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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


haha wow today was valentines day...haha
like wth is it anyway???

stupid ppl at school.
Esp. my only remaining friend in Chinese who now wants to move to year 11!!
Damn I need to study my sisters year 10 and 11 books so I cant try get into year 11 too ... T__T
year 10 is too boring..though they usually only accept internationalz from China to move up grades =__=

hehe jap today...accidently came in late because i had to wake my mum up to drive me there...but had to go to kumon first...boring asssembly...

man we didn't get to talk to any Japanese people yet have we ??????? x..X

hehe watching an Antique cafe interview...^^
i <3 Sasuke
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chinese New Year celebration ended..

yesterday played badminton!! Drove my friend there too so was like late..not time to practise before playing so we lost preety badly.. 15-3..hehehe then when we played singles then i lost 15-0. Then my and Ying were practising badminton then the stupid bitchy coach of our team kicked us off and started playing with anther student from Immanuel (our oppnenent).. she is soo bitchy..well it think so anyway ^__^. After that we went to China town to watch Lion Dances and dragon dances!! The AACC church opened up a stall and were selling Ice Kachang!! I bought one though it kinda melted by the time I tried eating it so I gave it to my dad haha..XD. So angry my brother managed to get a red packet from some guy handing them out but I didn't ...he got money...meh..\o/ The lion dances was so loud!!I'm like half deafer now.. though might of been the fact i was standing next ti the drummers and the cymblas guy..man..head ache..was cool though!! hehe they were trying to eat some cabbage by standing on the of each other..(the lion dance pplz.)Hehe was cool though ^^. today the last day of Chinese New year celebrations...back to school and yeah..though we already had 2 weeks of school.. =__= no more red packets..well i got like 3 yesterday..so extra $20...yay =^__^= thanks to my grandma's friends and my dad's friends... Ahh man school 2moro...must die now...
i <3 Sasuke
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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Japanese schol..

ehehe finally went to Jap. School year 10..
At first we had introductions I interviewed hide, mana, gackt and miyavi and Thanh!! HAHAHA...and yes they are all aged 15..

And man is it hard..well anything more than playing stupid games and talking is hard...
We had to translate two pages of randome introuductions from Going on a Skiing trip and wearing pink pants, to taking a photo with the principal of their primary school and some last words "I love Sushi". Meh I didn't even know like even 1/4 of it.......
Luckily Thanh and that random Jap. guy was there..

Can't beleive they separated the class ... Only like 9 people in our year 10 class. Now we have to buy different textbooks and I already bought mien T___T

That Teacher is kinda mean...she tell us off like 9 year 10 people for talking whenshe's taching the year 11's , but then when she finally teaches us for like 5 minutes she doesn't care if they scream their freakin heads off.

hehehe at the break it was funny. Trying to find some guy with glasses whose a native Jap. But then we some how saw two other Azn guyz...one was Jap and the otehr half viet/Chinese or something , but they can speak cantonese...

Soon the Jap. guy whose like player went off to some non-asian group of girls...
lol XD...he's so racist towards otehr azns...

well i have double music 2moro...kinda weird I didn't recongnise this girl from my music class in the Jap class too...well she only came this week so yeah.........

g2g...sayounara..!! We have jap. Homework!!omg..

Sushi daisuke <3
i <3 Sasuke
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Sunday, February 5, 2006

   school is no laughing matter but it is funnyyyy..

meh school 2moro.
So sad , oh well at least I get to bludge music.
hehe I bludged Sose buisness class last frieday...went to see the counseller about switching Sose class lol...then he handed me a note about meeting 2mroro during music.

My teacher for sose is so mean...but sose is compulsory so i might still get her next semester.....hope she doesn't remember who I am though....I have Sose 2moro morning...sucky...i think i have to write a fake note explaining it or i'll probably get a detention =__X

suckky schoool is so boring...chinese is so boring with A stupid dumb non-chinese teacher. I'm not being racist or anything... our year 8/9 Jap teacher wasn't Jap. But she at least knew how to teach Jap. But this ESL teacher pretending to be a Chinese teacher is just SSAAAAADDDD. ;_; he is so dumb, most of our class is background speakers we only have 3 non-Chinese people in our class...but they may too may even know more Chinese then this dumbass.
i <3 Sasuke
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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


ahh it started again..
holidays over so quick.
bak to hw....
I have english which sucks i wanna do esl..myabe too late to change classes this year...most of my friends are...
I don't know anyone in that class or my S and E class....Suckky evberyone has S.e next semestser...sad..
Then one of my friends in music said they wen't doing music anymore, So I'm going to be doing it by Myself...how mean..
i <3 Sasuke
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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Sad to be back in Adelaide.Tasmania was fun...let's see..my long and boring report. Took a lot of picture might post some.

22nd Of January
went to the airport. Passed through the metal detetor thingy my brother bought his lil metal toy gun and it was consficated and he cried. arived in Hobart and checked in to Graham court aprartments. Small cube place. Left dog home-alone T__T Asked one of my friends to help feed him. In the air it was cloudy looked cool. Family ate vietnamese food. The sushi shop was closed by the time we got there/

23rd Of January

Lot's of road kill on the roads of Hobart . I think there was a tasmanian devil once... X.x so sad. Stupid asswhole drivers who killed them. Went to Port Arthur and checked into another nicer apartment but the tv didn't work. Went to see a prison, had a really nice church with no roof. There was some historic ghost tour but that was at night but we left really early.

24th Of January

Went back to the prison for a boat cruise to the Isle of the dead. i wanted to go on XD. But you have to get another ticket for that. Crappy. .Went to Lester Cottage in Swansea to stay for the night..

25th Of January

Bought some postcards in Sorell and ate fish and chips there...that seems to be all that's there. My mum bought like cherries.
Bought Sushi from Mikaku which is a Japanese sushi buffet shop, there was a Chinese waiter there, she talked some mandarin with my mum ....it was ok except for the hair.

26th Of January/
Australia day..

Went to an air walk thing, where there is like stairs thingys in a forest. There was supposed to be the biggest tree in Australia there, but didn't see it. Most of the trees wern't burnt from a fire. Huge blow flies there. So disgusting when you hit them and they die on you.
After we went to Zoo doo..(lame name) and went on a car thingy to feed animals. Was too scared to feed the ostriches and the emus they had such pointy beaks. Then went to feed the minuature ponies so cute .. =^__^= Then kinda fed a water buffolo and my brother had to kiss a hungry camel. After that we went on a boat cruise thingy and ate dinner on the boat.

27th Of January

Last day in Tasmania, so sad... Sent a postcard to my friend in Japan..had to walk long distance to find one. Went to the Island markets and bought some clothes and also bought a dog toy for my poor poor dog. Then we finally went to the city, we passed by a Japanese shop called "Tea House" wanted to go in T__T.but didn't get too.
In city went to a morning glory there, I was like wow and bought a retractable ruler...
Then walked along a side street and saw a poster of Ai-Con! The first Anime convention in Tas...I didn't even know it existed...too bad it's i n Feb.It had manga classes ...went instide the anime shop and saw the second edition of Oztaku and bought it for $10, its normally like $16.50 but it was ripped...and the last one T__T.. still good I might submit something to them.

At the air port bought souevernirs for friends and self. So sad to leave went back to Adelaide.

Had a Chinese New Years Eve's eve dinner @ Grandma's house...By the way dog was alive ^__^!! My friend chucked some food over the gate..


wrote this. School soon...nooo
i <3 Sasuke
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Saturday, January 21, 2006

   llalalala going to Hobart 2moro....||Bye

magazine scan

I borrowed the magazine off the library...can't be stuffed buying it. Waste of money..
There's my fan art which I circled . ^__^
Lol I like spammed them to ask if they could send it back, then they did. But added a long note about the number of crap they get sent in all the time and send a copy of it next time. Yeah I'll remeber that..I'm not sending originals ever again...well not to k-zone anyway.

And Oh my name is not Tina Park and I don't live in New South Wales in Carlingford.
How gay.. They put her name under my art thing...and not mine...................

I'm going to Hobart tomorrow! I won't be back for like 5 days..that sucks. Sorry I won't be able to go to your sites until next friday! I can't practise endless rain on Piano T___T....suckyyyyy....i'm bringing sketch book with me......

bye until then.
i <3 Sasuke
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Memoirs of a geisha ...

lol I finally got to see it.
It just came today aswell. Adelaide sucks its so slow with the movies coming out..
I would give it like 4 and a half stars.
HAHA.. crappy stuff was like to someone who jadn't read the book it wouldn't make any sense. But for those who have read it, it makes sense but they feel sad about the stuff cut out.


well yeah Sayuri was a good actor. Hatusmomo is funny lol. It sounded gay rather than menacing with the Stay out of me room! you will make it smell like Fish!!


On wednessday. Yesterday went to China town. I was sitting in the car then I got out and got my bag. Then my badge fell off my bag and into the gutter..............It was a night mare before X'mas one too..I felt really sad.
But whatever ..

going to Tasmania in a few days , everyone is packing...Why should I ?...lol....i'll just do it........later....

i <3 Sasuke
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Friday, January 13, 2006

   fire fire..what a boring day.

meh had to wake up at like nine in the morning..ahh so tired.

Yesterday I played I-sketch for like 6 hours straight with my friend Kit and Clarice on MSN..we were like cheating ahahah . I love isketch..! Then my sister came home and I got off and she gave me a Nightmare B4 Christmas wallet! its so cool ^__^..now i gotta get her something...=_= *broke* haha..

Today I, brother and sister went to the city to go look after the bookshop for the day. Ate a onion roll thing .
So boring.hehe except for the part with the smoke going everywhere from a nearby restaurant.so i and bro went to check it out. It was heaps cool..started off small then went bigger...and then more people came. hhaa and people were like still eating below...(2 storey building..upstairs was the owners house)
Then it like got really big..and lots of black smoke so high, my friend in the hills was watching too)..then like after all the smoke was kinda just there the stupid firemen with 8 fire trucks and the police and a few ambulances and this crane thing started coming to see over the top and to try find the reason of the fire...then they blocked some of the roads and putting the red white streamers up..

And the stupid reporters running up and down interverviewing people who weren't even there at the beggining. Lol it was funny. i wonder if we will be on tv lol...damn missed the news 2nite. T__T..when all of it was over people still looked at it...haha. .. poor people..I hope they had insurance. I'm preety sure no one was hurt. then after bought some bubble tea and black lipstick (?..). what a interesting boring day.

And went home and there was a package from K-zone magazine and it was a D.B.Z dvd, because it was a prize for my fanart they published!

It was the Naruto VS Sasuke one ...damn I sent the original..I asked them to send it back but they didn't T__T. Sucky DBZ sucks..oh well ^__^ I can always sell it 2 my brother...but nah. Oh and I bought fruits baskets vclume 7..a while ago.
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, January 6, 2006

   ^__^ so long.

happy new year. 2006.
I saw harry potter on Tuesday. It was ok. I hate Cho chang...stupid katie leung with the stupid FAKE AND gay ACCENT ! and ugly pug face.

Hope you all had a good whatever.
^__^ Our sound on the computer stuffed up and I can't watch anime and doramas for awhile..how sucky..

I've been writing a resume!! super crappy one anyway, i dont know how to write one. I wish to work in sushitrain!! or somewhere japanesey!! I aked my Japanese teacher as a referee ! And put my sister as my other one..or i just might work in the church book store...if i fail..nah i'll just work there with or without a job ^^

Hobart soon! I havn't been on a plane for ages!! YAY! But crap jetstar have no food, well u have 2 buy it so suck! i love plane food. =^-^=

Today I went to Chapel Gesture with sister to look at all the emily the strane stuff...so expensive.. meh..then we went to Hair force and
i got another two holes in my ears. Yay no my ugly left ear looks like this.

left ear

My ugly right ear looks like this:

right ear

Hmm I found a shop selling Jrock/Jpop cd's!! Woo hoo they are currently out of stock...can't wait till they restock ^____^ I still got moonchild to watch...tho sound doesn't work. :_:


i <3 Sasuke
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