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Sunday, February 3, 2008

blue catOk, we are only about half an dhour into the game and already my dad and brother are yelling. I just found out my mom is picking me up early, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be back on here to post any time soon. So I'll talk to you all soon ok? Luv much, and if I dont get the chance, I hope your valentines days turn out semi-ok atleast, since valentines day sux and all.
Bye Bye

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   About to start
blue catWell, the superBowl is about to start, and my dad is getting pumped, my brother is bouncing off the walls, and I'm scared to death. I'll post as things go on, but yeah. Here we go I guess. Wish me luck, and I wish all the people on this site that have to deal with the same thing I am about to deal with lots and LOTS of LUCK!!! GIANTS, GO GET UM!!!!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   My dads dog sitting??? WAAAAHHHH????
blue catOk, so my dad is dog sitting these two dogs for one of his friends, and I'm at his house this weekend, so yeah, I walk in the house drop my stuff on the floor and walk over to the kitchen, me, not know that they're were dogs there, gets the living fudge scared out of me when randmonly the house starts barking at me. I screamed and ran for the front door.....yeah....it sucked when it didnt open and I almost ran face first into it......

So yeah, my dad and brother got a good laugh, that was until I threatened to take back my PS2 then they were like, kissing my feet "please, oh, please dont take it away!" j/k j/k, my family is strange but not that strange!

So yeah, tomorrrow is SuperBowl, and like, my dad is already going nuts. I can already see what tomorrow is going to be like! lol XDDD

Football+Dad= ALOT of yelling!!!

Even now hes freaking out about missing the buttons on Guitar Hero....crazy man..

Yeah, so I'll talk to you all later!
P.S heres a funny pic
Naruto funny

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

blue catyeah...so I'm home sick today..it sux....MY THROAT HURTS SOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!! I want to get better!!! I'm going to try out for a play at my school and I need my throat to get better so I can sing!!! Yeah... thats about all thats been going on...

oh, I tried to email on of my friends while I was in computer class the other day, and I guess my teacher didnt like that so she came over and was like "Your not suppose to be on there, it makes me very UPSET" underline upset, she didnt even say she was mad, she was just upset! But it was so funny the way she said it so I had to prevent myself from going into a laughing fit!! SO FUNNY! Anyway, gtg, hope the rest of the week is good for all of you! bye

P.S The results came in for the singing thing, I didnt get in, big surprise! lol, but thanks for all the nice things you guys told me! LOVE MUCH!!!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

blue catHey everyone! How are you all? Its coming on valintines day and my bf tells me hes getting me something really awesome! Hes so cute, and I'm excited!!

yeah, so, I did this regional choir thing and I thought I was going to be ready and everything, I mean, my solo was so great! I knew it! But the moment I stepped into the room infront of the judge, I locked up and screwed up my song so now I know I wont be in the chior even thouigh results will come in, in about 2 weeks.....I'm sad, but theres always next year, I'll just work harder....yeah, so thats about it!

hope you all have a good week! BYE!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

blue catLast day before school starts again, and I woke up really late, so like, half the day is gone, and I REALLY should be getting my language report done, but I rather talk to you guys! ^-^ lol

I'm back at my moms house and I am so glad that I'm out of the ear shot of my dads screaming! He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy the Gaints won last night! He was being an idiot about it, jumping up and down and screaming...heheheh...it was funny though!! I still think I hear him screaming that he doesnt have tickets to the Super Bowl. I think hes going to try to buy some off of people at his work. Hes crazy! XD anyway, I am a Gaints fan, so I was really happy they won! I cant believe the game went into over time. I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack when that one guy kicked the ball and missed. IT WAS FUNNY! I video taped my dad...*evil grin* I'm gonna show my grandmother, his mom, heheheh...see what she thinks! lol, no, I'm not that mean...ok, maybe I am......>:D muhhahahahaha....

WOW I didnt get side-tracked at all! lol, anyway, I'm back at my moms and I'm not sure when the next time I'll be on the site. So until then, I luv you all, and I hope you have a good week ahead!
Luv much and forever,

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

blue catMy dad is freaking out on the TV because of Football. I CANT TAKE IT! My headphones at my sound at MAX cant block out his voice yelling!! OMGosh! Make it all stop!!! HELP ME!!!!!!
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   New site look
blue catHey there! What do think of the new site look? Thanx to the ones that already said they liked it, but anyway. Yeah, my dad, brother, and I are having a major football party later, so I'm not sure how much longer I have on here, so yeah. I'll try to post again before school starts on Tuesday. Yeah, we get a 3 day break. I'm happy about that ^_^ so yeah!! TTFN! Bye!
luv you all

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

blue catHey everyone! How are you all? I'm so happy that I'm at my dads this weekend so I could get on! I'm think about changing my site again...IDK...What I have is just alittle boring for me.....anyway....I felt like being random, so I shall.......ok, so here I go....
:LITTLE:EMO:PONY:HHHHHHHHHH........ok.....I'm done now.....

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Your all Awesome
blue catThank you to the people who commented on my last post. You guys made me smile and happy! Luv ya all lots!

Anyway, back to school for me tomorrow, so yeah, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back on the site. ;_;

I'll try my best to get on though! Until then.

Bye and have a good week!

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