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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   i think of the wierdest things

i saw a commercial for one of those life sized, slap whore make-up on it Barbie beauty heads, then i remember thats about as much that was left of the Elder Toguro Brother at the end of the Dark Tourement Saga of Yy Yu Hakusho.

Just imagine what a little girl happening upon his head and the hilarity that would insue.

i'd write a script except my keyboard is broken and some of the necessary buttons are broken.

once i geta new one i will.

-till next time JD aka TGFB.

and that time is now [you can't see me the time is now]

a little girl walks up to Toguro's head like Sensui did.

girl; oooh, look a Barbie head.

Toguro; Get away from me you little brat.

girl; wow, it talks too, but you sure are ugly.

see starts to walk towards him.

Toguro; I'm warning you, get back.

girl; but don't worry i'm gonna make you soooo cute.

Toguro; Get away from me.

girl; we're gonna put on some pink lipstick, and some blue eyeshadow...

Toguro; This is your last warning...

girl; and we'll dye you're hair blonde and put on lotsa glitter...


-WARNING Ani Toguro Barbie beauty head may cause impalement in all children or your child become his new host body.


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