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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holidays yet??
Does it feel like Christmas to anybody? TT__TT It just hasn't yet for me. It sucks. Hopefully the holiday spirit will kick up in time. The weather is alomst right... not quite snow, but it is cold and drizzly right now. x3 Not bad, actually, I like it. It's better than the warm sunshine we were having just a day or two ago! That was too weird. Stupid Oklahoma weather. xD

Okay. I need to share a little outrage with you guys. About Bleach. And the accursed English dub voices. Okay. Those of you following along.. hell, even those of you not following... and those who know Invader Zim!! Okay!! Renji!! Badass with the tattoos? Right. Now ... you know the two tallest on Zim? The two ruling Irkins? Okay... the one with the pink eyes? yeah,him. Now. Take his voice... and give it to Renji. What do you think? No? Doesn't work? Well you're right. But that 'swhat the bastards did anyways. That is NOT a good voice for Renji, I'm tellin ya!! My fear for the Soul Society voices has increased tenfold from that... I mean, what're they gonna do for Byakuya? And is Gin gonna sound like a hick? What about dear Ukitake? *GASP* And I bet they take the adorable away from Hanataro!!! AUGH!!! T_____T I am outraged.

But on a better note... I laughed today when I checked my grades for this semester. I did indeed get a B for American Popular music, due to a zero... cuz I didn't get my second report in at all. But the Physical Sciences... a tough class at best... nope. Got an A. Dunno how!! And the art I was so worried about? Apparently my teacher felt sorry for me, cuz I got and A in there too!! XDDDDDDD I am happy, of course, just.. a little disbelieving... and incredulous, y'know?

And on an even better note, I am extending my manga collection. I currently own vol. 1-16 of Bleach, 1-5 of Black Cat, 1-2 of Elemental Gelade, and 1-2 of Deathnote. I need more Deathnote. But couldn't afford it. And Vol 1 of Trinity Blood will be mine, but the bookstore had to order it for me cuz they were fresh out. Yay! *does happy happy manga dance*

I hope you guys are done or almost done with your finals, good luck on that all, and enjoy a super fun filled sleepy super tastic yay candy presents music and gumballs holiday!!! *glomps* Luv you all! And you really can drop by for Christmas dinner and whatnot... bet we have an excellent dessert too!! Tell ya what. If you're going to be in southwestern Oklahoma around Chrismtas, let me know and I'll give ya directions, kay? x3 Alrighty then. Ta ta!!

Luv 2 ya

Ps. I think it's Shunsui's fault Ukitake has tuberculosis... but they still get drunk together. See?:

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x3 Oh, not taking the credit for that. Done by *Inonibird on the DA. Just... thought it was hilarious. xDD

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yay, it's official!! Finals are over and I have survived!!! So hopefully over the weekend, once I've recovered from this, I'll get around to visiting you guys some more. Thanks so much for the love and good wishes, but ... *sigh* my final art project ended up sucking anyway. I staye dup all night and had it semi-finished, but with a whole lot of empty space, in time for the final on Tuesday. But she gave me until Wednesday to have it finished, along with my digital portfolio. Yay! After a one hour nap, I went back home to work on it. But didn't really want to. My heart wasn't in it. Sounds lame, sure, but anyone who draws knows, if you don't wanna, it's gonna suck. Then we ran a little late on Wednesday, and when I went to the computer lab to start on the portfolio, I couldn't find the folder where my professor had saved the photos of my work. Spazzed. Nearly broke down freaking out about it, and had less than an hour before the art building closed and it was too late. Finally my posse convinced me to just turn in the final without the portfolio, better than a zero. I did. And she gave me another day. Praise her! Then tried again on Thursday, still couldn't find the folder. Ended up emailing her about it, and today she had me come in to the art lab to work on it there. FINALLY got it done! Yay!!!

Oops. That was a long story. x3 Well here. As a reward for suffering through that, I'll show ya three of my best projects from this semester! The first one was an in-class assigment, a still life with stuffed birds and fake plants and veggies and stuff. Lookie here:

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Sorry, had to shrink it. TT__TT
Didn't really finish it, but I still got a good grade on it cuz I spent like, freakin' three hours per bird. I kid you not. And my professor also liked the way I did the wood stand the birds are on. Yeah.

Okay, the next one was a homework assigment that had to include an open book and three birds. Kinda vague. But we were allowd to use our imaginations, yay, no still life! So this is what I ended up doing!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kinda interesting, hmm?

Now this last one I show you is my very favorite, and my professor's favorite as well! (out of my work I mean) The assignment was to draw an animal that most represented our own personality. And my sister suggested I draw this animal......

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A bush baby!! Tadaa!! Now you see? He looks stressed, harassed, annoyed, but also kinda funny and random... and he's eating. Cuz he's stressed. x3 Totally me!! Yay!! My professor really loved the eyes, too. This is the one assignment I was truly happy with when I'd finished.

I know this pics look normal sized, but there's a lot more detail there than you know. They were all draw on 18 X 24 inch paper. Big.

And that's all I'ma show ya. ^__^ Hope ya liked! Oh, and btw, that art I mentioned last time is up now.

iwantmyanime, Jaguar, thank you so much for the Christmas cards!! *huggles both to death* You make me feel so loved. TT__TT Oh, and Shelby... you seem to inspire my comics. You inspired me to make that Ichimaru/Kira comic... and now I've gone and made a Yumichika one! It's very imformative too, it's like... the origin of those feathery things on his eyebrow and eyelashes. Heh heh. So when I'm done inking that, I'ma post it! Keep an eye out ppls!!

Love you all sooooo much!! Come over to my house for Christmas, my mom's a fantastic cook. Kay? I'll be waiting for ya!! *huggles*

Luv 2 ya

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

BOO!! Ahahaahhahaha... ooh, I totally scared myself. O.o
Hi hi!! See!! That last post wasn't a fluke! I'm totally back again!! yaaay!! *dances a little* But I just wanted you to know that this next week I have finals, so if I'm not around, don't think that I just posted once and now I'm gone again. I'll be out for a little while. Trying to see if I can still pass my art class. I was so totally depressed for a while that I was skipping a lot of my classes, and it just so happens that my art class suffered the worst, cuz for two whole weeks I didn't go to class, and those two weeks were being dedicated to working on our final drawing, in and out of class. But I didn't have my giant paper and drawing board with me, left 'em in class. So I didn't start. Plus I hadn't shown my idea sketches to the professor yet, and we weren't allowed to start until she approved our sketches. So just this weekend I freaked, picked out an idea I thought I might be able to pull off, did a few quick sketches, scanned them, emailed them to her with a quick explanation of family issues and a "i hope i can still pass, can I get my board and start right away?" So yeah... now I have like, two or three days to do what needed two weeks of dedication to get done properly. Think I can do it? Pretty please, wish me luck! I totally need it, especially since my lucky four leaf clover lost a leaf today. It totally bummed me out. TT__TT PLEASE! Give me good wishes, cuz I'll need them all!! And good luck to those of you who have finals as well!! Go kick some academic butt!!! Love you alls. ^.^ *hugs*

luv 2 ya

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PS. Did someone PM me on the 8th? Cuz it says I have two new messages, but they aren't showin' up in my box. TT__TT Just wondering who it was!

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