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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Fave Songs By My Fave Bands

Created by BloodyBabyDoll13 and taken 31 times on bzoink!

Warped Tour 2004 Bands
Alkaline Trionever heard any
Autopilot Offcant rember but it was cool
Bad Religionlos angles is burning
Bowling For Soupnot a fan of them
The Casualtiesdont like them
Coheed and Cambriablood red summer
Eighteen VisionsNope.
Fall Out Boynada
Flogging Molly7 deadly sins or drunkin lualaby
The F-Upslook at your son now
Good Charlottewalk away
Hazen StreetNever heard of them
Matchbook RomanceNot recently.
Motion City Soundtracknope
My Chemical Romanceaghhhh i cant rember what the name was!!
MxPxdont like them
New Found Glorydont like
NOFXthere voices sound bad
Rise AgainstNope.
Rufionever heard of them
Senses Failsame as Rufio
Story Of The Yearanthem of our dying day
Straight Outta Junior High???
Taking Back SundayXP
The UsedXP
The VandalsXP
Yellowcardi dont like them that much
Ozzfest Bands
Type O NegativeXP
System Of A Downtoxicity
Soulflydont like
Rob Zombiei dont remember the name
Marilyn Mansonhate
(hed) P.E.bartender
P.O.D.youth of the nation
Kittiebad voice
Disturbedim sure disturbed
Queens Of The Stone Agecant remember name
Taprootnever heard of them
Papa Roachlast resort
Linkin Parkcrawling
Mudvaynedon't like
Godheadnever heard of
Drowning Poolbodies
Ill Ninonever heard of it
Kornanother brick in the wall
Cradle Of Flithvoicing baaaaaaaad...
Dimmu Borgirwha?
Shadows Fallforgot stupid name
Killswitch Engagesame as above
Lamb Of Godxp
Bleeding Throughdon't like
Lacuna Coilthere ok but i forgot the name
Everytime I Diedont like
Other Bands
Hawthorne Heightsxp
Hoobastanksame direction
Three Days Graceooops i forgot
Snow Patrolrun
The Ramonesblitzenberg bop they rock
Lostprophetsi don't know
A Perfect Circledont like
AC/DCback in black
All-American Rejectsdont like xp
Finger Elevennever tried em
Fountains Of Waynenever tried em
Red Hot Chili Peppersby the way
The Mars Voltaxp
Franz Ferdinandtake me out
Green Dayamerican idiot
Ranciddon't like em xp
Kill Hannahxp
The Killersmr sunshine
Stone Sourxp
Salivai like em but i forgot the name
Nirvanamost of them
Puddle Of Muddxp
The Rasmusnever heard of
HIMi like some
CKYnever heard
Skilletnever hered of
Smile Empty Soulsame
The Vinesride
Weird Alanything
Sex Pistolshate
Earshotnever heard of
Alien Ant Farmheard em once
Avenged Sevenfolddont like
Counting Crowsxp
Guilt By Associationdon't like
The Usedthere ok
Trashlight Visionxp
The Atariscooool
Hope You Liked my survey and Rock Like Fuck, Rock Like there's no tomorrow!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   meep bop 3
It was an ok week we made a little money and replenished our supply of booz and we were just sitting around. Sockmonkey was eating cooky dough, darkshade and I were cleaning our paint ball guns after a long tournament and then we got a digital wanted poster on screen and it said that TMBpower was selling mariner merchandise illegally on the space station gama delta so I said it’s to lo if a bounty I m not going after it.
Darkshade said hey it money I will get it so he left and sockmonky and I watched tv.
Darkshade docked at gama delta and was walking around when he saw a girl with mariner stuff and he walked over and said what you got? What do you mean? She said mariner stuff.
Oh that I got hot deals!!!
Ok I’ll take the bat. 15 credits hear you go. As soon as he took the bat he pulled a gun and said you coming with me! She ran and he fired at her (although knowing he is such a bad shot he probably would miss) he missed. (Me and my big mouth) it hit the glass window (what idiot would put a glass window in a space station!!!! the glass shattered and the vacuum started sucking everything out into space. Darkshade spotted TMB getting pulled to the gap and he ran to her got a grip on the bulk head and grabbed her. She he pulled her to safety but he was still hanging on to the bulkhead she said I’ll save you (not!!!!!!!) And she ran a way.
Darkshade pulled his backup gun and thought I can do this (he means shoot the blast door button to seal the room and re set the pressure) I can do this I can!!!! (just then a crew worker hit the button and sealed the room) darkshade fell to the ground (he was hanging from the bulkhead sideways ten feet up you know!!) And broke his leg so the criminal got away darkshade got a busted leg that wont heal for a couple of episodes and sockmonky and I saw the good the bad and the ugly three times.

Ok so she didn’t join meep bop so what it was a good episode!!!!!

I don’t know what the next meep bop story will be about so just sit tight@home!!!!!!

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   meep bop 2
Well were did I leave off?
Oh yes. We stared at each other me holding the beer and sockmonky holding the hot topic bags and just then darkshade came in over the intercom and said “insane furby! Sockmonky! Gazer was just seen in that area” so we loaded the stuff on the ship and as we got in the car I asked her “how much?” “1000 credits?” she said. “What?!!!! are you kidding?” “This is coming out of your part of the bounty.” “Awww” she said as she looked at her feet with her sockmonky socks on. I couldn’t stand it the way she looked “alright I will pay the bill” she went back to normal and kissed me and said “I love you” “I love you too”. darkshade cut in again“alright alright enough already he was last seen....” “stop!!!!!” I slammed on the breaks “what?!!!!” “he is right in that bar” “oh sorry” we got out of the car and went into the bar Glazer was sitting at the bar we went up to him I said “can I buy you a drink?” He looked at me in a mad way and said “ no I got on already I pulled out my breatta 9mm and said “then I guess I can Finish it”. I took the drink and downed it. just as I finished he hit me with a broken bottle. it cut me across the cheek my gun skidded on the floor to the other end of the room. so I dove for it but he got their first and picked it up. He pointed it at me. I closed my eyes and Just then I heard a crack and a thud so I opened my eyes and started crying It was sockmonky and she said “how come your crying?” “because that was a bottle of 2 century old Chardonnay!!!” She rolled her eyes and we dragged the body to the car and turned him over to the cops got the reward and went back to the mother ship we split it up and I and darkshade went to the internet gambling tables and got on a winning streak sockmonky went on the other comp and bought more clothes. Darkshade and I won twice as much so we bought up grades for our paint ball guns so we all got what we wanted and lived to see another criminal!

Next time on meep bop:

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   meep bop

sorry i have to post this again!?

This is a story based on a sires called “Cowboy Bebop”

We are a ship of bounty hunters my name is Insane Furby and my partners are Darkshade and SockMonkey we hunt down criminals from all over space. It was a boring day and we had gambled all that weeks bounty that we had gotten from bringing in the Rabid mongoose so it was back to work for us. I was just opening the last can of beer that I had gotten from the fridge, darkshade was surfing the net for criminal updates, and SockMonkey was playing with her feet when just then darkshade said we got one! who? Gazer escaped from the mining colony on telaris 3 his bounty is 10,000,000 credits. were was he last seen? I asked. Valron in the sekes system. SockMonkey you game? Sure lets go get his butt! we ran to the small ship inside the mother ship and flew to the sekes system and on the way SockMonkey asked me if we could stop at the hot topic on the surface and darkshade cut in from the mother ship and said our accounts are empty! She said there is something small and plastic that is called a credit card!
No! darkshade said. *SockMonkey gives up and starts playing with her toes* we landed on the surface in a city and right in front of us is a bar and a hot topic lets go have a drink I said and she said I thought we didn’t have money! No! that’s different! No its not! im going to the HT *she stomps into the HT and walks out with some black pants and shloves* *insane furby comes out of bar with two six packs of booz* *they glare at each other* WILL OUR HEROS GO BANKRUPT? WILL DARKSHADE BLOW HIS TOP? WILL THEY FIND GAZER? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF: MEEP BOP!
NO SockMonkeys were hurt in the writing of this chapter

Next chapter coming tomorrow!

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

i guess i will open with #2 of the meep bop chapters

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

so ok i guess i should put some Quizes on so hear they are!

50 Calaber Nemesis
What Gun Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Michael Corleone
You are Michael Corleone...at the beginning you are
a nice college boy who everyone has high hopes
for. Until the Solozzo's men tried to kill your
father..then you went for revenge, and got into
the family business so deeply that you can
never escape. Every time that you think you've
gotten away, they pull you back in. But no
worries, you've got the brains and the
confidence to pull it off...even though it
means losing everyone that is closest to you.

What Character from the Godfather are you?
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Which MegaTokyo Character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

hellow peoples i is back!!!!
every body come back and be my friend again please!
ok i will go to you!!

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