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Sunday, September 18, 2005

to my peoplezez
yo peoplezez!
i couldn't think of anything so heres pure crap.

what do you, my loyal peoplezez, think of me?

give me some descriptions.

also, could someone make me a "peoplezez" banner?
cuz i want to form a group too.
and if i do you'd join and post the banner?

well, you have plenty of questions to ansewer so comment!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

i'm crazy, oh so crazy...
here's a wierd fact about me,
i really get turned on by lipstick commercials.
porn makes me either laugh uncontrolably or disgusts me.
but lipstick commercials really make my loins stir.
i think because i'm so preocupied with kissing, kisses and being kissed.
but the lips are the sexiest part to me.
i'm also big on eyeshadow because the eyes are the window to the soul.
so while some guys will stare at a girls chest, i'm either lost in her lips on staring into her eyes.

now that you know me better comment!!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rescue Me
any of you guys see the season finally of Rescue Me last night!!
it was soooo awesome!!!!
if you did PM me, i'd love to talk about it.
if you're not watching Rescue Me, YOU SHOULD!!!!! GET YOUR ASS TO YOUR TV AND WATCH IT!!!!
sorry, its fun to type with caps lock on some times.
seriously though, watch it, its good.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

anyone else watch "the flight that fought back"?

it was pretty good.

good thing i have DVR so i can watch all my regular stuff tommorrow!

did no one watch Naruto who has complaints?!!!

i want to hear them!!!

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69 signitures.
my guest book has 69 signatures.
i realize its immature and along with my BG makes me look like a total perv.
but hey, i'll only have 69 for so long.
plus it shows how pathetic i am.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

i thought it started last week, but it was this week.
i've never seen it before.
so hard-core fans,
what was wrong with it because i know you know and i want to hear it so i can know what i'm in for.

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Friday, September 9, 2005

nother favor, [sorry, i'm needy]
please pray for me my peoples.
i really don't wanna be alone anymore.
i realize its kinda wierd for me to ask this but i always hear people go "you'll be in my prayers" in movies and stuff, so i figured who better to help me than God?

if not you're prayers, please wish me luck, wish me luck in seeing Dafina again, and luck in finding love.

and hell if those two things come together, you'll never hear me bitchin and acting depressed anymore, i'll be the happiest man on earth.

please help me, i need all the help i can get.

i really mean this, please help me!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

My otaku was on Filter on G4!!!
We're famous!!!!
expect an ass load of newbies after this!!!!
good times!!!!

do you think that's enough enthusiasm?

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Monday, September 5, 2005

For newbies only.
i know i already posted it, but i still have gotten no info, and i always have new visitors so i'll continue posting it in a loop.
so from now on when you see this title you'll know what it is.

Another favor.
i've got a friend from school who's on AIM.
But i don't know when she's on.
her name is xLuckyStar0550x.
if any of you guys see her on please tell me when and tell her that JD wants to talk to her.
please peoplezez i need your help!!

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The revolution scares me!
I watched the "Revolutionary Girl Utena" movie Saturday night.
And it confused the shit outta me!

To me it was like a lesbian version of Sailor Moon if it was written buy the guy who made "spirited away."

the lesbian scenes didn't even seem like they loved each other, it was pure fan service.

just there to make those male fan's pants tight.

i admit i was goin "of snap" and "OOOOOOOOHH!" but it just seemed so blatent.
about as deep as a kiddie pool.
but i still liked it, it had enough fun-ness for a two hour movie.

my favorite part was the guy who sounded like Straight Cougar, then the final scene is them riding around in a pointy pink car.

oh, the joy that brought me.

but seriously, someone else who watched that explain it to me because i'm confused, but i really wanna know what was goin on!!

help me my peoplezez!!

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