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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   Naruto Tug-o-War of Lurve

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When i should be revising for my A Levels, here is a cute pic of the Naruto Tug-o-War of Lurve!!
i hopes you like ^^

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Monday, June 12, 2006

   200 visits


Look i know it doesn't seem much but i haven't been doing this long lol
200 visits and my number is 5900 on popularity making me, not as popular as some but more popular than others lmao

yey go me

I love you guys (*.*)


P.S. I managed to get some music on yey. Not the best but it'll do. Today its Key of Twilight by Hack Sign ^^

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

   Swimming with Hangover

hello all you funky ones!!

Had a belter of a night last night - was
Went up town - (blackpool) - and went clubbing with my mates. It was ace, went to this club that i've never been to before. I've been in the que for it, but i was 16 at the time and got knocked back - can you blame a girl for trying? lol
Anyway i had a really good night, got in at 3 am and collapsed on the sofa after having a pint or so of water.

Next thing you know i'm being woken up by my little bro telling me i have to get ready for swimming. And then it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I just remembered then that i had to take my little bro and sis swimming to this indoor water park...i was not a happy nor healthy bunny. (>.<)

So there i am swimming (or bobbing in my case) around this lazy river thing, feeling very rough and to top it off, this cheeky b*st*rd of a lifguard decided to pour a bucket of water over my head!!!

So i now feel very crap still and to make it worse i have the worst hayfever imaginable so that's been giving me hell too!

Hope you's lot is having a better time right now then i am _ *collapses head first onto computer desk me:owe)

love you x x x

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Friday, June 9, 2006

   Hello and World Cup


Sorry for not writing in a while, my mind has been elsewhere. I deserve a slap on the hand...
*flinches and waits for punishment*

Well in the true spirit of things and i know its not what i usually do, i couldn't help but feel a sense of the World Cup Fever - yes i know, footie can be dull, but one couldn't help but support her country ^^
Good luck to everyone else and who they support!!

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(wow he's adorable!!)

Now for more important things...

Firstly my Comic Contest!
I goin' to be needing the entries in now so they can be judge, so pleez get them into me as soon as possible. You have until the end of June, maybe begining of July _ we'll see what mood i'm in lol.

Second - HEAT!
My god its warm!!I've got to work tonight in a resturant and its going to be sweaty and my stupid yellow and black uniform does not help!! *passes out due to heat stroke*

and thirdly - revision
This time next week i'll be sitting a 3 hour Product Design exam and a 1 and half hour Theatre Studies exams, all might i add are A Level exams

pray for sanity (>.<)

well that's it i think -

I've been given a request by a publishers to see my whole manuscript - oooooh, this could be my big break on getting published!! Yey. But i'm not holding my breath...just keeping my fingers crossed

love you loads

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

   Japanese Go Crazy

Here is a brief and very random comic that my 11 yr old bro made last night. When he first told me he was doing a comic i was all like "meh?" but when he showed it me i killed myself laughing - it-was-hillarious! And sooo random - check out the guy with the huge hair lmao
So pleez, all credit to my little bro and his random comic 'Japanese Go Crazy'...bless!


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   Heloo peeps!

Just a little note to say how great some of the replies i've got for the comic contest and that you've not got long now - well bout 4 or so weeks, but pleez send them into me soon, otherwise they'll not get shown

*send them to me in a private message or post them on your site or the main otaku site and i'll find them ^^ - but don't forget


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Okay so i've seen a lot of the japanese episodes and i know the plots but come on! The Uk never get anything decent - apart from Dragon Ball, Z & GT they were ace! ^^

So i'm really happy that something so legendary is coming here and i really wish i could go down to the london expo to see the preview - even though i've seen it lol

ta! for now


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   Greetings Funky People - lol


Been a bit of a depressing day today :'(
I finish sixth form next friday and, knowing that i'll never be coming back, all my teachers are sad, my friends are sad and i'm sad in a way, except towards the people i don't know or hate so they can kiss my arse for i care - lol

The Year Book is gonna be a beast (a comic of mine's in it so its definitely a beast - lol kiddin no one likes a bragger *grins*)
but the cheeky b*st*rds are making us pay 8 quid for it O_________o

This means that's more money i have to save - already spent 25 on the soddin' Summer Ball!
Altho this years will be soooo much better than the Year 11 prom because we can DRINK!!
Oooh speaking of which i need a new prom dress - my old don't fit cos...well, lets just say i've grown over the last two years...chest wise lol (^'V
Found a nice dress but my mum won't pay 260 odd quid for a dress O__o oh well?

Now on the subject of money....which is summ'it i don't have *garrrgh! I need:
60 - 70 = for tatoo (its a big'one)
30 = for the uber new hair cut (spiky)
40 = for the hotel room *cough
15 = to give for the limo (woo)
30 - 45 = for drinks and leaving pressies


Man it means working more at my job *bleh!

I also realised whilst wallowing away into an endless pit during Product Design, that i havn't done quote of the day for a while - shame on me *slaps her hand*
So todays quote of the day comes from my little sister Psycho_killer (she's around otaku somewhere) She's been singing the same damn song for THREE F*CKING DAYS!!!!
A great song but talk about over kill! So because of her endless singing i have it in my head now and want the rest of you to get it too
*cackles maniacally* So here's 'Ninja of the Night'
Here we go;

"...In the confusion of a smoke bomb, i could remove your bra without you even noticing -
- i can jump roof to roof and steal my friends free cable...ITS BAAAD ASSSSSSSS! -
- i'll use...my chinese star...to pick the locks...and steal your car -
- Ninja of the-
- Ninja of the niiiiight..."

Sing it three times and you'll never forget it lol

FAQ about the Comic Contest:
There isn't a deadline as such, but it will probably be towards the mid to end of june so no rush as such.
Any questions on the Comic Contest just ask
and i'm still getting a few entries wooh!

I love you guys ^^

Right i'm tired now thanks for listening to me ramble.

Thank you and GOODNIGHT!!


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Sunday, May 14, 2006


Evening peeps!

Did the most amazing thing on friday, are you ready?..... I BOOKED MY TATOO - WOOOOOOH!!!!!
So on the 21st June i'm going to be in some serious pain, but hey, my back will look totally amazing mate!!! O.O So if there's any of you out there with tatoos, pleeeez tell me what you went through. I can deal with pain, i just want to know how much lmao ^^

comic ideas still goin good? nice to know there's still interest ^^ keep 'em coming


P.s. the pic was random, but it does go with the other ^.'V

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   Keep 'em Coming !!

Hey ho!

Well got quite a few people interested in my comic contest which is always good - seriously there's no rush you've got ages guys ^^
keep those interests coming in and seriously, don't be shy, on this site, everyone's a great drawer ^^

Did a really random pick today (below) I have no idea what created it ?_? just one of those moods i guess lol

OOOH also, i've sent a piece of work to a Japanese illustrator called Ryu Takeuchi - amazing by the way - cos i emailed him saying how i admired him and influences me and now he wants to see my work *GASP*! lol so this should be interesting b^^


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