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Friday, April 21, 2006


wellli found a work exp. hehe went to get jap. text book @ Dymocks booksellers~ when i went to buy the expensive rippoffy book i also asked the lady if they took work exp students. .she was like go see Judy. So went to search for Judy asked random ppl before i found judy ...then she was like there might not be many spaces left! but unfortunetly for them there was so .... im going tere for work exp!! yay...but i wonder if they know i'm, coming? since they did not take down my name or anything but wateva i'll go there neway...at least i found a place.. went searching for cosplay stuff yesterday!1jeezz everything is so expensive +__+ and i dont have much money T__T the shops here dont have the materials im looking for x__X went looking in the city for materials all had none. But saw some hairdye and am pondering if i should buy it now or later?? will it even work on black hair >..< ??
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Thursday, April 6, 2006


i havnt been here in ages, since it never seemed to work. ><

well im off to an work experience interview~
wish me luck T-T
I'm such a slob.
well if I fail (i know i will)
i'll just get the school to assign me a place, if there is one...or I will just fail work ed class!!
whichever is easier~~ ^^

they said i was too young..
dammit i didnt even get to do an interview~
wow i didnt know they served like alocohol there T__T

I have to keep on trying...>.>
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

well well well

won badminton on Saturday!~ well had to play against total noobs tho~ After the B tean game, we got to play the C team game too~~ well i played one game against this Mandarin Azn guy who was so funni~
He and his friend were like arguing in mando about why the other guy was ta..
Then one of the guys fone went off and he was playiong while on the fone~~ Then after awhile the other guy yelled at him to hang up and then he put it on the floor.

After they were playing and one guy stepped on the others guys fone by accident.

ROFL! HAHHAHA then they like ran off the court to fight~~

hehe they acted so gay~~
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


well chinese test 2moro.
I have to study, can't fail >< can't lose to the crapass teacher!!
kinda practising speaking with an accent, wow I sound so fobby trying 2 speak mandarin like the natives ppl!!

listen to some fobbiness?



i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

stupid racist people!!

Some people are extremely racist!!
Esp. to Asian people!

Like my art teacher was like...

Do you understand me?
Do you understand ENGLISH?
Do you need Help with understanding this piece of paper?
How long have you been in Australia for?

I was like yes,yes, no, 15 years (how long i've been alive), then i said i was born here.
But they didn't seem to hear me and then they asked:

do you like Australia?!
Do you like the classes??!!

its like shut up alrady!! =__=

most of my friends and ex Chinese class- chinese friend asked me this:
Are you from Japan?? Are you Japanese??
Are you korean??
Eyong hisayou ________ ??? (im like wth)
Are you Malalysian??
Ni hao blah blah.

Then the other day I handed in this Science poster in depression and suicide (my fave topic) with like pictures of hide on it. I wrote my name in katakana , because i was slightly weird and i wrote the romaji thing for it. So it was like joi instead of joy.
So the teacher writes joi on the report thing for it!! Im like but my name is not that it what it says on the class list.
Then she ignores me and tells the class about the poster she was trying to read hideto matsumoto.
And she explains why I put this Japanese rock singer on it, because I'AM JAPANESE.
I said no i'm not..

then she ignores me!!

next day//edit edit//
i got my science test back. She handed them all out and had a few left, and she said "Everyone who hasn't got their test back has FAILED..jkjk they have passed!! Wow I totally bludged the whole test but still got 91%. Though the teacher gave us like 7 free marks ^^

Todai the gay Chinese teacher said we are having a chinese test on like 20 pages text book from last year. He said all the Chinese people plus + One korean person has to do like from page 70-88. And the one non-asian guy has to do 4 pages adn can write in PINYIN, while we write the Chinese characters!!
How racist!! To both peoples!! And the korean guy only came last year. While the non-asian was here for 3 years!!

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, March 13, 2006


okay this will be realli short, i wrote a post some days ago i pressed add post and then it said myotaku could not be found. so then I died T__T for like the third time like this week and last week.

well today went to table tennis thing with my mum since NO SCHOOL <, Don't know why though.. But lots of hw. >.<

Got crapped on again by a bird when hanging out the washing with my mum. It was the same colour as the other crap that landed on me in P.e ....

someone hates me!!

Ehhh it probably is my ex-friend in my Chinese class...she cursed me !!!
And didn't go to Chinatown because .....

AND MEH .....!
Coloured in some colouring thing for under 12 year olds and put my brothers name!! LOOOOOOOL i wonder if i will win??????!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have bleach. So now I will attempt to kill myself with it. MAybe. SO that......i'll tell u later.
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, March 6, 2006

   um yeah.

eh was supposed to go to badminton 2day.
But some reason still here....@ the computer omg.
sorta had a fight with my badminton friend hahaha.
She was really annoying
=__= Will definetly go next monday!! i said that last monday..but no excuse next week..must go..or risk death.We have a BYE this week which sUCKS..

must make this short, school photos 2moro. i'll probably wake up late again and 4 get.. XD..must remmber to bring that form.

Bludged Chinese today since there was a substitute. Went to look for a chinese dictionary...because i need one x.x then instead borrowed a book of Chinese Proverbs..random?? yeah..ahha....

Anyway I did lose both badminton games on Saturday. It was preety close..AND it was closer than WHAT THANH WOULD OF GOT ANYWAY. And they cheated..well for the doubles anyway ^^. Just too hot and tired and lazy didn't go to traing all week =__=. And Mp3 wouldn't work, so couln't listen while playing. Hehe though ran to school listening to Dir-en-Grey -the Final ..which I love to death...

Have too much homework...man maths and science test his friday i think...We have a trip to Chinatown planned for boring Chinese class on Friday. I hate school but I also hate my Chinese class! mostly and esp. The teacher. If i miss out on all those tests i will have a really bad weekend of studying =____= ......duno wat to do..

i'll just go listen to more jrock o(^_^)
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, February 24, 2006

meh meh..

well this weill be short..i tried commenting on ppl'z blog but it came up with that that page doesn't exsist...g2 try again later!!

have badminton 2moro at 8:00 man ...if its gonna rain i can't run to school XD

so tired.....and i havn't done anything either..can't be bothered with homework..anymore..

too hard..
hehe thinking about dropping music to do more art and design1! hHAHAHAAA.....the theory and history work is so boring..i Just like prac...so i might just play the piano and not do music @ school.................

Still havn't asked about foing to year 11 Chinese...i have to study my sister's wok book first hhehee and wait until our class goes to China town...^^
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

lalalallalalala--- i think i hear the chickens..

played badminton yesterday..at like 8:30 AM man so early I have to wake up so early everydayyyy and i sleep so late too..hahhhhhhhAaa.*dies*.

i was like number 6. Only 6 ppl were there at the time..so yeah.. = __ = .
so the played like the sixth worst player on their team (Norward Morialta team) and for the doubles and singles.
And they sucked more than me...well they were like beginners so somehow I won...
yay...kinda felt really guilty beating some little year 8 beginner. noob..but that only crossed my mind after..hahahahahaaaaaaaaa how they get in the B team I dunno, prob. same way I did..hahaha by chance...

Then after went to the anime shop and bought X Japan's Fan Selection with some Chinese New Year Money. Man like almost $40...T__T And now I have like none. Except for money for the Jap. School fee. The rest is saved up for the guitar...

I went to see the cousins dog and told him he was a bad dog. And told him off for killing the chickens. I didn't feel that much better though.
Ohwell ..pfft.

Went to a vietnames restaurant today!!
EHEHE To thahn GOI CHAY (vegetable salad..?)

School tomorrow damnnnnn..
Can't wake up...
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

R.I.P Chickens

Hmm both my pet chickens died today..well they were both killed T__T
By my stupid assholes cousins dumbass evil dog. X..x
I also hate my dad for bringing him to our house. :
And not supervising them..letting the stupid dog knock over their cage so that he could start attacking. And their feathers are all over our backyard...they must of struggled a lot...
My dad buried them in the back of the backyard where my dog can't get in.

AHh memoirs of the times with the chickens.
They didn't seem that important when I first met them. Well they were in this flower pot thing..but I didn't know they were actaully in there until one escaped and flew around and I was so shocked I climbed onto the table with my sister..lmao...

I thought we were just keeping them for a few days..but we ended up having them for more than that..like half a year together. For some reason they kind of felt like family..They were so cute =^__^= and funny.

I will miss them so much..even though it's so weird...how you don't realise how important something was until you lose them...

My dog was one of the chickens best friends...Even when they somehow usually escape from their cages all my dog does is sniff their ass and look at them...in a curious way not a I WANT TO KILL YOU way...=]
I hope my dog doesn't get lonely again..I hope we can get more pets =[ ...I will never let that stupid dog near our other pets again...

I hope they both somehow flew to heaven.....***
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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