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Monday, August 1, 2005

   i want to be a vampire...

my evil mum and my stupid sister get can't their stupid ugly hands off my stuff. Don't you think it so annoying when people go through your stuff without permission? While i was online, doing stuff. SHe went through my entire room, (unfortunetly i have to share with my bitchy sister) and chucked like 2/3 of everything in the bin, so when the japanese student came it would look nice and phuckn neat. then she showved my wardrobe into the wall and moved my desk into my fat brothers room. (so unfair he gets his OWN ROOM.) Then she also today took my precious badminton racquet and gave it to the Japanese student (Ikumi, she's really nice, too bad my bitchy sister is her host guide). She just goes into my wardrobe (where i HID IT FROM THEM) and took it. ANd assumed i wouldn't go to badminton , w hich I WAS GOING To , but they didnt ask me. They suck marjorly, lots of homework. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

well i think i'l go be a vampire now.. ja ne

{edit edit} WOW ! I've been here a year already!! holy crzp i think i need to do something different..how do u become a senior?

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

T__T Yurika-chan is leaving for Japan tomorrow (28/07/2005)--> 6:00 AM.

Good bye (Sayounara baka)~ have fun in Japan, and i hope you come back to visit soon.^___^ And also that you get into the private school. I won't be able to visit you until 2007, when I go to Japan for the exchange trip..
Don't forget to write and call everyday. Or i will send Sasuke to kill you. ^^".

bye yurika Ito aka...chinn chinn


From Your best worst friend.

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   Happy Birthday Sasuke/and grandpa~

lol I didn't have time to post yesterday. My grandpa is 85, and Sasuke is 15. Oo and also (edit edit) Played the Naruto game on gamecube! I used like Sasuke the whole time (he's so cool). There were no special characters yet, since he didn't put the memory card in so it was the ones u start off with ^^. I practised with Sasuke so now I can use sharigan and teleport, and do his special lion combo!!!! And his chidori ^___^


changed guild logo for him
school tomorrow, how gay.

i like the song tomorrow by Sr-71.

see u 2moro

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Anime Videogames Convention SUCKED.

I can't beleive I looked forward to it for almost a YEAR, since last years convention I missed.
DAMN >> then I ACTUALLY go there and it SUCKS.

my sister helped make it suck, but doing heaps of whingeing and complaining. Saying what a waste of money going there and how she could of done that and this. etc.. and when we were in an screening room she was like "WHAT ? I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

I'm like shudup other people are trying to watch. She's the one always whispering and I can't hear her most of the time.

I thought it would be full of asians and people overly obsessed liek me, but I was wrong. Meh. I didn't see anyone I knew there, they were all Uni students. All weird and meanlooking.
like RAWR. haha.

But i kinda got bored... meh..

I watched the cos play today, the only ones I liked were the Gaara (so coooool) and the girl who cosplayed Mana! (the only jrocker cosplayer there).

I decided not to cosplay, cos i didnt have time lol..^^

I didn't buy much either, stuff were still really expensive -__-" manga was $15. i had left most of my money @ home, i only had $15. I bought a show bag thing with my sister, (half of the price each, tho i only paid $5 so far..ahhaa).
And i also got a shikamaru toy (EXPENSIVE).

it was all crap tho..

meh then i lost 2 dollars, coz me baka dropped it somewhere crossing the road.

enuf, hair streaked!!

uglier hair

my sisters friend ditched us (she didnt come)! We went to some salon (HAIR force!) to get it done, ahhhh mine was like $10. My sister got red. ($6.60)

mine was WHite, tho it looks blond..

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   Finally I have overcome a fear...

eek when did peircing ears become a fear? well yesterday night as I was going, AHHH will my ear fall off? Will I go death? Will I faint?
And etc..

well it was over and done with. meh.

I got two in one ear. I might get three, but it kinda hurts now.

it kinda ugly..

Pic of ugly ear:

me ugly

pic of messy hair to be died partly blonde, then other colour 2moro.

Ugly hair

Why? i'm going to the avcon (anime video games convention), first as EGL, (Elegant gothic lolita cosplayer) then the bext day as Sasuke yah ^__^

after ear peircing, met with (with sista) Yurika-Chan to get sticker photos. ^__^ she's leaving on the 28th.
Hair streaked done by sisters friend 2moro.

Tell me about the anime conventio u have been to??

plz vote 4 my art
If you havn't already ^__^
ciao..sorri if i didnt get to ur site.

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

   Third Place lala.

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, July 4, 2005

   Gackts Birthday!!!


ultra fast ms paint stuf

i wonder wat is his real b'day year...

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   happy birthday grand ma lala/ GO ON STRIKE MORE

MAtte Attane
i edited the last post a bit too late, it was my Grandma's birthday on WEdnessday the 29th!!
YAY!! ^__^

we went to cousins house celebrate the greatness.


have u heard the Seal-Kiss from a rose song before?

click here to listen or download it

its awesome, I have the piano music to it, tho its 6 pages long. I wonder if my mum will let me learn two instruments? I mite have to quit piano tho i would still practise each day haha...guitar is too cool to pass up.

4 da next music performance me do a another naruto song haha. Unless u have better suggestion. For the last solo i do, it will be a rock/pop song. ^__^

good news!! Teachers going on strike YAYAYYAYA On Tuesday and no school till 12:15 -__-.. why do we have to go for half day? waa. I miss out on the double lesson of Metal artwork tho.

bad news: A super new byotch @ my school is taking my friends away from me. Well thats what it seems, I hate her...she hates me. SHe is so ANNOYING...

Intersting... well I finished my shuriken at school in metal artwork

webcam shots:

it Kills you..muhuahua

ultra sharpness...?

Please die faster..


today we went shopping (buying nothing) and passed chocolate machine skill tester thing! and it had unlimited credits. (I'm not kiddin x.X) I and siblings played till we had like 26 chocolates. im like WTF?? i thought i would stop, anyway i looked at one and they had already passed their best before dates. so meh, im not eating any.


What are you looking at freak?

one of nothing

ciao, japanese school part 2moro...

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

ness ness listen to real music....freak

Can u hear it?? hehe its "Alone" From Naruto, the next Naruto song I palyed at my Solo Performance.

I think next year I will start learning the guitar as well as the piano!!

what next song should i Learn on Piano????? From these:

-I beleive-From My Sassy Girl
-Endless Rain-X Japan *Dont have mp3*
-My Immortal-Evanescence
-My December *dont have mp3*
-Perfect-Simple PLan

yep sorry if i spelled them wrong, i cant spell. ^__^

Japanese exam on MOnday!! I got to study waaa.

My sister fixed the webcam!!

haha randome shots i'll put up 2 moro, Don't look if you don't want to end up blind


it was my grandmas birthday on wednessday, the 29 th the same day my friend went back to queensland.

where is pink_cherry gone?
I don't know >__<
Her rabu_rock site is gone too..strange!
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   mUwhuahuahua-I didn't go

I didnt go -I stuffed her f***** present in the letter box and ran off. Well not run..but walk. ^^"
Haha I told my mum I was going this morning so I looked for my fone, but I didn't bring it...
Mehh my ultra dumb assness. -___-"

SO i went to the library where Yurika (going back to Japan in July) and helped her with her homework. ^___^

haha ok more like annoy the hel out of her with the ooo look at this and --> LOOK O.o

I dunno why but she was being so bitchy!! well she was purpoely ignoring, its fine when its by people I kind OF HATE. But If she's kinda considered a "a friend" it's kind of annoying.

Invisiblilty is great. Maybe everyone will think I did go, but just didn't see me. I hope so, or the few friends I have left will hate me...Well it doesn't really matter. I will live?

I got my friend Yurika in trouble T__T I hope her mum doesn't ground her for coming 2 my house to watch Gokusen -___-" i suck..
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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