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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Morning... no wait - Early! FAR TOO EARLY!!!!!!

Okay...right now i'm feeling a mix of frustration, sleepiness and annoyance, and in the fine words of my favourite Gordie (Newcastle folk) t.v hosts..."Eeeh I'm shat'ered" lol

Starts off with my bizarre dream, which i won't go into too much detail cos its long and freaky - but the wierdest bit was when a lady left her purse and can of coke on the shelf of my dad's shop and i ran after her with it, when she shouts "Don't worry! I'll pick them up and saturday!"
What...the...hell???????? O.o

Anyway, my lil bro wakes me and says i have to do a morning round *groans* -
see we own a newsagents, hence paper kids and rounds O______o
- so i go down stairs and my mum has alreasy taken i kid round in the car, my sister is out doing one and my dads stood there with mine. Apparantly one of the staff hadn't quite printed the rounds out right, so everything was f*cked up - Yeah, but guess who they have to kick out of bed to do 'em ME THATS WHO!!!!

I'm 18 for crying out loud, i stopped doing rounds at 14-15 ish. So i'm rerther knakered at the mo grrrrr

Hope my fellow otakuites, senior otakus and otaku legends (i wanna be a legend) are having a better time thatn me right now, although i've got that lack-o-sleep-hyper thing kicking in. ooooh i'm going to be bouncy tonight lmao

love you and leave you


check out cute pic of me and my sis (psychokiller666)
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Okay so today is the day i get tatted (what a way to sound like a chav?) So this is gonna be short and sweet, but come back later on this evening when i've had it done and i'll tell you allllll about it - OMG PRAY FOR MY HEALTH ITS GONNA STING!!!!

In a bit mate! (god i've gotta stop sounding like a chav!)

*Continuation from above*

Ahhh crap!
Went into the tatoo parlour with my friend and the guy looked surprosed to see me. He said that i'd missed my appointment! Apparantly mine was in the morning - NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME THOUGH!!!! So i'd syked myself up for bugger all!
I've got to wait until friday now to get it done!!WAAAAAAAH it mean for pissing waiting grrrrr i'm very angry now >.<

Hope you lot are having a better day than i am *kicks and punches table*


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   I'm Really Sorry....

...but, is it a bit obvious now that i'm a Trigun fangirl?!?!?!? and that i bum Vash??!?!?!?!

I have the bishiest back ground, the bishiest post bg, the cutest avatar, i's got the theme tune and NOW I have my own Trigun fan vid!!!! did i mention i have a t-shirt -

next step....COSPLAY - obviously i won't be vash, but i could get away with being meryl?!??!! O.o lol
The second vid is mine, but the first is an absolute lege of a vid - not made by me, though i am supporting his greatness lol

love you all this..........................much


P.S. OMFG Tatoo tommorow PAIN!!! Maybe i should get the random cat that always appears...omg, genius lmfao

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   Tuxido Mask lmao


Ok to me this is funny...

I went into town today with my BF cos he wanted to hire a tuxido for the Summer Ball we've got coming up at the end of June - I'm going for a red and black theme, he's getting me a corsage and everything - bless?
Anywho, he's not the kind of guy that does this sort of thing - he's about sixth foot three, beard, scraggy hair and loves Iron maiden so you can imagine the kind of guy he is lol O.o
But as he stood there trying on this tux jacket and pants and looking at bow ties, i couldn't help but let my mind wonder and for some reason, this image of tuxido mask from sailor moon popped into my head lmao I told myself to kick myself very hard in the leg if i ever did that again *rubs leg tenderly*

pleez let me know if you've had similar experiances, are buying prom stuff at the mo or actually have better things to say - cos i know this conversation's crap lol

love you xoxoxoxxo


P.S. Two days untill my tatoo!! O_____o PAIN!!!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   Japanese Connections - Oh yeah!

All right...which one of you muppits changed the music order!?!?!?!?!?! J/K lol

OMFG I got a response to my Japanese illustrator friend - i can finally say i have connections in Japan! lol
Long story short i'm a fan of his work, so i sent him an email and telling him about how much his work has influenced me and that i was using his influence in my A Level Art exam...
...he replied! Saying he wanted to see my exam once it was finished! OMG O.o! So i sent it and he's just replied this morning saying how much he liked the pic! ARRRRH!
So now he said he's going to use my drawing for one of his next pieces!!!!!!!
I beg you to visit his site at http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/ryu/
He's called Ryu Takeuchi and he's an absolute lege!

Now, i havn't done this for a while but i need to do it - its 'Quote of the Day' *applause*
This quote actually comes from my little sis (psychokiller666) again - cos she says the randomist things lol.
"My sister has yellow feet so she's a smoker"
WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *fallen about laughing* I really don't get it either O.o lmao

Love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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Saturday, June 17, 2006


well its saturday which can only mean one thing....WORK!!

I work in a pub slash resturant and usually works at a steady rate, but today sllllllooooooooow..................so boring O.o
I had to kick an old guy off a table cos he was just sat there reading when a family of five wanted to eat - this was in the bedlemic five minutes before i finished lol
Got to pour my first pint today woohoo! It was a pint of Stella - very strong Belgium beer that sends me dizzy after pint and half lmao. I was very impressed with myself (_) I very rarely work in the bar area but because of how bored we all were today, we basically just dossed about lol
We had an ice cube footie match as well which was fun until my boss walked on at 4 bleh!

Well i hope you lot have had fun and i'm going out tonight too woooH! Think i'm going to this swish bar with my work mates and its cheap - which is a good thing considering i've only got a couple of quid lmao
Have fun you lot and don't do anything i wouldn't do - like bush diving...i really don't recommend it lol O______o


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Friday, June 16, 2006

   Exams - ARRRRRGH!

Well i had my first load of A Levels (Finals) today O.o

Amazingly they went well wahoo!
My Product Design - which is basically Graphics and Resistant Materials - was, without being cocky, easy. Didn't get the questions i hoped for, but still, i could do them ^^ The best one was as question where i basically had to compare a CD Walkman to and iPod, in ways of design, construction, function all that kind of stuff - basically some technology illiterate moron could do it lol

Theatre Studies - Drama - was simple too. We've been studying this russian play which is actually really funny so i liked it and could do it, and the other play my group actually performed and get this, the question was on my character!!! I should bag and A easy lol

I know quite a few of you on here are having exams too -

I just hope i get enough points to get into my University - forget Oxford and Cambridge...or Harvard????lol I'm aiming for the smaller uni's yeah!!! O________o

love you all (**)


P.S. I have to keep putting american alternatives for most of my friends here and the rest of you guys i love so much lol. I get some really confused comments lol ^^ Peace!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

   just, randomness.... mystery

This is random, typed my name on this english to japanese website thing, and when name in Japanese
is Riisa (pronouced ree-sar).

Now ain't she the name of the girl from DN Angel? wahoo, there's an anime character named after me...but the thing is now...who of you can guess my real name?!?!?!?!?!?! OOOH mystery! lol O.o

I'll send a nice piccie as a prize to the person who can gues my real name ^^

wooh i love games, its something to do!!


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   Comic Contest!!!

Well, its finally coming to an end...

I've had some kool entries come in for the contest - some by the way are hillarious lol.
Keep them comming in cos you havn't got long now, if you're new to the whole thing then see profile for rules (above) you've still got time if you want to add an entry ^^

Let me know asap when you've done the pic and tell me where it is or send me the link via PM.

thanks a lot xoxoxoxox


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   boredom of home

well i'm at home...again...

I don't know if you get it in the States (let me know if you do/do not), but over in the UK when we're taking out final exams, we get study leave. Now that i'm at A Level, my study leave goes on for about One Month and a half, and then i break up for summer anyway!

But come on people...ONE MONTH OF ABSOLUTE NOTHING!!! I mean i'm supposed to be study (well duh?) but when you've only got 3 exams and everyone else and your friends has about 10, cabin fever does kick in lol. That's why i'm here...randomly talking to you guys...cos cabin fever is eeeeeevil!!!!

pray for my sanity (_)


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