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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   Scream out loud LP!!
Yeah, I'm their fan, muahahahahahahahaha!!!
I got their newest song, What I've Done in here XD hehehehe.

I've noticed that Chester in here have one of those bishie legs...(???) Why on earth I would think like that? well... one, notice his legs in the vid? u see for yourself... -.-'
Buuuttt, whatever!! I love them and they are BACK!!! HARHARHAR!!!

p/s: don't get mad at me for thinking chester has bishie legs, it was just a passing thought... cos usually he wear jeans... I think, I don't know...O.O

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Monday, April 2, 2007

   Only three days of suffering XD
Yep, only 3 days of school this week, harharhar, play!! PLAY!! But on Saturday, we have those parents meet teacher thing so... I got no worry cos my record's clean!! Harharhar!!!

Like the new song? I love the chorus part (eventho I hv no idea what's the msg of this song...) and I love it best when I get to sing along. I think my throat's busted... kohkoh kehkehkehkahak hakkahkokkohkoh.

Have a nice day!~~~ and thx for the reply on fav movies ^^

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Two characters from my newest little manga. Check it out if you want to but I think it's a little confusing... :S

Anyway, sorry if I haven't been to your site fro some time, i only have time to log in once a week so... yeah, that's it. This song's old but it still is good... XD

I have a question...
1)Would it creep you out to listen to silent hill soundtracks at night?
2)What's the scariest (when I mean scariest, not something gory and grotesque that disgust you like Saw, I mean, REAL horror) movie you've ever seen?
3)What's the BEST, GREATEST movie you've ever seen??

~Have a nice day~~~

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Call me evil
Call me mean!!
Call me cat
And call me barbaric, I don't care!! HARHARHAR!!!

SO... today's news... I'm sorry I didn't visit any of your sites, busy week, juz got results back, I passed!! XD!! So happy!!

For the result, I got lots of C's but my parents are cool cos they said I'll get used to the tests. I got A for Science and Technology (Which I was reliefed cos I'm totally general-knowledge-blind), and D for Biology! (accursed that paper... I shall burn YOU!!! HARHARHAR!!!) History's barely a C, I was confused between Sparta and Athens so I meshed them all up and my teacher drew a BIG QUESTION mark on my essays...lol. History quiz was easier though... bleh, I'm boring you guys here, hehehe. Oh yes, PHYSICS!! Good god, I was about to kneel and cry when I passed (like... the Physics teacher is REALLY STRICT and his eyes pierce thru your heart like a sword. HE WILL MAKE YOU FEAR HIM...xcept in some circumstances, he'll be a little bit funny. For eg, he dances to a techno song when he turned on the laptop and one of the guys blurted out laughing. His friends all clamped their hands on his mouth to shut him up (just in case the tacher saw him and torture him for laughing at his dance) but the teach wasn't screaming at him. And we were like... wow... wtf was that? Physics teacher; that looks like a doraemon; dancing to a techno song??? We got another funny and sporting teacher, our Chemistry teacher. Like we got 20 minutes left before recess so she connected her laptop on a projector thingy so we were like in a theatre. She played this one bubble gum advertisment where a lady was blowing bubble gum then suddenly her...er... ( boobs... O.-') bloated like it was pumped. ALl the guys in the lab were screaming in laughter and the girls were just shaking heads and a little bit embarassed. I was like... WTF??? Then she played another video of this alien thing dancing to the blue song (yeah, classic song...) and the lab was just... EXPLODED with laughter. Well, a little entertainment is really good (since our classmated are a little bit too serious in studies,)

Anyway, I get to be with my baby pc!! harharhar!!

Sorry for the long post, I juz can't help it.

I promise I'll get to your arts and updates tonight and leave a few comments. ^^

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

So today I almost ate a dozen meatbun (you know, those things that Goku stuff up in his mouth) and I was stuffed full.

Nothing to say... so... enjoy this new song. It's fly away by nelly for The Longest Yard movie. The story's really good. :D

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

People at theOtaku have high potential of becoming manga-kas and artists cos they are humorous and really really good. Yeah, this is the truth, :) I ain't lying. Besides, they are supportive of each other too. Even if they'd hate each other, it's out of healthy competition to be the best or improve oneself. To me, having people to read, vote and comment on my stories and arts already make me grateful. I'm glad my story reached out there.

So... I wish all you Otaku dudes and dudettes luck in being what you wanna be.

Me...? Heh, I know I'll never be a manga-ka. My drawing sucks, (if u compare carefully, there r lots and lots of other great artists) I'm clueless in the road of even becoming one and most of all, well... you can say all the money are betting on me entering a decent college/university/whatever and redeem certain loss... A heavy burden, considering the community here are OBSESSED of getting STRAIGHT A's. If your results aren't that good, you quiccckkklllyyy plummet down the community status, and be looked down by the higher status. I frigging hate that...

At last, I'm a lazy pathetic person who just cares too much what other people think. I'm just gonna sail thru life's raging waves or the blissful ripples with a little dignity left in me in the end. If I drown, juz hope somebody drag me back up again...



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Thursday, March 15, 2007

SimFiction: Don't READ THIS!!
MATT The street was snowing white so I decided to skip class and go strolling
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
outside instead. I don’t really fancy walks like this but I THINK it’s better than sitting in a space barred with four dull white walls and listen to boring speech. I passed Tahoe Avenue and turned to the right at a corner. I passed a bakery; the smell reminded me of Christmas’ Eve. How dear mom would bake a chocolate cake that night and we ate it before going to bed. I would always lose getting the biggest piece between my older brothers. Hm… I wonder how they are doing. I know now dad must be fishing at Cramper Creek with his friends. Maybe mom’s watching her favorite soap opera now…
I walked along Joyce Lane until I reached the hot spot for homeless and hobos. It’s a hot spot cos’ the nice café owner always give a generous amount of warm cocoa or cakes to them, a total life saver, that old café owner. I came across this one guy (or was he a kid? He seems young) and found him (to my surprise)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
knocking on trash cans like they were drums instead of begging for food or money in the cold. I watched the guy-that-looked-like-a-kid swiftly banged on the ‘recycled drums’, producing such a nice street music. In the end, his performance received a great applause from the people who cared to listen and watch. I was one of the people. At the corner of my eyes, I could see the hobos and homeless huddling over in a group, their faces full of jealousy and pale from cold. I could have sworn one of them said ‘show-off snob’. Uh oh, maybe I should save the kid-looking-guy before the hobos mutilate him from jealousy.

RAY Ah… the income for today’s performance is as slow as the snow, but I’ll wait. People said good things come to those who wait. Hm… where have I heard that? Whatever, what’s important now is that I need to buy a new jacket. Not the fancy Armani or the expensive Camel. Just a decent jacket that’ll keep me warm during the winter. Looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas which is bad because that means that it’s going to be really cold and quiet. I hate that
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
silence; it pierces through your ears and mind like an annoying high-pitched ring. Hm… ah! Who’s this generous guy?! He gave me 100 bucks! Wow!
I looked up at the kind donor with my hands stiff cold like a dead turkey holding on to the money just in case someone steals them away. I think I’m getting frostbite. That’s bad. The generous man looked at me with his eyes so tiny that I thought he might be a mix of Chinese or Japanese. Well, as long as he doesn’t hurt me or anything I won’t hold any grudge so I smiled and thanked him as politely as I could. He didn’t respond. Is he deaf or he can’t understand English? Okay… I’ll just keep smiling and nodding showing that I was grateful for his kind donation. I must have looked like a stupid pigeon, bobbing my head up and down. He was quiet with that really…really…curious smile etched on his face. Then he held out his hand to me, expecting a handshake from me. I thought simultaneously, Oh? You wanna be friend? Okay… So we shook hands. Wow… his hands are so warm… (which was really pleasant since his hands aren’t that coarse or smooth. Just the normal city boy’s hands) It surprised me that he didn’t flinch from shaking my awfully freezing hand.

MATT I liked the kid. He was cute (for a guy). What am I saying? He’s extremely cute especially the way his face turned from a pale white to red blushes for receiving warmth from my warm hand and generosity (I am kinda wealthy, in a way).
I think I’ll kidnap him. That’s what my Dark Side would say. But the Good side said, not KIDNAP, just ADOPT him. Okay, Good side, listen to me. First, I’m a freshman in Oakland Liberal Arts University and both my housemates are seniors. I am a MAJOR in MUSIC COMPOSITION which I’m failing greatly for some few reasons and I can’t just walk up the Superiors’ Office and say “Hi, I just picked up this guy off a street so I was thinking if I could keep him here at the campus since he’s like a dog pet to me and cute too,” Nope. I can’t adopt him. There’s the tiresome paperwork to be filled in and I’m just 18 years old. I’m legally adult but not old enough to adopt any kids. So, Good Side, listen to me. I’m gonna KIDNAP him, a homeless kid. Well, it IS sort of a charity work, Right? Besides, I need a drummer. I could hear the DARK side cheering, somehow… am I insane?
Just as soon as we’ve finished shaking hands, I invited him to join me for a drink at Gior Gin. It’s not really fancy but the drinks there are really nice and kinda cheap too. $4.50 for a hot cup of cappuccino. Is that cheap? Well, it’s the cheapest thing around this district. Yeah, maybe I am nuts…

author: AHA! You read it! thanks, anyway...XD

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   I love Sims 2...
Yah, I'm lame... whatever, some pics for y'all!

Here's Squall! Yes, I know he doesn't smile but this is sims...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

here's another squall, I think he ooks good in this one. Except the clone squall back there spoils it a bit...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Some Jin from Samurai Champloo. I haven't watched this anime yet...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A pic of Namine and Roxas...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Axel. He looks goofy smiling like that^^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jump Axel, jump Roxas! JUMP!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A little reminder here, these sims and pictures do not belong to me. They belong to the people in the mod sims 2.com.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Randomly speaking
Wr chap 01's done!! finally... It's quite a burden to draw envy... he's freaking hard to draw. Anyway, the series still going on. :)

To Darkness Dancer, I am so sorry if I bore you thru the pm thing. I've already stated earlier that I suck at pm, I'm so sorry...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This guy's Duncan. You'll meet him in Chap 02. ^^

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

   Short One...
This is going to be a short post, I wanna say thanks to Shonigoneyes93 for showing me how to make the bg disappear ^O^

Secondly, to emeraldsky, i found some cool stuff from ur site and use on mine and maybe some of my other sites. Thanks!

To you guys, thanks for commenting and reading my boring posts. Harharhar!!

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