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Hello this is Sam a.k.a. Inashy which i have adopted as my pen name. I'm 15 and love not only drawing but other types of art like music, writing, and sculpting(i never done sculpting b4). Lets see I ABSOLUTLY LOVE GIRAFFES. They're my fav animal. Umm i'm currently single not that anyone cares. Umm You'llprobably think i'm one of the nicest people you ever meet but i can be quite a bitch when i want to be. Well pm me if i left out something that you wanted to know. But until then bye bye.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Being Sick Sucks
Well I've been sick since last monday and I think i'm almost over being sick but i'm not certain so oh well. Anyway I've taken to drawing senery lately so as soon as i can i'll put up some old senery drawings cuz my new ones aren't close to being done anytime soon. I think i like senery more than just regular anime and manga. It turns out how i want it to unlike my anime drawings. So i might stick with this senery stuff for a while. It might be another month b4 i can get some art up cuz my step-dad just upgraded my computer and i can't get to my shared art on our family network(or at least i don't know if i can). So unless I find out that i can get to my art then don't be expecting any new pics for a while(which is normal so nothin new). Oh for those that have been following my love life i broke up with my boyfriend cuz i couldn't stand having a long distance relationship. I mean i could never see him that much so the chemistry kinda faded away. I also like my friend Kodi (whom was my third grade crush many years ago) and he has a girlfriend but they haven't been doing to go lately(lots of breaking up and getting back together). OK so i believe thats everything. If i didn't cover something you wanted to know then PM me or leave a comment i will get back to cuz i've been getting on theO everyday since last week but i just now updated my journal. Well ttfn.

Love Always,
a.k.a Sammi-Chan
aka Sam
aka weird girly tom-boy country girl
aka many other names

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well i hope you all are having a wonderful valentines day. Mine has been ok but i really wish someone would have sent me roses or balloons or a stuffed animal. But they didn't so that's ok. Anyway i hate valentines
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

  So yeah idk how long its been since i've posted i only know its been a long time. umm i haven't had the time to draw but i did start to draw inashy(one of my inuyasha twins) at first i liked the way i was drawing her but now idk. anyway i have a boyfriend if i didn't put that in my last post. Oh yeah Avery-chan(many of you remember as Rizz(pen name) or Intermission) and I are going to the Kumoricon again this year. I'm going as Misa from DeathNote and she still hasn't decided who she's going as yet. So yeah tha'll be lots of fun. umm i'm trying to draw more but i can't find the time with all the school work i have.

Question Time:
1. How is everyone?
2. Anything new?
3. Is anyone else going to Kumoricon?
4. Should i have a contest and who would enter it?
5. Who's actually looking forward to Valentines Day?

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Hi its late
i'm so hyper right now i thought i'd post something. umm i started to work on drawing my inuyasha twins but didn't get to far with that. umm nothing else is new. except for having a boyfriend now.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

   Hi every one
So i'm no longer single anymore. kodi's best friend David asked my out tonight. and of course i said yes.

Ok so my christmas should be up now sry it was a little late i just finished coloring it cuz i was lazy over the break. hope every one enjoys it.

Lots of love to everyone

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