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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

   Fire Works (all the pretty colors!!)
blue catLast night it was sooooo funny! Well it was like midnight and my brother, mom, and I were like, freaking out because it was New Years and it rocked, and my mom was alittle drunk, and shes a funny drunk, so it was really hard to keep a straight face when talking to her, ANYWAY! Well I was opening my blinds because I heard fireworks going off outside my window, and I guess abunch of teens or someone was doing it, but it was SOOOOOOOOO PRETTY! Then, I guess you could say, afew streets down, abunch of people started setting off fire works, and it was like a battle back and forth to see who had the coolest fireworks! It rocked! So I sat there on my bed and watched them with my little brother. So yeah! It was fun. But now I have some questions to ask you guys, so here I go.

1. Did you see any fireworks?
2. How late did you stay up?
3. Did anyone in your family get drunk in a funny way?

yeah, well thats it! So have a good day on your first day of 2008!! YEAH!

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