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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's my dad's berfday! He's 71, and still kicking! Literally! He can still kick, and he has a full head of hair, and still works everyday, and stills works on heavy duty, and I can never get tired of run-ons!

Unfortunatey, I've no time to visit people. Tomorrow, I've got band practice, then I'm gonna hang with my super awesome friend. We're gonna do some baller shiz. I'm still quoting Dave Chappelle stuff, so that's why I wanted to type baller shiz, and I did. Woo!

Thursday is the band concert, and awards will be given out... I swear, if my stupid, lazy band director doesn't give me a descent award, I'm gonna flipping snap because I've seriously worked my 94 pound arse for that band. I'm the only person who got into the first band at the district clinic, and I also got 3rd flipping chair. Not only that, but I'm gonna organize the music room for him... NO ONE does that but super organized band directors, and I'm only a teen.

My friend and I are gonna take some crazy awesome coolio pics, and I'll put some up Friday.... That is, if my friend can fricking upload them by Friday.


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