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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

   Being Sick Sucks
Well I've been sick since last monday and I think i'm almost over being sick but i'm not certain so oh well. Anyway I've taken to drawing senery lately so as soon as i can i'll put up some old senery drawings cuz my new ones aren't close to being done anytime soon. I think i like senery more than just regular anime and manga. It turns out how i want it to unlike my anime drawings. So i might stick with this senery stuff for a while. It might be another month b4 i can get some art up cuz my step-dad just upgraded my computer and i can't get to my shared art on our family network(or at least i don't know if i can). So unless I find out that i can get to my art then don't be expecting any new pics for a while(which is normal so nothin new). Oh for those that have been following my love life i broke up with my boyfriend cuz i couldn't stand having a long distance relationship. I mean i could never see him that much so the chemistry kinda faded away. I also like my friend Kodi (whom was my third grade crush many years ago) and he has a girlfriend but they haven't been doing to go lately(lots of breaking up and getting back together). OK so i believe thats everything. If i didn't cover something you wanted to know then PM me or leave a comment i will get back to cuz i've been getting on theO everyday since last week but i just now updated my journal. Well ttfn.

Love Always,
a.k.a Sammi-Chan
aka Sam
aka weird girly tom-boy country girl
aka many other names

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