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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shit the picture didn't come up. sorry though...
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   Beside Saiyuki
Well besides that. I love Detective Conan, but hate the American title for it. (Case Closed)

Can you see the pic okay, I had a little, teensy trouble getting it on there!! Don't blame me!!

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   School Daze
oi...Now in since I am a freshman I am now officially LOST!!

There are endless halls...and now to get to class I have to go from one end to another...Now I am sure to lose weight!! Ha ha ha

All my teachers are pretty nice and maybe I will take French. I thought it would be intreging, doncha say...?

Well with me in Ohio. I got hit with some bad rain and couldn't come to the library! So sorry if I didn't reply right away!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   Okay...I apologize...
The library has 10-20 computers linked to one server. If one person gets banned. Anyone who goes to the site will not be able to get in. For that reason when I took a chance I got screwed over as well. So I apologized for being an *ass* and well when I FINALLy saw my e-mail. I guess all i need to do is look at my e-mail and see before I go there right?

But hey...

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I have gotten a new account on Gendou.com and now again with each time i am on there they bann ME the next day. I have talked to the admin there and he said he didn't know me. I didn't do anything!!
Sigh...*revenge* *I wish**
What is a girl to do...?!?!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   To those who keep in tune...
I have to at least change e-mail addresses at least once or twice a month. So I am offically a member of Gendou.com heh heh

Even all that i could at least say sorry to him. But also he can't ban me off with the server I have. (the library sever.) In since I go to the library for internet. Because other people might go to the same site and think that they banned them or so forth.

But anyway until i am able to work and money is super tight in my household. It will take a while for my website to happen. I can only think about it now.

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   Agh...some people are inconciderate...
I hate it when people are inconciderate to me. I have a reply to the admin at gendou (we have spoken before.) and he said he didn't know me!! It makes me mad while people do that. If "he" didn't want me to speak to him in the first place, he should of ignored me?!?!
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

   Hey. Here is my Useless babble...
I finally updated my fanfiction at fanfiction.net

Well as you know(maybe not) the story here is named after the story there. It's in the Gundam Wing section. I always write from there.

Do not visit if you don't like shonen-ai or bad language.

But other than that. I hope you at least find it interesting.

Phantom XXX
well Heero is a theif and goes by the name Phantom XXX. But when he was almost caught, he finds Trowa and saves him from his abusive boyfriend...
Gundam Wing/AC - Fiction Rated: M -English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5080 - Reviews: 10 - Updated: 8-25-05 - Published: 3-14-05

I hope you at least find it interisting enough. I am sorry if any of this was a bother.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Chapter 2 of Phantom xXx Work of Duty SHONEN-AI ALERT!!
Me here. Noting new as much but I found a whole bunch of animated figures. So now I am finally happy.

Rated R:for language and lime invovled.
IF THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU WANT THEN TELL ME NOW!! I will read it the next day. 'kay??
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Work of Duty
Yuki left me to take my shower and went into the living room to watch his soap opera. *Pft* I never knew he had such a girly weak point!I quickly got out of my clothes and turned the facet on.

-----10 minutes later I got out of the shower. Yuki was waiting for me in his bedroom. Then came up to me and held out a sheet of paper.

Yuki said after I read it, "Here. This is a sheet of chores you must do for tomorrow. As you should know I have work.

________________G2G finnish later!!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

   Nothing new to say....again
I am building a website of my own but porbably won't be for show until at least a month...I have to think up a plan to get my step-father to pay with his debit card!!
Ha ha ha that will be fun!!
But I just like these emotion I cons I put up. Like the teary-eyed girl...aww SO CUTE!!!
And this one here!!

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