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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long story short:
I went to Branson with two friends, Jessica aka Jessi and Justine. We had lots of fun until my friend Jessi got all RAWR! cuz Justine and I were getting along and when we asked her what was up she got mad as us some more so a few days later after our trip I called her to see what was up. (Things were getting out of hands.) So I called and asked her to tell me what was up and what the hell I did that was so bad that she couldn't tell me. So she snapped at me and went into how HER life was shit and I was thinking about my life and yeah...DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!! So then at school she wrote me a note saying that she was mad at me cuz she felt as though I was using her? WTF?! I was more hurt than angry cuz she basically said that I caused a lot of drama and that I was not trustworthy. So pretty much she thinks I'm not a goodfriend and told me that she hadn't considered me a friend for TWO MONTHS!!! WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT?!

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