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Friday, February 1, 2008

Yayness! We got snow last night, so no school for me today. I'm so happy. We got out early yesterday at 12:30 because of the weather. I'm sooo happy!!! XD
So, I bet all of you have school today, eH? Sorry if you do. Kyle, Jeremiah, and I are going to play in the snow. They don't know it yet, cause I have to call after I'm done doing this... lol I really need to have more friends that are girls... It's just I'm tired of hearing about boyz and shopping and DRAMA and more DRAMA it gets annoying and old fast. That's why most of my friends are guyz. lol I'm just one of the guyz but a chick! lol And I'm a total weirdo...well, some days... other days... not so much..... lol

Have a lovely day!


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