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Saturday, December 24, 2005

   true meaning of Christmas!

Heyas! Long time no blog so much to write about, i'll do it later.
(procastinating as usual) It's X'mas eve here and in Adelaiade tehres only around 3 Minutes left to Chirstmas!! (tight now where i'm writing this)...LALALA! I'm posting this on the 24th..and even though its like x'mas it will still say i posted on the 24th..but its kinda the 25th here!!

Went to church for carols singing! So fun! My sisters play was funny. SHe was a SHEEP! HAHHA BAH RAH ME!! Lol. In my play 2moro @ my church I'M A SHEPARD!!! YAY! Me and my friend francessca did the animals! WE didn't have a lot of time though...so they turned out quite small and some lil kid, Lydia I think started pulling the wool off the SHEEPIES!!

well I wonder what non-christians celebrate about...Santa Clause? Present giving??Candy cane couted chocolate trees with lights?? Well the True meaning Christmas is JESUS BEING BORN You might already heard it...but I just wonder what others celebrate if they aren't christian??????

by the time i finished this its almost x'mas..like one more minute.
SO merry Christmas and have a happy new year!! I'll try comment on u all 2moro! Sayounara tomdatchi!!
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Sunday, December 4, 2005


AHah my family went to camp this weekend. I decide to not go since I promised myself I owuldn't go last year ^^. decided to stay home~
Then my grandma came and I had to go to her house. Said I can't stay here by self. i have dog and chickens though..I didn't even know it was us with the stupid rooster which crows each morning at 6!!.I thought it was the nighbours...

It would of been so fun eating instant ramen noodles all weekend!! HAHAHa T__T.....

grandmas place was okay. My aunty was taking me grandma to some viet restaurant in some far away place...

I got car sick..so when we finally got there didn't eat anything..too hard.. ^__^ felt like throwing up..

I'm kinda half a vegetarian....well for the last 5 years I sometimes ate fish T__T I'm so sorry fish!! I think i'll stop eating fish now...so I can be fully vegetarain..fish are friends not food!

I finished watching Full house (Korean drama, not thte stupid one with the ugly twins) ...Hhaha finally a happy ending to a korean drama series ^^..

Eh reading "GeishA" By Lisa dalby...not as interestins as memoirs of a geisha but still interesting...I want to becaome a geisha! For one day... ^__^ Sounds so fun..white makeup and kimono~~ ^^

On wednessday we had our solo performances. I played Greif and Sorrow from Naruto on Piano. And jade accompanied on violin. My violin string broke damnit.. have to get it fixed. Haha i suck at putting it back on...I always screw it on too tightly >..>

Well got around visiting to some sites..in badminton I won two out of two matches...too easy they sucked...Marraytville year 8/9 noobs... HEhe then even said ..."AWW we wanted a challenge" Liek they were better than us or something. And yeah we like won every game. What a waste of time...playing against better teams are more fun...Stupid noobs tried to cheat some many times..they don't know anything..

well g2g finish stupid write up on gay movie stand by me...
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, November 28, 2005

I hate Cho chang! Birthday

I love Cloud Strife! SO handsome hero~ me love~
I watched FF7 Advent Children yesterday @ my birthday party...
It was such a good movie! Animation so realistic and lovely~~ <3!
I wrote one then clicked back space by accident T___T
Damn so dumb...
must be quicl writing...
well lets see...the presnts I got...I'll upload pictures from my phone tomorrow to post...hHAHAHAHAHA....

Rachael : $15... yay money Chinese Yuan ! jkjk AUS...
Sarah: really nice black and silver bracelet ....yay black..
Yun Sim: A really nice watch
Gabby or Mabby (both not her real name): How to draw Manga book.. moster creatures... i was like mosters?? But still cool , though its by Chirstopher hart....
Jade Marilyn Manson: She asked me wat I wanted and I said pink Hair Dye, (like hides) (impossible to find in Australia) and she bought me a red one.. I already have one...doenst matter. the more the merrier. ... I need pink....
Ying aka RICK DENG! Keita lover!! <3: Some glass horse thing!! And cork!
Francessca!! : Lollipop with leaf and pencil tin which had a pencil tin in it and a note book and pen and a really nice Jesus key ring (on my bag now)
Jane Liew!!! aka janey poo poo: Jane sure brought a lot... Like this sport shirt and some deodorant (ahha i still borrowed urs today... >__<) And she also gave me a really nice black shirt...black........^____^ and the Nightmare Before Christmas special Edition DVD! Thanks jane you rule!! XD...what u want for X'mas?
Yurika chinn chinn baka: Cost 1090 yen to send her present to me! It was so cool! I thought it was manga book but it is some Naruto guide book or something! I can't really read much of it (>__<) All Japannese!! And also sent a naruto Necklace! It's off Gaara!! I wish it was Sasuke but I think it was random!! HEHE ^____^ So very happy!!!
Lovely Mum: $30! +new Mobile phone +party~ I gave back $5 when going to sushi train. he ho
Grandma: Some gold 0..o.
Dad: Some weird pin?? And mobile...
yeah thats all ^__^

Went to Jap. School today...did nothing...my teacher got fired...not teaching next year T__T so sad... so much fun...not much learning though =__=" but still nice teacher better than bad ones... No test since the teacher was too sad...I STUDIED ... A LOT ...crap..

My mum also took me to sushi train today, I was going to buy...but forget to bring enough money T__T so expensive..kinda.. But so nice! Rotating table thing! Hahaha ate so much. So full... I tried wasabi...so hot T____T I almost cried...drank lots of water... Also sad is that I ate SOME SALMON FISH EGGS T_________T I thought it was jelly...how sad and stupid..sorry fish...< / 3

lots of emails of happy birthday things from automatic forum bots! I read them all ^__^...
well Post more 2moro possibly...

GO CLOUD AND SASUKE * love love* zura!!

Oh and the gift from my self..I shall have to see I really want to buy a bad with Nightmare before Christmas on it or Emily the strange...hahha.. ^o^

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, November 25, 2005

   3 days left ....

3 days left...
is this a good or bad thing?
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, November 18, 2005

   fma124 is a big bitch.

Yay someone I can hate for ever.


Omg she just spams my guestbook for the first time with a stupid spam message a lot of people write.
With the usual crap of nice site..etc..

then she goes on about how she's the number one fan of Sasuke and no one else can like him or else or something.
Then she writes something about how she wont bite. Then she writes *chomp*. Then with other random undreadablke

I find it so freakin annoying these noobs who think they are so freakin funny. When the are just hell annoying. I write some crap back and she deletes and spams my guestbook a second time.

with what ever is there now...wait...

ur site sux ballz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats what u get for being an ass!!!!! so there and im not a noob ur a noob and im sasukes #1 fan u nothjing!!!!!!

I bet she doesn't even know what noob means... Gah... its already wasted a sufficent lot of my time so after this I shall forget they ever exsisted and delete their stupid spam.


AHhh holidays soon.....

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

   new fanart!!

or click here

Please offer your opinions..its based on this other fanart I love...

or copy and paste this:

I will vist people tomorrow I guess...I need to change this layout soon...its too old and the links are all weird..some reasonall of them go to my gothic j rock club..how weird..

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

cheapass school

wemt to badminton today at CBC.
In year 8/9 team.
Went there so early in the morning in the rain.
Stupid ppl there told us it was cancelled because they were displaying their plastic figurine models..


should of said so earlier..then dickheads...waster petrol time and sleeping time.those dickhead ASS holes...

We don't even have a coach for our team. The school is always like this. All the other high ranking teams do. SO what the HECK did we pay our sport fees for?

We went to the "compulsory training" on Tuesday to find out it was cancelled for the stupid basketballer.Its so unfair.
And now the games are always cancelled...we don't have a coach. Its no wonder we suck lol..we never even get to freakin play.

The school doesn't care about the team for year 8 and 9's ..But don't they know the senior teams are going to be like leaving? And that we , the youngest team will replace them? They freaking suck.

I hate them all....

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, October 21, 2005

   I'm sorry.

ah someone said my friend smelled. was it supposed to be a joke? My friend didn't laugh or anything.
I didnt say anything.
It sounds really weird doesn't it?
But what am i supposed to do when ur friends get picked on?..
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, October 17, 2005

the story of my stupid brother is GAY! Dont read if it bores u.

my stupid brother is gay gay gay.
Kept everyone up all night yesterday by opening the kitchen light and sitting on the wall. Talk about stupid! Then after he starts crying and saying hows its my fault.

What a liar he just wont admit he's afraid of the dark. *rolls eyes* such a wimpy liar. My annoying sister was like "What did she say?" My dumbass brother said I cursed him with some words haunting him.

Two hours of crying later he says I told him everyone would die in the end. thats freakin TRUE. He's such a loser. Now my mum and stupid dumb ass sister says its my fault they didn't sleep. Whatever. My cryababy stupid 10 or 11 year old brother complainted he was too tired to go to school. LIke i wasnt..I had 4 hours of sleep. Stupid sister got longer because she is a senior and doesnt go 2 school till like 11.


well that was boring...ermm now back at school after holidays...oh yeah I got a hair cut! XD I hadn't had one in ages. I didn't really want one. But still went to the salon. Lady with long sharp fake fingernails cut my hair and like scratched my top of my head a lot of tiems it hurt.. grr..now its so short.. Well when its down.. T__T no one can tell though..thats good (^__^)

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

hehhepo...Happy birthday Ikumi!

Its our Japanese host students birthday today, she turned 17!
(I forgot to write a letter)


Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.. ^^

edit edit.
other stuff um i got a new phone! with a camera tho dodgy...hehe im off to watch more fruits baskets.. il ove YUKI!

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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