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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   lemon... y do i bother
hi i just came back from Lemnnoy snickits (if thats the way its spelled) and i was darkly funny.
its about 3 kids that lose their parents in a fire when there house burns down and there uncle trys to get them for their inhareatence (who by the way is Jim Carry) and to sum it all up he has to disquise him self to try to get them back when they go stay with other famly who get killed by Jim!!!
well i guess i spoiled it for you but i would like to say for you to see it but i would say its not for under 10 because alot o people get killed not brutaly and u dont see them kiled but its the story line that wood be a bit grim.

Q o the D
what is better:
haveing an X-box in your room with live.
or a comp with internet?

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