then.

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

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Thursday, 9:09 am
"Hey Kuwabara, your conscious. I`m not used to that." -Yusuke

Jet: Hey guys, I'd like you all to mean Hiei #8.

Hiei #8: Hmph. *crosses arms*

Jet: Neko-San will be gone unil Monday, so I will be taking care of #8, and updating her site. I just need to find a way for #8 to cooperate. I think he misses Neko-San already. At least #8 and #10 seem to be getting along.

Well, I got contacts yesterday, and I'm happy with them. It will take some getting used to though. It's easy for me to take them out, but a little challenging to get them in.

Hiei #10: It's weird seeing you without glasses.

Jet: Actually I've only had my glasses for four years. I know what your thinking, only four, but I know alot of people who have had them for much longer.

I helped my mom clean out the basement by going through some of my stuff down their. Most of it I got rid of, so that's good.

Hiei #8: It think that you've bored them enough.

Jet: True, so to end this you should all go to Neko-San's site.

Hiei #10: It's awesome.

Hiei #8: And the best.

Jet: Yes, it is a truely amazing site.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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9:04 AM
"Today did start off different. I went to school."-Yusuke

Jet: Ok, a good number of people didn't know what fooseball was. I'm not really good at explaining this, so if you want to know what it is go to this link.Click here

Hiei #10: It's just another foolish game.

Jet: Anyways, I'm getting contacts today. I'l really nervous about it now.

Hiei #10: Calm down, it'll be fine.

Jet: I'm sure your right Hiei, thanks.
My mom was cleaning our basement yesterday, and I helped here carry some furniture around. We found some cool stuff like a ping pong table, foosball table, and an old atari game system.

Hiei #10: Find any weapons?

Jet: No.

Hiei #10: Then you found nothing important.

Jet: Ok, I can't really think of anything else to say, so Hiei, your turn.

Hiei #10: Ok, how about a question. What is your favorite weapon?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

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9:10 am
Urameshi: "What?! Do you play video games?"
Genkai: "What were you thinking I was doing with all that free time?"

Jet: I had fun at my friend's house. We just hung out, played some videogames, and foosball. I really stunk at foosball though.

Hiei #10: *sarcastically* Wow, how exciting.

Jet: I also completed Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Beylader said that he completed it, and that reminded me that I hadn't. I only had two levels left, so I did them yesterday morning.

Hiei #10: Fools, what a waste of time.

Jet: No, it's just fun and entertaining.

Hiei #10: Hmph, sure.

Jet: Yay, I get contacts tomorrow. I can't wait.
I don't really have anything else to say, so we'll leave you guys with this cool screenshot of Sonic and Shadow tricking it out on their boards.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

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Monday, 9:00 am
Urameshi: "You think you can predict what my next move is?! Look at this, I dare to swear you didn't expect this one coming: men's 100m swimming freestyle!!"

Jet: How was everyone's weekend. Good I hope. Good luck for all of you that are starting school today.

Hiei #10: When do I get rid of you?

Jet: September 5th.

Hiei #10: Ok, a little more than a week then.

Jet: I'll miss you Hiei, and I know that you will be lonely without me.

Hiei #10: Hmph.

Jet: I'm going over a friends house today, so I'll try to get to all of your sites tonight.

I know that you all said that you were glad that I kept the Yu Yu Hakusho theme. Do you want me to change the bg or post style pic?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I though this avatar was so funny.

Hiei #10: That's just the normal foolish Yusuke, and how many times are you going to randomly change the subject.

Jet: I just wanted to make sure that I said everything that I wanted to. Speaking of avatars I finally got a new avatar. I've been wanting to get a Hiei one for a while. I got it at Puppyinuyasha.

Hiei #10: So, go check go that site.

Jet: It's cool.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Sunday, 9:55 AM
Hiei: "Being lucky seems to be your greatest tactic."(talking to Kuwabara, of course...)

Jet: Hey guys, you all seemed to want me to keep the YYH theme. I'll just change it to Bleach in a few months or so then.

Hiei #10: Well, YYH is the best anime.

Jet: Very true Hiei. I drew a pic of Hiei yesterday, I just need to get my dad to install the scanner. He'll probably do it today if I ask him, since it's his day off, and he has time.

Hiei #10: At least I wont have to watch because of boredom.

Jet: My parents finally allowed Hiei to practice his sword skills in our yard/ driveway. I convinced them he was trustworth not to break anything. Now he will have something to do. Once and a while I would walk to the field that I live near for Hiei to practice, but their were always baseball games going on, or people there using it.

Hiei #10: Finally I can get some exercise.

Jet: Yesterday my sister and I helped my parents with cleaning their cars. That's pretty much it, nothing else exciting going on.

Hiei #10: Aren't you forgetting something.

Jet: Oh, yes, thanks Hiei. Seeyu is having a bishie contest. You can vote for four guys a day, they don't have to be from her list, but Hiei and Kurama are on it.

Hiei #10: So, guys go vote.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

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Saturday, 8:30 AM
"You're very lucky, 'cause you'll be the first youkai who will perish under my black dragon wave!"

Jet: We ended up just going to the mall that is close to us. And Hiei didn't come even though I know he wanted to.

Hiei #10: Fool, what a waste of time, of course I didn't want to go.

Jet: Sure Hiei. Anyways I got Sonic Mega Collections for Gamecube. It should keep me occupied for a while.
I know that before school starts I am going to change my theme, I was wondering if I shoulde keep the Yu Yu Hakusho one, but change the bg and all that stuff, or change it to Bleach. Please leave a remark in your comment.

Hiei #10: I have to say that you have some intelligent friends. Most of them thought that I could beat Toguro. And when I said Toguro I meant younger Toguro.

Jet: Of course you could Hiei. I agree with Neko, you could have killed Muroko.

Hiei #10: Hmph. You guys should go check out Neko San's site. Click here

Jet: Yeah, it is an awesome site. I love going to it.

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