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Friday, January 28, 2005

   movies and exams
hi i am about to go to a movie called ocean's 12 any body see it. it sounds good and its playing tonight so i would like your thoughts on the sub.
oh and how are everybodys exams going?

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

pome @ my worst D.d.D
yo i was gone but now i am back
sorry i havent posted for a few but i forgot my password and i just rembered it so here i is and i think i will take another stab at a pome.

first you are higher then a kite.
and then you come crashing down.
at first you were all powerful then a pauper.
you felt invincable.
then you came crashing down.
your card's are maxed.
your wallets taxed.
you cant take it.
the pounding in your head.
you need it.
you want it.
you'll do anything for it.
you cant take it...


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Monday, January 24, 2005

   a pome that i never posted
tell me what i can improve upon please i know i am not that good but i try.

i am running on a wall.
i dont know if i will stay or fall
stuck between you and it all.
i dont know if i will stay or fall
i have to pass you by to get to my dream but i dont want to hurt you so i am still on the wall will i saty or will i fall.....

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

ok not much to talk about i didnt do anything worth posting about so i think i will do this ask me a Question (any thing does not matter how privet because i will P.m you with the answer so nobody has to know) come on ASK ME ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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   dave C ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video code provided by KEKAI BOY
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   lemon... y do i bother
hi i just came back from Lemnnoy snickits (if thats the way its spelled) and i was darkly funny.
its about 3 kids that lose their parents in a fire when there house burns down and there uncle trys to get them for their inhareatence (who by the way is Jim Carry) and to sum it all up he has to disquise him self to try to get them back when they go stay with other famly who get killed by Jim!!!
well i guess i spoiled it for you but i would like to say for you to see it but i would say its not for under 10 because alot o people get killed not brutaly and u dont see them kiled but its the story line that wood be a bit grim.

Q o the D
what is better:
haveing an X-box in your room with live.
or a comp with internet?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You're a Seksay Catboy!!! People want you...and
you know it! You love to tease and seduce your
admirers and bask in your seksay catboy glory.

What Kind of Catboy are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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How Insane Are You?

Created by andy and taken 40948 times on bzoink!

Your problemSchizophrenia
Will it be curedVery doubtful

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Make Yer Own Anime!

Created by KerianaWilliams and taken 647 times on bzoink!

Main Character!
Name?insane furby
Clothing?bagy pants and a tight black shirt and no i am not fat
Any magical powers?yes i heard from sockmonkey i have a super sexy personalaty and i have a bretta 9mm
Best friends?darkshade sockmonkey
Personality?cool fun some times down and sarcastic
Likes and dislikes?guns girls dod booz i like!!! nerds not geting my way
Secondary Character!
Gender?hot girl
Appearance?short nice body
Any superpowers?telaportation
Name?the evil almighty BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gender?unknown (its a shape shifter)
Age?as old as rain (the guy from imortal rain)
Birthdate?look above!!!!!!!!!1
Appearance?shape shifter
Personality?evil and he snickers alot.
Evil goal?to many to list but the main one is to pee on cats
Any superpowers?shapeshifter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where does it take place?earth
What happens first?he comes and starts peeing on my cat
What happens second?i shot him and now he is the bad guy
What happens third?me and S.m hunt him down but he keeps geting away
How does it end?he runs in to the 7/11 to load up on drinks to pee on cats withe and osama bin laden shoots him with a 45
What type of anime is it?sorry ran out of time
Is there lots of good music?
Are there all sorts of hidden meanings?
Any notes you might wanna say?
Is it in Japanese or English?
Did it start as a manga or is the manga a spinoff?
What would the rating for this anime be?
What time is it set in?
Happy ending or no?
XD Can I watch your anime!?

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

hi it's sunday big woop i was trying something last night and now i cant get ridd of the smell got any tips?
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