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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wow!! Me back IN OTAKU!!! WOOOT!!!
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Bugger, it was tiring for the past 2 weeks. Freaking exams caused me to wake up every hour of my 8-hour-sleep. Hmnh... Exams suck!!! DX exam face-->
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I hope I pass Add Math... and Physics... and Bio... and whole lot of other subjects I don't wanna mention.

Anyway, I'd be able to get in The Otaku since I'm free for the next 2 weeks!! :3
Happy Otaku-ing, y'all!! XD

----feel like listening to heavy crunk... Miss my brother SO much!!!Muaharharharhar----

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hey.... Sorry for the long disappearance.... lol.

I'm just gonna shut up cos the more I type, the more
disturbed I get, (WATCH OUT!! SHE'S GOING SENILE!!! O.O)

harahrhar. A little something about Darkwood.


If you're cold and scared

You'll be wide awake

Hymns of death and whisper ablaze

Choking like fire

Killing like desire

For death by love and grostesque

Lurks in the deathly hollow

Singing like the hushed creak of the gallows

Snow drums down on the gravel path like the march of the ghost

Silent and deadly, cold

and almost lost. Like the dead eyes that peeked behind you

They fly past you, end in your head, circling about then you go ahead.

Leave a track behind, leaving the shoes grind through the silent town,

The gallows creaked, the hollow in the eyes that peeked...

Any updates on ur art/manga, tell me/pm please, cos I may be missing from Otaku for the next 2 weeks.... haiz....

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm sorry I can't get to your sites, I have lotsa work to finish and exam's coming up, and I have to hit the books again... ToT waa...

And that means a little delay for A.I Mechalloid. But good news, today I have posted up a new stupid manga about Tom and Mac. And A.I Mechalloid have new pages up. Check them out!! XD I gotta go. I'll try and visit your site in the future! ~chow~

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yep... my titles aren't related to what I'm gonna say lately... -.o



I WANT SIMS 2 NIGHTLIFE!!! I freaking need that dj set and get me some linkin park sims!!! I have a new hobby now, machinima, harharhar. I'm actualy working on a video clip based on Sims and a song by switchfoot but I think I won't have time to continue, bleh... :p My machinima creator idol is jd, harharhar. Anyway, thanks for commenting on my previous post, XD That's all, happy otaku-ing, y'all!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   Ramble-ness. Hi Y'all!!!
I was just guessing,
A number of figures
Please come back and let me know
At least haunt me with your voice
Or your eyes.
Nobody said it was easy
But I've never said it either.
I'm gonna wither right here right now
If you keep marching for the stars
Forgetting me back home, watching you from afar

Just guessing a number of figures,
Just emptying my beakers...
But I want you to know I've never wanted anything but something
That connect us from the star
to here that's afar

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   One of my fav KH fanmanga
Done by jumblejugee(did I get the name right???)

Roxas Having a Bad Mood
Roxas Having a Bad Mood

I'm such a sucker for chibi Axel... XD

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   Apply to The Alibi
Hello all~~~~ I wanna thank y'all for your comments and votes on my manga, I thought the manga would be boring because I used the same charas (but I just love drawing Cathy and John, harharhar) SO A LOTSA THANKS TO YOU ALL!!! *HUGE HUGS*
And I got some interesting things found on the net, enjoy watching them, if you want to ^^

If you wanna know where I got it, it's at Rate My Drawings

So.. I have a few things to ask...
1)If you were to join a music club, what kinda instrument would you play???--I'm voting drums, keyboard or violin--

2)Which fictional character (anime, movies, etc) would you want as a teacher and what kinda teacher would he/she/it be??? --I want Jack Sparrow as my Math teacher, XD!! And House as Bio teach, ahrharhar!!--

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I know, Nickelodeon... but I love some of the cartoons inside. Avatar, ooo, not really an anime, but gotta give it 4 thumbs up!! XD

For an evil dude, he has lotsa weird expressions...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oo... Prince Zuko!! Muahahahah.

Funny Zuko!!

Lotsa Zuko fight scenes, really good!!

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   New Moon
New Moon
New Moon Info

I've just finished reading New Moon, MARVELLOUS book!! It's about a normal girl name Bella, falling in love with a vampire name Edward. Eventhough I don't know how Edward looks like, I just get the feeling that he is good-looking, and wwith a cold expression that will melt everytime he smiles his crooked smile everytime he's with Bella... and his face carved with vampirific perfections.... XD.
Anyway, I'm not so into mushy romance stuff but New Moon's not the 'crying cos hero left heroine' kinda thing. This one's really different, and exception to vampire's love. (well, cos New Moon's a young adult romance horror story, according to the description).
So.. It's just PERFECT!! XD Harhararharhar!! You gotta read it, but New Moon's just a sequel to Twilight. I'm gonna get my hands on Twilight, muaharharharhar!!!!!

Enough about that, so what's the most interesting thing you guys have ever read??? :D

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

   Gadriann's not in...
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LOL, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done (this week). Putting up fictional assistants, huh... I sm so weird... to doctormister, don't worry about the vid, maybe there will be a chance that the vid will play (sometimes videos like to torment us, making us wait, and wait and wait...T.T)

Anyway, I hope the idea of fictional assistants won't bother/agitate/irritate/disturb you, I was just finding a way to fill up my site, harharhar

Gotta go, darn homeworks just kill me soo much DX!!!
Loony bio teacher making us make reports... I hate reports...

~Pleasant day to y'all~~~~

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