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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey, here I am, in the Air Force. At Tech School, waiting to take classes on what will be my job for the next four years, at least. I was able to get through Basic Military Training, wasn't too hard, not like all the Boot Camps portrayed in the movies, all you have to do is shut up and colour.

Our MTL, "drill instructors", was awesome. The dude had tons of great stories, and was just a good inspiration for the rest of our military career.

Oh and how I detest the military already. The system just makes it too easy for superiors to get away with tons of shit. Also the fact that I'm not allowed to do this and that, and this results in that consequence, its a headache somedays. Oh, and the group always gets punished for the one stupid individual, but thats everywhere as well.

Drawing, I still draw, and my friends say that I'm pretty good, but I still need to practice more than I do. I do plan on starting that manga I've been saying I'm gonna do for the last year now

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have been so muddled up recently, I mean, I think I should go into the airforce, but I don't know if I should, it being the military and all, and Obama the President, I just don't trust the guy, all he is, is a celebrity and a puppet, while other people are pulling his strings in the background.

Its not only that, see, I smoked weed a few times this last month. The thing is, that weed most defenitly was laced, we are thinking with a minor hallucinogen, my friend thinks its morning glory, cause we were seeing stuff, and the last time we did it, we did not come down for like 5 hours, usually you are back to normal for the most part after an hour or two. It was bad. So I keep on getting lost in my thoughts, thoughts that are very paranoid when it comes to things like the government, which I have never trusted, and it kinda seems like there is a huge hand that just holds people down.

I don't know, its weird, never do drugs. If it was just normal weed, there would have been no problems, but it wasn't, and there was a problem, so me and my friend have no clue what we did, and what damage it did to us.

Life is fun

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being kicked out was something I actually needed to happen to me. You see, I needed to start my own life, and I was relying too much on my parents to do things for me, so they kind of realized this and decided to kick me out, somewhat sort of. Well, it worked, and I am being more responsible with my moneys, and saving up to get this sweet set up.

See, there is this guy that we know of, and he rents out his house, his whole four bedroom house, and right now he hates his rentors, and wants them gone, so he would be willing to rent to me and my buddies at no more than $950 a month, and split five ways that is hardly anything. So yea, thats possible at the beginning of the next month

I also have decided not to go into the air force, simply because I would hate it, and I could very well work my way through college.

I would recommend that all of you watch the anime Welcome to the NHK, its really good

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