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Friday, March 9, 2007

   Freaking fatigued
Pooped out
Skinned the soul out of me
Yes, me so tired... but kinda glad too.
I was in the debate team but got disqualified (under some circumstances, hehe). Was hoping I could get mad at people on stage and shove my facts in their faces, harharhar. Semester's test finished, one week holiday, school then semester test again next month... blergh...
Initially we were to join mooting (the first time I heard that I was like WTF?). Mooting's like a live court session, teaches you to be lawyers n stuff like that. But we were against university students(who study law) so we ended quitting. We're not much of an expertise at law, especially cos we like to break school rules (harhar, kidding)

I know this song's not feeling it (and the lyrics don't suit too) but I was feeling like listening to Chingy, hehehe...

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

   New month, old days
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I love Mike... and Chester, and Joe and Brad and Rob and Phoenix, they are so cool... New album's coming up! Can't wait!!

How are you guys at Otaku? We're having our holiday next week. Ngee...

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Friday, March 2, 2007

I have a crappy week because of someone but I cannot do anything but smile.
Let me be senile and glare away from them but I still hold on to what got me condemned
It's not your fault, not their mistakes, not my own fall into the lake
And drown in its dark embrace, it's what my own principle that got to me
I am not alone, I am not weak
So don't look at me innocently and pretend I'm ok
Pretend you and I are still on the same page
I'm no mage, I cannot read you, cannot heal you, cannot wash your pain in you
So let us just stand here, no closer, no further,
Because I'm still holding onto what got me condemned, don't think I'm with them, I never wished to be in the middle
And be sandwiched until I thin out like a needle
Don't take me as that
They forced me
You are my ally
And will always be
I sacrificed everything
And you still smile like it was nothing...

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Monday, February 19, 2007

   Um...is this a sleepy or tired face??
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Yeah... I can draw up till that. I have to do my holidays homework (Dx)and study for exams. Like... I stink at Physics, Bio, add math and this makes me mad!! Especially at bio, cos the passing grade is 60%. Well... the whole class fainted, obviously...

Plus, I wanna thank u guys for ur support in my manga eventho my manga's not that good...harharhar.
Ngh.. See u guys in 3 weeks...

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

   Manga problem, sorry !!!
To all those who have generously commented and voted or read my WR manga, please forgive me!!
I've accidentally DELETED IT!! ARgh!! Stupid stupid me!!!

I promise, I'll upload another one with a newer cover. I apologise... gomene gomene... O.O'
On the positive side... By the time it's uploaded, I'll add new pages to it, so u will have something new to read in WR.

Good thing I stil have the pages in my pc.

Thank u for reading this... T_T

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Friday, February 9, 2007

   My Whole Most Favourite Game Ever!!
It's Fahrenheit!

LP and Roxas!! They Rule!!

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

W.R... It's not offensive, it's just initials.
OMG! I've posted up WR!!! (hehehe-evil smile-)
This manga came into my mind when I was like... 11 years old, yeah, around that.
Why i like this story so much? Cos I created it, muahaha!! Besides, this is the only manga where I can freely draw bikes and cute guys (yep, there are lots of guys in it, me and my weird mind...) I hope that, with all my heart, that anyone who reads it, including you, will enjoy it.

I've never posted any long manga like that in public (first time) so I hope no flames or criticisms.

Wanna check WR? You obviously know where it is.
Ah!! I can draw lots of CathyxJohn and Maxxxx now!!
Thanks you~~ XD

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Monday, January 15, 2007

   At last
Finished me first manga of the year!! Took me less than a day cos my week is full of other schedules, but, I like the outcome anyway. Please check it out, ^0^

Now... to try and survive another frustrasting week... Have you ever wondered how fast time flies by? Just like fast-forwarding a game or movie or something.

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