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Saturday, July 8, 2006


well i've been at work all day, and i was last night....and i'm there again tommoro...and tuesday...stoopid work

I hope everyone's good. Just had a chinese mmmmm wontons lol was with my friends after work and they asked me if i wanted a pint - i said 'no!' and had a fruit juice instead wahoo!

we had our gala day today ^^ its basically this thing that all the towns have, its ok i guess. There was one float dedicated to the England footie team....but since we lost, its kinda awkward *ahem* lol

well i'm going to see my friends. And in the fine words of Homer Simpson:
"Only one thing to say right now, get the hell outa' my yard" *turns on sprinklers*


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Friday, July 7, 2006

   OMG O_____________o

Right, no word of a lie now... i'm going on an alchohol detox!

No more booze for a good while, i hate the whole morning after phase *queezy chibi eyes* Its a good thing i'm not working till later O.o go on shout at me, beat me with a stick i deserve it, stoopid alcohol. So that's it, no more!!! I mean i felt great about 2 o'clock this morning lmao

Thats the worse thing though, i came home, woke up this morning and hadn't a bloody clue how i locked the door, turned the alarm on, got undressed, had a glass of water and went to bed. I'm sat there in bed this morning trying to remeber everything! I honestly can't remember up to that point and that's bad! that's when you know you've had a lot!
I don't know if they have them in the states, but over here, we've got what's called 'alchopops' and its basically a soft drink in a bottle, but its got a shot of vodka or some kind of spirit inside it. well i had what 7 of these! argh the pain!!!!

So learn from me kids - don't do it until you know that you're completely confidant in what you drink and that you know you can handle your booze - this useually kicks in at about they say, 21 - 24 yr olds? well i'm 18, and i've been out partaying since i was like 16? which is BAD!!! i tell you, the laws in this country are batty! lmfao

any who, new site's looking great. Got an image now on me button woooh! check it out, le'me know what its like...

...right, gonna go lye down

boi @_o


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Thursday, July 6, 2006

   The frustration

Well i took your advice and i'm now trying to get Fresco Gallery up and running.

On my profile, there's a weird squiggly coloured box, that was supposed to be an image link but i've obviously done something wrong lol. but at least you can now link between the two sites. Obviously the new site needs tweaking here and there but eventually it'll look alright ^^

So feel free to have a look, they're ain't a lot o pics at the minute but its getting there, bloody frustrating though. At first i couldn't get the link to appear at all so that cheesed me off - although i have to say a huge thankyou to IceEnchantress for her help with that so "ta!" *Chibi Fresco hands her flower* also a big "ta!" to edwardelricthe2nd for the other codes *chibi Fresco hands balloon* I also lost my whole profile somehow - how the hell i managed that i don't know! So i got most of it back, i'll have to go hunting for my mp3 again *wimpers*

The way things go wrong is all down to my stoopidity when it comes to I.T lmao

So, Stay tuned for updates folks! ^^


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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   Gallery Idea ?_?

I've been thinking of ways to show my artwork - without it being nicked and where everyone can see it.

You see i feel it might be a bit crowded on this otaku, so i might start another one, where you lot, my wonderful otaku buddies can view them via a link.

*Chibi Fresco Ponders*

Hmmmmm....what do you guys think, is it a good idea? After all i am doing this for you *smiles*
feel free to give me your views

*Scratches head whilst eating oversized marshmallow*

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006


Congratulations to Pink Chan on being the winner of the Comic Contest!

I want to say thanks to everyone who participated - all of your work was great, it was hard picking a winner. Thanks to everyone who encouraged others and even the ones who said they would enter but obviously, i picked a bad time really to do it what with most of you taking your finals and exams and such, but do not fear, i will be holding another one soon, may be a while yet but there will be another ^^

Thank you everyone - you've been fabulous!
*chibi Fresco hands out muffins*


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Monday, July 3, 2006


Oh no one of you has disappeared from my guest book and i can't remember who?!?!?!?
I've been trying all morning to find you, so pleez check my guest book if you're not there - ahhhh the horror, my worst fears come true!
also, i'm sorry i didn't get to your site yesturday *slaps hand* i'll make sure i get to them today ^^

Any'who, just woke up so check back a bit later when i've actually done something lol

(Watch this space *watching intensely*)

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   Errm random...ness O.o

Hey'ho peeps

I changed my theme - still Trigun but i fancied a change. Check out the uber beasty wolfwood post pic, it rocks!!! lol

Having a super lazy day, i'm talking major laziness here lol enjoying my week end off ^^

Spent most of today updating my Manga book. I've been drawing out my own manga into this book just dedicated for that and it rocks! I've got eight pages at the mo, when i've done some more, i'm goin' to create another page so you guys can link to it and see it ^^ trying to find out thos what kind of site or page to put it on, might just do another myotaku but just for my manga?

Oh also, anyone know how to prevent others from right-clicking on images? Not to stop you guys, just peeps i don't know cos there's rumours going round that someone on MyOtaku is stealing other otakuites work and claiming it as their own! AND THAT'S WRONG!!!!! If i find whose doing that, i'll tear them a new belly-button - Northener's style! (j/k ... or am i?)

any who *regains composure* yeah, so if anyone knows how to block copying of the right-clicker then that'd be great.

Now the votes are in and i have the winner of the Comic Contest...but just to be evil, i'm gonna leave it a little while longer - bwuhahahahaha lmao. You'll just have to wait ^^

Love you all xoxoxoxoxox

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   Weeee Cute Mood

Hows everyone?

Had my Leavers Do last night that was really good seeing all my mates again. We were all in pretty dresses (**)
I'm in the process of doing a comic strip of my reaction to my bf - you see he's basically a hobbo looking kinda guy, but last night he suddenly trasnformed and he was...verrrrry bishi ^^ *grins*
I'll post it when i've done it

Reson why i'm in a cute mood is cos i went to waterstones today - book store - and checked out my usual section, Manga *weee* And they didn't have the next book of DearS, which i'm still peeved about *looks peeved* so i decided to start reading Chobits cos ive heard good things and its a really cute story - Chi is awesome **

Nothing else really, oh, my tatoo feels like bad sunburn *owe* and its begining to go scabby *ewe* oh well, it still looking good. I also got my hair cut - EXTREMELY short and spiky it rocks!!! lol ^^

Love you and Leave you xoxoxoxoxox

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   Owe O.o

Hi peeps...blurgh

Sorry i haven't wrote in a bit, been busy with revision but i've finsihed my exams now wahooo! *owe*

Why are you in pain Fresco - thats what i hear you lot say. Well in celebration of our final exam, me and my mate sarah (omg what a lege) went to the pub and decided to have a drink - which turned into two...then four...then a round...then my bf bought me one and then sarah so very slowly i was getting more and more anebriated lmao *owe* O___o

OOOH I got my tatoo too.
From my blog from before, its not two tats, just one, but the first time i went for it it never happened, but now it has - again *owe*!!!!
I urge peeps to get one, i've already planned my second one lol. The pain...its like, you can tolerate it, i winced every so often, but i wasn't crying out "Oh God Make It Stop!!" after a while i just got used to it.
Girls have a higher tolerance for pain than boys, no offence ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

dis is wat i got on my back, i'm a little angel woooh (**) when i fix my camera i'll show you the actual thing

going shopping today, wooooooh shopping with my mummy so she can buy me new things ahhh (**)

Boi boi


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Friday, June 23, 2006

   Right, Lets try this one again.....

Today is when i get my tatoo (for the second time) grrrrr

I managed to have a nice lye in yey (**)
although last night i was well prepared to have a great night out - cos last night it was DANGER NIGHT!!!

My town each year - and the surrounding towns - all have a Club Day (wow sounds like some sort of girly anime ^^) now there's this amazing funfair that comes round too (not Islands of Adventure i know but still...) and its great, cos on the thursday of that week, all the rides are cheap....because they haven't been tested yet, so kids who are brave and daring enough ride the rides - hence the name danger night!!!

It was great i had my tea, went straight there went on two rides at first then felt really ill after lmao. No seriuosly i really wanted to barf lol. Then i had some candy floss and i felt better lol. My sis and her mental friends were with me so that was funny to watch. Me and my sis went on one ride and cos we've actually lost a lot of weight, we're not strapped in as well as we used to - so we're rolling around the seats, panicing that we're gonna fall out lmfao

I gotta work tonight after my tatoo is done *groan* so i don't make it by your site in time i'm sorry but i'll try my best ^^

Wish me luck!!!!!

~~FrescO~~ :3

P.S. I will be announcing the winner of the comic contest after the weekend. OOOOh Judging's gonna be tough ^^

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