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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   finally beat star ocean WARNING SPOILER ALERT
yeah i finally beat star ocean. i messed up so i saw the sophia and Peppita endings.

sophia's which i had absolutly no interest in seeing, has the two of them meeting back up with sophia's parents and Fayt's mom.

Peppita's on the other hand is the reason i went through 100 plus hours of game play.
in Peppita's Fayt joins the circus with her [damn, going from savior of the universe to circus preformer, well that's love for ya]
Fayt asks why they can't just use anti-grav equippment instead of training all the time. Peppita sets him strait by telling him it would be a betrayal of the fans trust.
Fayt notes that beating Luther was nothing to compare to this. it was touching i just wish there was a kiss or a hug or even a ''i love you'' between them.
alas no such luck, oh well, it was also sad to see sophia all depressed on that ship alone, i don't dislike her i just don't like space hill billies.

lastly, did anyone out there see Albels ending.

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