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Welcome to MyOTAKU! My name is Akira! I hope you enjoy being in the contents of my mind X3
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Im back
Im back again, lets see who comes to visit! :D
I have a crapload of Shonen Jump mangas, if any of you are interesting in purchasing a few of them, I'm selling them cheap.
well...im not sure HOW cheap, but cheaper than buying them at the store.



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Saturday, August 25, 2007

   Loveless (=^+^=)
Went to the mall today, it was pretty sweet. Does anyone remember that 60s movie by the Beatles; Yellow Submarine? GAWD i love that movie, so of course as soon as i saw the poster in FYE i had to get it :D im a nerd ok?! ive loved that movie since i was 4!!

*AHHHHHHHHHHH look at all the lovely people*

then i bought LOVELESS #6, i heart Ritsuka...
(no no dont worry i love you too Atomsk >.>) i only read the beginning, my eyes started to hurt towards the middle so i stopped.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hello Otakuites..
Today was kinda ehhh....kinda...i dont know, like average. My mother keeps yelling at me that im not trying to get a job. i am trying though, but i guess not enough 6.6;;; i really want a job too...its just hard to show her how much i want one...

but thats about it...Atomsk(My vampire) had his first day in college today, x3333 he really enjoyed it, made tons of friends. im proud XD

Yeah so basically, who's read the Twilight series?!?!?! im on the last one, dont tell me the ending!!!!!! but oh yeah, everyone should definately have their very own Edward Cullen. If you havent read this book, you need to go to Borders, Waldens, Walmart, ANY PLACE to find it...Stephanie Meyer is a GENIUS!!!!! <3<3<3

(~^^)~ PEACE OUT


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Sunday, August 19, 2007

oh wow, hope you guys still love me!!!! its been forever! damn you blue screen of death. Just let me fix my site up, to a lil updating, maybe send a message or two ^.~ and ill be back in business. Miss you all, lets see some comments Anime Lovers!!!!


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

jeeze i can never find time to update this damn site! >.< i sowwy! T__T ill get to it...
well, nothing much is happening here anyway, as always. it's pretty boring,
all the snow's melting so everything looks really bad...XP
hows the weather?!


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