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Saturday, May 17, 2008


so last night the new narnia movei came out last night and there was a lot of people there i was working box for the first time and box is where you buy the tickets at the theatre. today i work as concessions but i need to be very careful because we are missing a lot of cups, popcorn bags, etc. and the compant is so pissed at us so now we cant have free popcorn (which i dont care i'm allergic) no free drinks (we sneak them anyways) and no free movies (NOOOOOO!!!!!!) they are giving us a week to improve. mmm.... nothing else is going on so i'm going to go take a shower i feel so gross >.< talk to you guys later.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

what is wrong with AZ

yesterday there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was in the 90's now i wake up to dark gray clouds with winds going almost 30mph blowing everything away the doors downstairs kept on blowing open even when i double locked them, my sister is chasing things around outside without trying to blow away, all my mom's pots and flowers and couch cushions blew away and the pots broke even the fucking gaint one next to my window i watch it fall and i was like SHIT that pot weighs at least 40 pounds and is as tall as 4'5 that pot as never fallen over in any of our storms. and 140 miles north of us its snowing and now its starting to rain for us, some of the mountains are dissapearing behind the rain and guess what time it is... 8am ya so today i have a CT prep scan or something like that i have to fast and its going to take a couple of hours and they want me to drink lots of water >.< but i'm afraid to drive through this weather i'll end up like dorth from the wizard of OZ. something fell again got to go

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