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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

  So yeah idk how long its been since i've posted i only know its been a long time. umm i haven't had the time to draw but i did start to draw inashy(one of my inuyasha twins) at first i liked the way i was drawing her but now idk. anyway i have a boyfriend if i didn't put that in my last post. Oh yeah Avery-chan(many of you remember as Rizz(pen name) or Intermission) and I are going to the Kumoricon again this year. I'm going as Misa from DeathNote and she still hasn't decided who she's going as yet. So yeah tha'll be lots of fun. umm i'm trying to draw more but i can't find the time with all the school work i have.

Question Time:
1. How is everyone?
2. Anything new?
3. Is anyone else going to Kumoricon?
4. Should i have a contest and who would enter it?
5. Who's actually looking forward to Valentines Day?

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