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"Why should I waste my time trying to get you to like me? If you don't like me for me then oh well. It's not my problem..."
"Never frown no matter how down you are, for you never know who is falling in love with your smile."
"I run with scissors... It makes me feel dangerous."
"Your mum goes to college!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long story short:
I went to Branson with two friends, Jessica aka Jessi and Justine. We had lots of fun until my friend Jessi got all RAWR! cuz Justine and I were getting along and when we asked her what was up she got mad as us some more so a few days later after our trip I called her to see what was up. (Things were getting out of hands.) So I called and asked her to tell me what was up and what the hell I did that was so bad that she couldn't tell me. So she snapped at me and went into how HER life was shit and I was thinking about my life and yeah...DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! So then at school she wrote me a note saying that she was mad at me cuz she felt as though I was using her? WTF?! I was more hurt than angry cuz she basically said that I caused a lot of drama and that I was not trustworthy. So pretty much she thinks I'm not a goodfriend and told me that she hadn't considered me a friend for TWO MONTHS!!! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT?!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

The Patriots lost!!! WTF?! They were SOOOO close and I'm SOOOO upset!!! I'll get over it later though...
But for now I'm all GRR!!! lol So, yeah. I was all like WOOHOO! GO PATRIOTS! Then BAM!!!! The Giants did good and all but COME ON!!! And you guys should be happy... Because I'm one of the few girls who actually watches the game and understands it... YAY ME!!! But still that's sad that the Patriots lost. And if you're a Giants fan then CONGRATS! Glad you guys won.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Yayness! We got snow last night, so no school for me today. I'm so happy. We got out early yesterday at 12:30 because of the weather. I'm sooo happy!!! XD
So, I bet all of you have school today, eH? Sorry if you do. Kyle, Jeremiah, and I are going to play in the snow. They don't know it yet, cause I have to call after I'm done doing this... lol I really need to have more friends that are girls... It's just I'm tired of hearing about boyz and shopping and DRAMA and more DRAMA it gets annoying and old fast. That's why most of my friends are guyz. lol I'm just one of the guyz but a chick! lol And I'm a total weirdo...well, some days... other days... not so much..... lol

Have a lovely day!


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Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, as you all know, HomeComing was last night. I've been talking about it for a long time, so how could you not know, right? lol It went well. I looked good, I guess. Well, to be honest, I felt like a pansy. Haha. I didn't get princess. The sophomore girl did. I did a lot of roses though. That was pretty cool too. Which is fine, because freshmen usually don't get it anyways... I think I was pretty close though... I'm not sure. Everyone kept bugging me, thinking I was upset, but I'm not. What can I say? The better girl won. The dance was fun. I didn't get home till around 12:00 or so. I danced till I died... F-U-N!!! My throat is sore from cheering on the boys (basketball team) Go Hornets!!! We totally scored the other team... This is going to sound weird but we played the Hornets... lol Hornets beat the Hornets. I think they were from... Well, I can't think of the name... My family was talking about it last night... CRAP!!! Oh well. I'll remember later on tonight. So, getting to the point, I think the score was 72 to 52... something like that... I just remember having to buy this girl a drink because me, being me, knocked her drink down under the bleachers... I'm such a clutz. Oh well. I wouldn't be me if I weren't... Well, I hope everyone had a great as night as I did.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yeah, that would be tomorrow and I'm nervous as hell. I'm excited, but more nervous than excited... lol So, I guess wish me luck and if I can figure out how to get my pics up on here, I will. I'm very "technical," if you know what I mean. lol Wish me good luck and try to have a better day than me, kay?

"I'm hittin' that fo sho!"

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