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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   I'm depressed
blue catI'm sad right now. I cant go into alot of detail because there are people on this site who know me and go to school with me, and I dont really want to be talked about at school, or you know, asked about anything in person about what I write on here, and its happened before, and it kind of sucks to get a phone call saying *please dont do that..bla bla bla, and all that. Ya know what I mean? anyway though....

So I got back to school in 2 days, and I know once I go back I know my life is going to turn back into a living hell again. My mom and dad are all pissed off at me because I dont have very good grades, and they have pretty much cut me off from my friends at this one club I got to after school and also, I'm in Big Brother Big Sister, and my mom wants to take away my little sister.

I also got this crappy letter saying I was going to be thrown out of this really special chior at my school because I failed some of my finals before break, and I worked really hard to get into that chior and it hurts alot that now I'm going to be thrown out.

Also I'm having some trouble with my bf, AGAIN, and its not his fault at all and I love him, but I piss off his friends and now his friends want to kill me and it hurts alot and my heart is breaking and I cant take it anymore. I HATE IT! Everything is so damn hard! Its not fair, but then again, life never has been fair to any of us right?

Sorry, I'm such a huge complainer. I know you guys dont need to hear about my problems. Now I feel stupid for even writting this at all. But I just need to get it off my chest, and write it down or my head may explode.

I REALLY hope you guys are having a better day then I am! I hope you guys dont think I'm a baby for posting something this cheezy. I love all my friends on this site, the ones I've met in person and the ones I have never met at all. I just wanted you guys to know that and that you guys are like my brothers and sisters. Does that seem weird to you? I hope not. Anyway, love lots to all!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Fire Works (all the pretty colors!!)
blue catLast night it was sooooo funny! Well it was like midnight and my brother, mom, and I were like, freaking out because it was New Years and it rocked, and my mom was alittle drunk, and shes a funny drunk, so it was really hard to keep a straight face when talking to her, ANYWAY! Well I was opening my blinds because I heard fireworks going off outside my window, and I guess abunch of teens or someone was doing it, but it was SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY! Then, I guess you could say, afew streets down, abunch of people started setting off fire works, and it was like a battle back and forth to see who had the coolest fireworks! It rocked! So I sat there on my bed and watched them with my little brother. So yeah! It was fun. But now I have some questions to ask you guys, so here I go.

1. Did you see any fireworks?
2. How late did you stay up?
3. Did anyone in your family get drunk in a funny way?

yeah, well thats it! So have a good day on your first day of 2008!! YEAH!

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