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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Been listening to House theme song, it's so cool and relaxing... o^^o

Bro's coming back this Friday, yay! I guess that's all... <__< Hm... just a quickie, I found out how to keep the background picture fixed while you scroll down. Just type fixed in the 'Change Main Background Color' section, then voila, done! Simple and so easy and I didn't realize that earlier, lawlz. 8D

Current art-related projects>>
>>Twins artwork for my friend. ^^ Shashi!
>>Brother Assassin RE-done >__< I hate intros... Hate inking sketches even mo~~re....
>>Chibi Wings.


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Feeling accomplished ( a bit... bleh...)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Greetings all! Just a little drop by, :3 and I'm not so sure what to say. Just have to sum them up real quick, ^^

1) I almost sprained my ankle last week, lawlz, I was expecting fracture. O__o
2) I got in contact with my long lost friend, yay!! She's a great artist, 8D
3) Completed a colored artwork! Yayz! I thought I lost it already, :D
4) Able to refrain self from getting too addictive to the comp, yay!!
5) Finished a few pages of my manga manually, (yay!) I like photoshop, but usually, I don't feel the authenticity if I use the computer to make my manga, >.< Sorry, I'm an old traditional kinda person... I think...
6) Been listening to he said she said so repetitively, my mind is numb, 8D
7) Loving my Cat Dog and Wolf. They are the characters in my other manga.

Well, that's about sum up part of what happened. :D Well, this is my Otaku right? I guess I have the right to balb my life out. Sue me if your eyes are bleeding to death from reading this boring post, lawlz.


Cat, Dog, and Wolf are my recent favs characters. They are assassins and underdogs in the Dark Underground, a civilisation that existed for a gazillions of years, but mortal humans couldn't really see their true forms. @___@

Basically, Dark Underground is divided into clans and you can surely expect gory and violence, which I undertoned for Otaku, I suppose... uncensored would be filled with more... details, lawlz. just kidding. ^^

Is the youngest. He has black hair that partly covers his face. Due to his weird genetics, his hair tends to grow long in a short time, thus forcing Cat to sport medium-long hair. And also, unfortunately for him, he has facial feature of a girl, and people feel confused at his er... looks. He is cold-blooded, and kill without a blink of an eye. He enjoys surfing the net, and stuff like that. His method of killing is unique (won't tell here, :p)
He has cute pierced black wings when he turns into a Dark Creature. :p

Technically, he's the leader of the clan by not being a leader. He's not outspoken but he is very wise. When it comes to assassinations, he tends to be very silent and sometimes violent. Bloodshed does not disturb his conscience unless his little brother, Cat, is involved.
He has bandages binding loosely around him when he turns into a Dark creature. :p

Like the name, Dog is the most violent of all three. Heck, he might even drink the blood of the people he kills if opportunities rise. Dog is very playful, and enjoys hanging out with Cat and especially Wolf. Dog is a bit masochistic, in a way that he enjoys pain, and even sadistic, where he uses his job as an assassin to enjoy murdering people (that's why I said this story is gory.. -.-;;;)
Dog does not really has any special features as a Dark Creature but he will turn a little pale and crave for blood, and he is impossible to kill in this form.

Blablabla, I blab too much, lawlz. There are many clans in here, and so far, I can only think up of a few names... <__< I blame Punkchiqe for this obsession with the extraordinary... >.<
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
She is an extraordinary simmer!! (compared to my sucky sims pics...<.< )
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Okay, off topic here, tehee...

Thank you to everyone who have lookie, commenty, favvy and pm-ed me all this time.

And if you reached up to here, thank you too! Whoa, such patience to read my long post. o__O

Will have a new art up soon, but I'm in no mood to scan! ^o^

good day~~~!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   So... low... down... blablabla
So... wouldn't be updating for some time.
Not to waste you with my useless lament... but...

It's the holidayz over here and...

my mum and dad...

are like...

So, how's studies? Haven't seen you hit the books...

And I am all like *sweatdrops*

Cos, well, I have never really wanted to do anything with my life, just wanna draw and yeah, enjoy. Sadfully, all that is just my figment of desire to play because obviously by next year, I wouldn't be able to enjoy much of my life.

I have foreseen it.

It's... o___o

Horrible... O.O;;;;

My dad gave me a proposition. 'You get your hands on a degree and a decent job,'

Then you can pursue drawing. >___<

Then I was like.... Okay. Fine. *more sweatdrops* *smiles weakly* O__O;;;;

Please don't misunderstand the condition, my parents are very nice and responsible parents, they just want me to have a secure future so that I wouldn't struggle. So. Hard. In life.

@___@ *kills stupeyd self*

This is a bit confusing. <___< Mnh... I do owe them a little contribution for all the things they have sacrificed for me. Call it filial thing-a-magy.

But~~~ that wouldn't stop me from drawing now, no? :D

I have improved a LOT in the last semester, and will improve more next year.

Lolz, so... guess what's hooking me to the comp all day?

This... >__<

(not my sims, lawlz)
Inspiration for Sway Me a Hug

Damn Sims. Oh yeah, don't have to comment here. Just to say why I'll be gone before you come to a conclusion that I'm swimming with the fishes or something like that.

>___< Ganbatte all you artists out there! Especially all meh Otaku frens!

p/s: I know it's hard to comment on a boring and we-ird post like this, so meh... like I said, no need to comment, kay? I know time is very precious and you may have other stuff to do.

^_____^ ~*cheers*

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Friday, November 9, 2007

   YAY!!! Bus Gamer!!!

That smiley DOES NOT do justice to how much thrilled I am today! DO you know why??? Wanna know? Wanna know? *punch self to calm*


COS MINEKURA-SAN's gonna anime-tized Bus Gamer!! Yayz!!! I love that manga and the thought of gonna watch it in anime is... 8D!!!! I just hope the quality wouldn't be as bad as Saiyuki Reload... (the color is very bland and the art is... square-ish... not to complain but she did really great with the Gensomaden Saiyuki series so when I watched Saiyuki Reload.... there's a big chasm in the anime's quality...)
This is why I love Bus Gamer.

That's Kazuo, he's so CUTE~! 8D I can't help it, I love him.
Da... Have. To. Stop. Bus. Gamer's. Fan. Girli. Ness.

Okay, I'm done.... :)

From the previous post, it seems that lots of your teachers aren't much of an anime fans (headdesk for obviousity*). Well, I couldn't say my teachers love them much too, but I guess they are very tolerant. My bio teacher likes the Hana no kimi manga... (I forgot the title... what was it...) so I guess she likes anime. But she's just our substitute teacher so we won't see her next year.

Okay, that's about wrap it. Sorry if I took your time just to burst out about Bus Gamer. @____@;;;;

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

   Lose it All

Hello all! I hope you are at your best of mood~~~! Tomorrow will be our last day and we will get our report cards. Even though I already know what I'll get. I pass all! Yea!! The chemistry and Biology presentation paid off!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Despite how much of a pain in the... bottom... that presentations were, they actually helped me pass the class, yeaz!! 8D Super spazz!!

Maybe the Hitachiin twins helped me pass, lol. My Bio teacher is sort of an anime fan, ^^;;; whatever...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
*the picture I used for chemy...*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
*picture for bio...@___@*

So... I dunno, just watched 30 days of night. Not really freaky, just grotesque. If you enjoy heads decapitated and that sort of stuff, then maybe you'll enjoy this movie. My dad's idea, he's into horror (gory..?) movie, tehuahuahua. In that movie, I kept thinking one of the vampires looks like Snape from Harry Potter movie, (lol). I asked my bro and he said he looked more like a vampirified version of James blunt.

I was like... what the hee-yay...


8D Hope you enjoyed my boring drabble! I'm updating my gallery and manga tonight, and also deleting a few scrappy-looking artworks.


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Sunday, November 4, 2007


What am I still doing here...? I mean like... I am such an incredible procrastinator, muahahahaha. Honestly... I have drawn a few but not really Otaku worthy, cos they are just sketches... -__- I hate my rate of skills now, so... horrible.

A few of my worthless sketches...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Told ya they are horrid...
You haven't seen my colored arts yet..
They are lol materials.
Mm... my home's having bad connection... -___-
The thing kept saying, 'there is no connection' while I'm uploading pictures.
Muahahaha, >8D I'm getting crazy!!

Good day to all of you~

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm ba~~~~ck... but. I guess people might have forgotten me, ehehehe. ^^;;;; Exam is over for us and I am so sure I'll fail my Chemistry (muahahahaha) So... to celebrate, I drew an entry for sei-ten's contest. And also photoshopped a few Sims pictures. @_____@ Wanna see...?

Tamaki in his frantic mood. ;)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The twins attacking Henrietta
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is not mine, but it surely inspired me alot to get sim-addicted again... ^.^;;;
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay... I guess that's all. I won't be so active (in posting) but I'm surely gonna brush up on my colouring skill during this restful period. Next year, I won't have any time for arts anyway...

*sob sob*


Twins craze...!!! 8D Site's theme dedicated to blackERspot and all the Hitachiin twins fans. Anybody wanna steal the wallpaper, steal it then. Muahahaahhaha.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Thanks for the comments, I don't think I can update or browse around Otaku, for a while, I just feel tired. (holding self from yawning out loud... watching Ouran until 5am is not a good idea... Ouran-marathon, huhuhu)

Actually, this is how I feel...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If you want to know, that pic was cut from my newest manga, Brother Assassin. Check out my website if you want to read more about it, ^___^ It's not my usual fighting manga though (just like A.I, I'm getting kinda tired of drawing it... ) Just something I did that I would actually enjoy drawing. :)

Shortie preview
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Not sure if I should put it in Otaku...

Well then, I shall go now. Again, thank you and sorry....

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Sunday, October 7, 2007


gomenasai... o.>

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Friday, October 5, 2007


Hei~~~~ Thanks for the comments!!! I was a little bit surprised to your response about my 11 cats, hehehehe ^___^ So, nothing in particular, I'm just starting to get obsessed with Satoshi Ohno from Arashi group. (He's so kawaiii~~~)

Animaniac, if you have a kitty, you have to make sure you're ready to sacrifice your comfy bed, ^___^ lolz, blackERspot, your cat sounds really dangerous(disposition of 11 cranky cats, goodness, >__<) Heiya, Koneko Krysta, thks for the comment on my art, especially on the hair (I like the haitr too, hehehe) Hope you finish your art soon too ^^
ms random, I supose cats aren't supposed to be bathed (they ahte it, trust me Xo) they'll stare at you with their wet face, huhuhu (creepy cat stare) doctormister! I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy that... @__@ ok... this thing just keeps going on, huhuhu. 4 cats aren't bad, ^___^ one cat is already too much to handle, isn't that right? hehehehe.

So, now that I'm here, I'd like to introduce Ohno form Arashi. He's a GREAT, I emphasize it, GREAT singe rand dancer, just watch them and you'll understand by what I mean. XD

-Song for me-


itsuka no wakare itsuka no deai
kazoe kirenai namida to takanari kasanete koko de mada matteru
-so I could, so I would, you know?-

kotoba wo koete kokoro no okude
michi naru nani ka ga umare oto wo kanaderu tsutsumi komu youni
so I dream on kitto

"itsumademo hoshi kuzu no sukima kara" yume deaetara
"furueteru kono mune ga itamu hodo" towa no negai wa
"hibiki au setsunasa wa garasu no you" todoku no darou ka?
-so I could, so I would, you know?-

"itsumade yakusoku wo utsushi dasu" yume no tsuzuki wa
"dakishimeta kono toki ga itazura ni" tooku hanarete
hikari atsumete wa hitori hitomi tojita
so I dream on sotto

soshite ate naku aruita ano hi no youni
tada mitsu meteita no wa over again my time ima yureru madokoshi ni
-sou ai ga sotto mau ue he Wow yeah-

shizuka no naka de itsuka no melody
utai kirenai kotoba to nuku mori nagarete ima mo mada natteru

kioku wo koete kodou no okude
kasanaru neiro ga iyasu mune no kizu ato urei toku youni
so I dream on kitto

"dokomademo kagayaki wo tsunagu kara" te wo kazashitara
"hateshinaku kono mune ni furisosogu" haruka mirai mo
"utsukushiku kuri kaesu hamon no you" mieru no darou ka?
-so I could, so I would, you know?-

"dokomademo yakusoku wo utsushi dasu" yume no sukima ni
"dakishimeta mitsuya kana kono omoi" niji wo egaite
hikari afurete wa hitori hitomi tojita
so I dream on sotto

soshite hitori de aoida ano hi no sora
tada sagashiteita no wa song for me aitai ima omoi dake hoshii
-sou ai ga sotto mau ue he Wow yeah-

aimai na koto bakari ga yoake no meiro samayoi nagara
yume ga samete shimatte mo wasurenai yo

"itsumademo hoshi kuzu no sukima kara" yume deaetara
"furueteru kono mune ga itamu hodo" towa no negai wa
"hibiki au setsunasa wa garasu no you" todoku no darou ka?
-so I could, so I would, you know?-

"itsumade yakusoku wo utsushi dasu" yume no tsuzuki wa
"dakishimeta kono toki ga itazura ni" tooku hanarete
hikari atsumete wa hitori hitomi tojita
so I dream on sotto

soshite ate naku aruita ano hi no youni
tada mitsumeteita no wa over again my time ima yureru mado koshi ni
-sou ai ga sotto mau ue he Wow yeah-

Ohno air guitar!!

there's more, but meh.. I'll just eat your time. ^^

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