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Thursday, February 10, 2005

well i get another day off kinda more like not much work i have no i.d what to do so ia am planning to go to the mall on sat and i was wondering if you guys could help me what do you think i should get Hot.T stuff Alot o manga food? i dont know the mall has a spencers a H.t a book store that has a lot o manga if you say i should get manga what kind? mega tokyo D.bz legil drug priest hellsing cowboy bebop imortal rain TRIGUN?
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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

hey not much today i got the day off and i am just siting here later i am going to the doc to get this D***nail pulled out *that will hurt* so then i go to youth group and play my G-tar so i guess its a boring day i am thinking of a list of bands that i like i think i will put it on here:ramstine, korn, R.a.m, system of a down,Ac-Dc,Queens of the stone-age,
STP ,lostprophets ,L.P,pinkfloyed,radio head, PoD, \

what do you like?

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

   not fair
hellow i got my new comp BUTTTTTTTTTT i got my half life BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT i went down town and i went to the beach and you know the sea walls (the piles of rocks that keep the sea out)i was walking on then when my wallet fell out of my pocket and all my CARDS (important ones like HOTTOPIC and I.d's)came out and came to rest under the sea wall so i tried to move the rocks and sockmonkey was helping (and i am not blaming her BBUUUUUUUTTTT)her hand sliped when we were trying to lift a 20 to 35 pound rock that was weged in the pile o rocks and the rock fell and crushed my pointer finger so (it is'nt broken but the nail is black i cant bend my finger and I CANT PLAY HALF LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs non stop* it hurts to click and i am no good at 1 person without my pointer so will i ever get to play it?????!!!! my friend just beat it and he says he loves it!!!! NOT FAIR!!!! and if you are wondering how i can type and its because i am not useing that finger and i cant type that fast as it is and now its even worse + i am going to pay for new cards and it amounts to over 50 bucks!!!!! and some fish is probly in a HOTTOPIC using the 15% discount that i had!!!!. =(
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