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Saturday, February 2, 2008

   My dads dog sitting??? WAAAAHHHH????
blue catOk, so my dad is dog sitting these two dogs for one of his friends, and I'm at his house this weekend, so yeah, I walk in the house drop my stuff on the floor and walk over to the kitchen, me, not know that they're were dogs there, gets the living fudge scared out of me when randmonly the house starts barking at me. I screamed and ran for the front door.....yeah....it sucked when it didnt open and I almost ran face first into it......

So yeah, my dad and brother got a good laugh, that was until I threatened to take back my PS2 then they were like, kissing my feet "please, oh, please dont take it away!" j/k j/k, my family is strange but not that strange!

So yeah, tomorrrow is SuperBowl, and like, my dad is already going nuts. I can already see what tomorrow is going to be like! lol XDDD

Football+Dad= ALOT of yelling!!!

Even now hes freaking out about missing the buttons on Guitar Hero....crazy man..

Yeah, so I'll talk to you all later!
P.S heres a funny pic
Naruto funny

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