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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I so loathe Mississippi, I swear.

I hate it when the weather has drastic changes! My sinuses MURDERED me yesterday! (Yes, I'm typing from beyond the grave!) I kept sneezing so much... If I sneeze once, you can be sure that 5 more will come after that. The only medicine I had would've made me sleepy, so I couldn't take it because I had brass ensemble practice. I was feeling REALLY effin' crappy before I went to bed. Ugh.

Practice was okay. It felt good to play cool music, and I'm not the only trombone! (It's me and this dude who was once a band director.) However, my nose kept bugging me and it kept distracting me... After practicing, I hung around with my bud Daniel and other people around the Methodist church. Daniel's friend Zack is like, the totaly opposite of Daniel. That might be why I was able to make so many Dave Chappelle jokes with Zack... Ha ha!

Today was okay. I took my allergy medicine last night, so today I had a tad bit of energy for once. My classmates and I played cards in about 3 classes, so that kept me entertained. In band, some friends and I have a plan: we're gonna sneak some food to school and we're gonna totally pig out in band tomorrow. But we're gonna be doing it ghetto style: humongous bag of doritos, flammin' hot cheetos, 2 liter grape soda and sunkist, and candy. It's gonna be awesome and hilarious!

Oh yeah. Yesterday, some guy from around here got hit by a train. It wasn't a student, and no one seems to know who the guy was. Poor soul... What a way to go...

I think I'm done.

Yeah, I am.


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