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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being kicked out was something I actually needed to happen to me. You see, I needed to start my own life, and I was relying too much on my parents to do things for me, so they kind of realized this and decided to kick me out, somewhat sort of. Well, it worked, and I am being more responsible with my moneys, and saving up to get this sweet set up.

See, there is this guy that we know of, and he rents out his house, his whole four bedroom house, and right now he hates his rentors, and wants them gone, so he would be willing to rent to me and my buddies at no more than $950 a month, and split five ways that is hardly anything. So yea, thats possible at the beginning of the next month

I also have decided not to go into the air force, simply because I would hate it, and I could very well work my way through college.

I would recommend that all of you watch the anime Welcome to the NHK, its really good

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