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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Crimson-Rose (07/05/06)

^_^ your a very interesting person!! I like your site alot!! VASH AND HIS DONUTS!! AHHHHHHH ^^ lets be friends! I'll see you on the flip flop LATER!!

EdwardElricThe2nd (07/03/06)

Nihao! Like the site. I like the vash sama bg. coolio. Well thanxors 4 signing my gb. i shall add u as friend! n_n Drop by meh site sometime. I'm not one of those stupid ppl that demand to be visited everyday, but just like once a year would be nice. lol n_n.Well I do hope to hear from you sometime! Tootles! CULATER!
Idiots do cool things.

That's why it's cool.

Fullmetal heero King knowz bestiestz. d watz rite & don't do da drug! . thanxie! n_n 

- our friend dwdl̢Thnd ♣♠♣♠

Venus Kitty (06/29/06)

Hey hey hey!! Words up? lolz sry ill shut up! But first, VASH SO COOLL!! :3 Shadow is Badass Im glad someone actually agreed with me! haha Thanks for signing my GB!! Ill add you as a friend!! SEE YA LATERS!!
*runs after shadow*

Lego Vasavouchi (06/24/06)

Hi hi!! Thanks so much for signing my guestbook!! *huggles* Your site is waaay awesome! I totally love the setup an' all. As a matter of fact, don't be suprised if I pm you soon, asking for html help, cuz I've actually been wanting to do a similar setup, but I never knew how. -.- Your background is much coolness; I've sadly seen very little of Trigun, but I can tell it's awesome and Vash is really hott. :P

Is is way different in the UK? Do you like; have typical slang that you use that makes it confusing to talk to ppl of different nationalities? Cuz bein from oklahoma, I think I confuse ppl when I say I'm fixing to do something & stuff like that. All my hip lingo has them baffled. lmao (totally kidding; anything that comes from oklahoma is far from hip). Yay!! You like Xialin Showdown too!! I sometimes wonder at myself when I fall for shows that mimic anime, but aren't quite the same; but u like it too, so I feel better. (I even met someone who likes Avatar: The Last Airbender!!) Yay!

Oopsie. I don't think I've ever done this before. Such a long guestbook signing, that is. SORRY!!! I started going on like i was freakin chatting or somthing!! So I'll stop here. Thanks for adding me as a friend, totally adding you to my list as well. ^-^ I'll drop by every once in a while, and don't be surprised if I pm ya soon!! ^.^ Well, ttyl!!

Luv 2 ya

fullycrazy (06/23/06)

hey thanks for signing my GB I love your site I like your BG better then mine lol I'm going to add ya to and you talk to me anyway you can because I get bored easly lol

ryoko98632 (06/23/06)

i love your site. vash the stampede is so cool! i love donuts too!i'm also a pain in the arse. feel free to drop by sometime!


chronoluv (06/21/06)

nice page luvin the vash (sp???) theme great songs 2. good job.

spicy tuna roll (06/21/06)

you funny i add you too^^

Cooly Fooly (06/20/06)

supeth? sry i didnt get here until now T.T;; im so slow...but thank you for signing my gb before =3 X3

(~^^)~ Au Revoir!

queenbakura3 (06/20/06)

Nice to meet you, I'm ThiefQueenBakura. Cooleth siteth. OK, I'm off! Pepperonis don't just get killed themselves! Ta-ta. *Click* *Splort*

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