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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

   ILL!!!! and accomidation (spaffy)

Hello all. Just got up and i'm in my spaffy hello kitty pj's *yey*

sorry for once again having this annoying gap between posts, but i haven't been myself the last few days -__-

First thing, i'm not what you call an entirely healthy person. Sometimes i can be ok but then i get times when i have bad moments. Basically, i was one of those kids who didn't eat their vegatables when i was little...now i'm 18 and i'm paying the price dearly. I have a really F*cked up digestive system and my doctor told me if i don't start eating more veg now, i could have a 'digestive collapse' *wimpers*

Now onto happier things - i got my accomidation for uni *grins* I got my en suite that i wanted and its really cheap too yey - and get this, i get a heated towel rail in my en suite too *audience oooohs* lol

i've also made two wallpapers, which is something i don't normally do but they're v purdy ^^ you can view them on my portfolio yey so let me know what you tink

hope i feel better soon, i get my results in 2 days *arrrrrgh*

love love love love


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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   YEY 500 Visits

Wow O.o

I've had over 500 visits to my site yey!!!

Thankyou everyone i love you all *blows kisses*
i don't know what my popularity thing is cos it won't tell me -_-

Anywho how is peeps? hopes you're all okays and stuff. I only have a few week now untill i go to Uni so my bro and sis are all getting emo on me bleh O__o My parents on the other hand are already planning things without - they just ant rid of me!!! *chibi fresco crys her heart out* I'm sure they're only joking...maybe?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(i didn't make this pic - its still cute tho)

It'll be sooo kool living on my own - well with roomies and i hope i have anime obsessed roomies like me, well, not all of them, maybe a bishi guy who likes anime, yey, that'd be ace....
AND I've been given lots o money by the government too to help me towards uni YEY!! They have schemes and bursuries over here that they give to students who aren't as well off as some, so i've been given help. My uni is giving 500 jsut for going to that uni - how nice?!?!?

anyway, just because i'm at uni doen't mean i'll forget about you guys *big grins* oh yeah!

love love love love!!!


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Thursday, August 3, 2006

   hi ^^

Sorry for not writing in a while been kinda busy. *blinfolds herself and awaits beating of many plushies* be gentle with me ^^

Hope you all ok and stuff. I'm afraid its gonna be one of those rushed posts cos i've got soooo much to do so if i don't get to your site and sooooooooo sorry ^^;

very little had happened to me - either on my arse or working. The Womans Open Golf Championships is being hosted this year at Lytham golf course, which is just down the road from me! that new american sixteen year version of tigar woods in there. I'm not really into golf, i find it kinda boring but we've had loads of torists since the open and all kinds of random sport celebs so thats been kinda cool ^^

well, i'm diving in the shower, not literally - actually you could with mine because its huge!!!! lol

OOOOH i get my test results for my A Levels in two weeks O.o arrrgh! not good, this determines whether i lead the wonderful life of an animator or be stuck in the damn pub for the rest of my life *sob*

love you and leave you xoxoxoxox

ok seriously, what the frick is up with myotaku i cant comment anyone!!! Just so you all know, i have visited your sites and its all bizarre O)_____(o man i'm tired and stressed grrrr


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   NOOOOO not the NANO!!!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!! My NANO!!!!
*chibi Fresco pours her heart out*

After all the care i took, the patient waiting and stuff and now, after all this bloody time, my iPod Nano decides to pack up!!!

The screens not responding and i tried all the 'What happens if my Nano is not responding' crap that's in the manual - so i just left it all night.

But i came to it this morning and it was switched off, meaning it'd gone flat (battery wise) so i tried switching it on and it did woooooooh!!!!! so now i'm v happy. my dad wasn't happy when i told him - i mean its almost 130 quids worth o music tech wasted if it was really broke but its not now yey! ^^

So...how is everyone? good? bad? crap?

My tatoo's fully healed now, so i can show it off in the sun *grins* i went through an itchy stage which was really annoying.

I can't belive how hot it is over here - bournemouth, this poky little seaside resort down south is hotter than Bermuda!!! Its scortching up here and we're nearer to scotland arrrrgh! *melts*

huggles and snuggles



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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   Sailor V! & Ryu

Well as you can see my new theme is Sailor V *chibi grins!* my fav sailor scout. And the great thing about this them, if i fancy a change i have 9 other sailor scouts to choose from ^^

Well my japanese illustrator friend sent me some post cards of his work (**) they're great! and the wonderful little thing about them is the 150 yen symbol he forgot to take off on some ^^ he's so considerate.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bought my second volume of Chobits today too, so now i have something to read before work :3

Hope you all have a great day - its boiling over here again *sweats*


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Friday, July 14, 2006

   New Theme ideas?

Hi folks

Managed to get the internet back wooh - problem now is i've gotta work again!!! grrrr

I've been thinking of a new theme. As much as i adore Trigun and everything, i feel a change is needed. What do you think?
I'm into my Sailor Moons again at the mo and my fav sailor scout is Sailor V, so i was going along the lines of her? *ponders*

I promise now, as soon as i've finished work i'll visit all you sites wooh Fresco promise *hands out giant marshmallows* ^^

love love love love!!!!


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   OMG Help!

My dad's threatening to switch off the internet unless i clean my room -

- I'll rephrase that, he HAS switched off the internet, i just plugged it back in whilst he popped out, but i goota be quick - stealthy even, like a ninja *stealthy shifty eyes*

Sorry for not stopping at your sites - you can see now why? promise you, as soon as i've cleaned my room, or as soon as i've figured a way to render my dad unconcious *evil grin* i'll visit your site - I haven't forgotten you my beloved otaku friends *sends last farewell hugs*

Farewell, i shall return!!
*holds samurai sword and charges forth swiftly*


P.s. you didn't see anything

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

   400 Visits

Wahoo 400 visits to my site - thanx everyone

sorry couldn't help myself. Haven't really done anything today cos i've got to go to work in a bit, so i'll stop by your sites when i finish ^^

OMG pirates of the carribean rocked!!!!
I shan't spoil it for those who havn't seen it yet but its ace! I urge you to see it woooh!

Well i'll see you all later *grins* (**)

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Monday, July 10, 2006


OMFG Earth worm Jim is BACK!!!

I haven't watched that show for years and Nicktoons (yes i watch nicktoons) is getting it wooooh. "When in trouble - blast them!"
Oh god, he is one of my heros lmao i used to watch him all the time - get this, with my mum!? she loves it too. in fact when i told her this morning after seeing the advert she went nuts! lmao

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In other news i will be seeing Pirates o da carribean 2 tonight WOOOOH! Jack Sparrow - he rocks!!!! Pleez - if you've seen it, keep your comments to yourself. My family saw it last friday without me cos i had to work *sad chibi eyes* stoopid family. Anyway, i'm seeing it tonight with my bf o yeah!

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Gi'arrgh avast me'harties


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Sunday, July 9, 2006


....for just writing a random post yesturday and then buggering off. I didn't visit anysites and i feel bad *sad chibi eyes*

I basically had a period of about half an hour where from coming home from work and going out again, i had to write something in myotaku, yet i never got to your sites

I'm sorry *chibi fresco blindfolds herself and awaits beating of plushy penguines*

well i'm going to work again this morning *groan* but its only for 4 hours though, altho my work has this habit of dragging out four hours grrr. I wanna work with my friend Emily, she works in a nursury - how cute is that, she gets to work with plushy, squishy babies all day i wanna do that! they're so damn cute!!! *huggles baby* the only downside is she has to change nappies (diapers) but apart from that its ace!

Well i'll drop by your sites later on this after noon cos i gota go

i love you - i love you - i love you (*.*)


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