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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I have been so muddled up recently, I mean, I think I should go into the airforce, but I don't know if I should, it being the military and all, and Obama the President, I just don't trust the guy, all he is, is a celebrity and a puppet, while other people are pulling his strings in the background.

Its not only that, see, I smoked weed a few times this last month. The thing is, that weed most defenitly was laced, we are thinking with a minor hallucinogen, my friend thinks its morning glory, cause we were seeing stuff, and the last time we did it, we did not come down for like 5 hours, usually you are back to normal for the most part after an hour or two. It was bad. So I keep on getting lost in my thoughts, thoughts that are very paranoid when it comes to things like the government, which I have never trusted, and it kinda seems like there is a huge hand that just holds people down.

I don't know, its weird, never do drugs. If it was just normal weed, there would have been no problems, but it wasn't, and there was a problem, so me and my friend have no clue what we did, and what damage it did to us.

Life is fun

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